Zara Larsson - Invisible (from the Netflix Film Klaus) (Official Music Video)

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    "Invisible" available at:
    Video Directed by: Sarah McColgan
    Video Produced by: Roger Ubina
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    (C) 2019 Record Company TEN, under exclusive rights to Epic Records US/Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB

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    1. Uni -Fofis UwU

      I love this song

    2. Yubi K.

      I was reluctant to watch Klaus coz I thought it wouldn’t be that good. But I really enjoyed the movie a lot.

    3. rykyo elzed

      Zara larson je t'aime 🥰🥰😍

    4. Dionisi Dyrmyshi

      This is the most beautiful movie i have seen ever💫💫💫💫

    5. CallistoMan _TY

      IT'S MINE

    6. Sofi _KOoK


    7. Ottmar Armani

      I shed a tear when I heard the part where she ends saying Invisible :(

    8. VideoJamesNZ

      Klaus and Peanut Butter Falcon are two of the best films I've seen in a long time 😊

    9. Николай Быков

      fantastic song for fantastic cartoon, tu for your creation

    10. palapa alainuuese

      Just finished watching the movie and it made me cry 😭😢

    11. Tashmeet Singh

      Finally in Oscar nomination! Hope it wins!💯 Deserved 10/10

    12. Bianca Isabelle Data

      oh i love this song so much i even love the movie klaus to! :) i want more movies of klaus it is so interesting which teaches you how to be nice to everyone around you and i just love it so much! :)

    13. Madeline Benkowitz

      this is a great song

    14. Yello Keychain

      Invincible right? Or is it really called invisible.

    15. Israel Velasco

      De España para el mundo. From Spain to the world.

    16. Manar

      She is a great movie and I’m crying in the end 😢😭😭💜💜💜💜

    17. Isaira Fernandez


    18. Lotta Oetjen

      Hi tooooooles Video 😀😀😀😀😃😀🤩🤩😛🙃😎🤗

    19. Luke Daley

      The most emotional part of the film was when he said “ once a year I get to see my friend.

    20. Toni Trần

      one of the movies made me cry

    21. Tima Nurke

      Шшс жаксы олен екен )

    22. Prithvi VT

      The best animated movie I've ever seen❤️

    23. Stealth Realm

      I got goosebumps😳

    24. tudo maluco

      Mano,que música foda,sabe aquela música q vc escuta a primeira vez e já da vontade de escutar td? Então, eu senti a msm coisa ao escutar ela no filme Klaus da netflix,dou uma nota 8 pra essa música!

    25. Tugs sodb

      Such an underrated song.

    26. Myric4Ever

      I literally had to replay this over and over again... My family was kinda annoyed ☺️

    27. Tatsunoko Kiss Natas

      This make my heart warm❤️

    28. Albert Triay

      This song should of also got an oscar nomination it such a nice song

    29. ICE

      rip zara :(

    30. Ms. Belle

      this movie is so moving🥺 i hope everyone had the chance to watch it. i think it'll make a change❤️

    31. tawan sunny



      That's a beautiful song and it's a very fun story.

    33. Shirley Adouko

      I’m pregnant and I am so happy

    34. simon traver

      Who dare dislike this song, the movie was great, the song is impressively amazing..

    35. Debraj Das

      Ansd, This song bring my tears🖤

    36. Debraj Das

      U are so cute zara😍

    37. Carlos González

      Estoy orgulloso del cine español decente, sí señor!!

    38. Celia Martín

      Is very Nice

    39. Isabel Da Silva Duarte

      Eu choro muito muito nesse filme

    40. Anderson Jorge

      Acabei de assistir a animação. Que desenho incrível, amei 😍 não é a toa que concorre como melhor animação no Oscar 2020.

    41. 뷔민호

      All her songs are so beautiful and so meaningful...can't find song of her that's not beautiful I love it all

    42. einstein rivero

      llegue aqui por la movie de klaus muy buena!!

    43. The StarryKnight

      Seriously this has 3.9 million views?! This definitely needs more recognition!

    44. top y curiosidades

      What your music is móvie de klaus

    45. Diego Rodriguez

      I agree !!!!!!!Klaus is now my fave movie so beautiful and emotional 😭 it really has a beautiful meaning!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    46. melvin shermen

      Christmas ?

    47. Diego Saint Esteban

      This song and this movie. So damn heartwarming.

    48. Daniel de la Prida

      Did you also come here just to celebrate Klaus Oscar nomination?

    49. Katarina Ostojić

      Loved the movie, but this video is just tasteless. Mixing scenes from the movie with half naked girl singing is plainly ... wrong.

    50. Çağan The gamer

      İ don t want to say it but who came from tiktok

    51. Mc Chaihuadjaroen

      Hope this movie win oscar

    52. Bandar Cristo

      A true act of goodwill always sparks another. Thank you Klaus

    53. Mouath Obied

      Love this song

    54. D o l l

      I think Polar Express might be getting some competition for best Christmas movie. And I LOVE Polar Express to death. So yeah that’s new and all

    55. root8ble

      this movie is a gem ... the animated movie of 2019 imo

    56. Axel lab Gaming Axel lab Gaming

      This song states that this statement"dont pray for a better life pray for a stregnth to endure a hard one" is true

    57. Isabelle Cristhinny


    58. Faizan Max

      Best Movie for Once a Year to watch with your Friends.💕