Yung Bans - Ridin ft. YBN Nahmir & Landon Cube (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Yung Bans - Ridin (ft. YBN Nahmir & Landon Cube)
    Song Produced by Y2K & Billy Cigarette
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    DoP by Logan Meis
    Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonade
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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade
    #LyricalLemonade #LLMusicVideo #YungBans

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    1. 300 dollar toaster

      when yung bans said"eyh eyh eyh" i felt that

    2. Goongie9

      I heard ridin with 40 ridin with a 40 with a bae

    3. Fireskull15 Aj

      Bro da beat was doggin but come on bans wtf was that mandarin shit

    4. xTHE-walking OF/Riley420

      Who is still listening to this because I know I am🔥 ⏬

      1. Itz LZB


    5. Joga_na_minha_ blunt


    6. Rap Concept - RC

      landon cube kill that ☄💕

    7. bj lowery

      The beat is flames but as far as the lyrics go it just sounds like they off beat and they knew it but they really liked the be so they just forced it

    8. jairo nagel

      Wrong beach

    9. もりぞうきっころと


    10. Parker Sevick

      round with the forty???

      1. ItzTheRealDINO

        Ridin with that 40*

    11. Parker Sevick

      rowwitafowry rowwitafowry

    12. Erika Scarlit

      This nahmir part was wacked 👎👎

    13. Kevin Saiyan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> “this shrimp”

    14. Avell L

      Who watching in quarantine

    15. luc.b

      yung bans hair looks like a mop with a black handle

    16. Shane Black

      He’s garbage plz like this comment if u agree

    17. Erika Scarlit

      Is it "ridin with a 40 ridin with a 40 with a bitch...."?

      1. Floopinz

        ridin witha 40, ridin with a 40, with a beam

    18. SyreVaan

      2018 summer was good but x death really hit during that time

      1. Floopinz


      2. CELLO

        SyreVaan stg

    19. Matty Boi

      Who’s here after high as us leaked?

    20. Dudás Fülöp

      Even SEsels can't subtitle the hook, it just says music

    21. Rick834

      2020 still waiting on the English version 🍇

    22. Syn_Żwirka

      this kids Xd

    23. chris bot

      Who still here in 2020🖐️

    24. Bilal Tahir

      Yung bands looks like lil tecca and melly had a kid

    25. Wishing Luck

      I heard Ride with the 40 with the pig

    26. nobody here

      Even with captions activated you can't decipher what yung bans is saying, you either bring Indiana Jones or Yung Thug if you want to know what he is saying.

    27. Brandon Gao

      This song is actually amazing at 2x speed

    28. Hype Clutch

      This song 🔥 but all I heard was riding with a 40

    29. Zlillixs Tokyo

      hes lucky he put up the x

    30. ItzBlxy

      Cc: [music]


      Subtitle plzzz😁

    32. Rice_1x

      I have one word for Landon cube

    33. Creeping Flow

      What he sayin

    34. Kole Tavita

      if you turn on the subtitles for yung bans hook of the song all it says is music ...

    35. K333


    36. Leo Gaming

      заходите к нам в дискорд сервер

    37. Viggo Macintosh

      *Captions:* Yung Bans: [Music] Landon Cube: [Music] YBN Nahmir: actually something

    38. Phil Robertson

      Yung bans: "wih wit ba futy wit bihhh damma sahn"

      1. Gianfranco Puglisevich

        “Bihhh Dollaa signs all I...seee”

    39. Phil Robertson

      I would be surprised if lyrics youtube channels would figure out what the first dude said 😂

    40. Phil Robertson

      Nice beat but they fuckin ruined it honestly lol

    41. Phil Robertson

      Realize how nun of they lips touch in the thumbnail

    42. Noble

      The best carried young bans but he made it better this song is so fire 🔥

    43. Jhonny Thunder

      I like this song

    44. Khalil Brim

      Bruh what

    45. Николас Рострон

      bruh this track would be fire if yung bans didnt shit on it

    46. Bedia Ben Rashed

      Yung bans verse comin me sleeping rapping

    47. Gravity Shock

      Tupac would be disappointed in this mumble rap generation

    48. TylerSnakee

      landon cube ruined it

    49. YC YMM

      Yung bans should never rap because I need mf subtitle

    50. Ben Sagigi

      yung bans parents are still waiting for his first words

    51. JrNYC G35

      Wtf is this stupid ass nigga saying

    52. Jesse Miguel

      This shit whack AF! Hip-Hop is dead this shit like pop

    53. f t p i n m y b u t t

      This nigga ugly as fuck

    54. Daniel O'Brien

      This is a pretty underrated song ngl

    55. xSwish

      I can barely understand this nigga Yung Bans but ngl his hook is 🔥

    56. lil phat yt

      Who's here after yung bans dating bhad bhabie

    57. JayJelly

      Greatest collab in 2018

    58. Cody Haydu

      Thay dude with the long hair looks like 69s lost brother that didnt get the trip on the boat to America

      1. iLi Visionx

        Cody Haydu okkkkk

      2. Cody Haydu

        @iLi Visionx ahh yea glad u know him personally thanks for the info 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. iLi Visionx

        Bro That is Landon cube don’t disrespect such a good dude

    59. ALLRED

      lol this nigga nahmir was holding a dog in a music video

    60. Red Brigade

      Namir aint shooting shit fuck outta here

    61. Swamp the God

      I don't think Yung Bans had ever been to a beach before this video

    62. Lil Chopstick

      Not gonna lie it’s hard to understand the verse Yung Bans does but the chorus is completely understandable I don’t know why people are clowning on it so much lmfao

    63. Blablabla Blablabla

      Im just gon say it.. they guy with the guitar should just stick to that ;-)

    64. Slayziii TV

      Anyone know when English version is getting released? Still waiting on it

    65. Astroxnaut -

      This is the lyrics: *jdjsjdnjdksjdidgozjdnfjdbdjdidjshgdizgdkzmxudnzjbxjdkfnxkdnjdhxnxkxndkduxlzbsvnsksgssmzudhkzbxdkdhdkzmsjsk*

    66. Michael Barron

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a> &<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> Nahmir dancing on the balcony like "is this what people are supposed to do in rap videos?":

    67. Ibnu Wadhih Ms

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> clothes on the armpits

    68. klapp619

      this is trash

    69. b Myles

      I can see why I never had this nigga on my radar this outs garbage

    70. MONTY

      Are we just going to ignore the beginning of the video?

    71. Double A Ron

      🤦🏻‍♂️ another one.

    72. ŁØVƏ

      Landon carried this song

    73. Stunt_TnB

      YNW Melly salamander relative

    74. Eaomorain

      Might need to steal gramps hearing aids to understand this 😤

    75. YourBoyLester

      Landon: rykfithehiryeelff

    76. niceyyoboy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a> that girl how is she good wit dat scene

    77. niceyyoboy

      landon looks like a girl

    78. warriors

      that is such a cute puppy

    79. Carlos Lara

      Ynm mellys brother for sure!!

    80. random situationz

      What the fuck is this ? Trash 🗑