Yung Bans - Dresser (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Yung Bans - Dresser (Prod. Milan Makes Beats)
    Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett
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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade
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    1. Poziy Live

      Who else is bangin this in quarantine

    2. Vincent Williams


    3. Devil Wearsprada

      Happy birthday to the goat

    4. Boomsnor

      DAm this a throwback i still remeber when this first dropped

    5. Sonic Bird

      My hometown I was w in Clemens unit put me on to this song told me to check it out when I got out

    6. Giuseppe V

      hand that pussy nigga's blessing blessing on a stretcher mmyouget wetup

    7. chris bot

      I keep a wpen 30 pistol on my dresser

    8. Kendrid Martinez

      Beginning of sophomore year when dis shit dropped 😭 rip old bans

    9. jesus jesus

      bring bans back fr

    10. big neji

      Stop burnig the money ali gave you u bitch 😎😎

    11. Kyle Matheny

      Shout-out to Yung Banz !!!

    12. Kyle Matheny

      Real Trap Shit

    13. Kyle Matheny

      What a Banger ! This shit bumpin !

    14. Martin Nicolas

      I’m here 2020 always remember that the Coming Up of a rapper is better than he already made it OldBans🔥💯🦅

    15. twiztid killian

      Real shit this still go 💯💯💯💯

    16. Lil Kay


    17. Yuiruban Burgos Hernández

      Perfect song

    18. clusked

      never got it's recognition it needed.

    19. Mma Ngwu

      This still bumps in 2020🖤

    20. Jullian Daniels

      Lol such garbage 💀

    21. Mr Ballout

      Who here from poudii channel?

    22. Maleek

      Bans wya

    23. x 卄メㄒ乇刀 x


    24. Thaddeus Stern

      Only clicked on the video to say bans and his manager are pieces of shits and they scammed a smaller artist $2500 that was asking for a feature Proof is here

      1. Thaddeus Stern

        @Unleashed Gaming makes sense the beat do be carrying these type of rappers

      2. Unleashed Gaming

        Thaddeus Stern its mostly the beat tbh

      3. Unleashed Gaming

        Thaddeus Stern not a fan of trippie

      4. Thaddeus Stern

        @Unleashed Gaming you think this goes hard??? You must think trippie redd is hard too when all he does is cry in every song he does

      5. Unleashed Gaming

        Song still go hard but i know they're fucked up for that..

    25. skyfrom

      this song give the craziest nostalgic vibes, i was listening to this at the perfect time

      1. Hayden Mann

        yea i just remembered this song today

      2. Unleashed Gaming

        skyfrom big faxxx

    26. K Edwards


    27. Nobody is Home

      Un this shit trash I don’t care if y’all disagree 😭😭

    28. Aldo Figureoa

      Old bans the hardest forever

    29. Remington Rojas

      yung bans would have way more clout if he did this style more

    30. Troy Bell Bell

      Who else here 2020?😂

    31. FadedHD

      This is hardest shit out🏋🏾‍♂️🔥 forever bumping that og bans!!🦅 #1of1 #freemelly

    32. FlowOut

      when life was a little simpler

    33. wild670orange

      Who in 2020?

    34. Flinius WoW

      yougn bans is a g nigah from the hood. hes a business man. he has his own style. keep winning my g

    35. Raphael Gascon


    36. Xitri

      Who’s still watching this song in 2020?

    37. Rap Hub

      2020 anyone?

    38. Flipgirl

      Miss dis bans Fr :( take me back

    39. Samuel Brott

      Never new yung bans spoke English too!

    40. Juan Johnson

      When you start your video with a felony !

    41. VoshFN

      Who is here from flood

    42. 15

      Yung bans Supahard G

    43. Ashley Beache

      He sound like 2018 carti

    44. Doot02

      that shot with the effect at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a> is too cold


      I miss old bans.

    46. Right Left

      This is giving me broke boy vibes from carti

      1. Saikou 93


      2. Lucca D'Oliver

        Listen 4tspoon ft. Carti

    47. Faze Sweat

      Lol like it

    48. Faze Sweat

      Yo what is the song name

    49. Ehigie Okotako

      OG bans

    50. Kevin


    51. Daniel Montiel

      Alguien mas habla Español ?

    52. Timmo frm Parkway

      R.i.p my homie dj we was both one of the kids in the video 💔💔

      1. Timmo frm Parkway

        NLE Marcel the kids that’s in the back dancing on the basketball court

      2. NLE Marcel

        Timmo frm Parkway where

    53. Juan

      MONEY SO LONG !!!

    54. ItCould BeWorse

      who is his investor ? ill make him waay richer

      1. TheGloReferee

        ItCould BeWorse you mean his manager?

    55. GG hezey

      Bans really outcheee

    56. Michael Lobendahn Asuncion

      Day 1

    57. 1xAcRyLiC

      this song bangs

    58. Miiruld

      Old yung bands x ynw melly

      1. Miiruld

        I’d pay for that

      2. The One Who Stands Above All

        Miiruld ON EVERYTHING

    59. TokyoIsOkay

      this is yung bans best work yet ❤️❤️❤️

    60. soda

      young bans was cute nh

      1. soda

        @X WaveyWave21 X ong

      2. X WaveyWave21 X

        soda I ain’t even gon hold u to it bro he kinda cute 😭😭😭

      3. soda

        i aint lying tho?!

      4. X WaveyWave21 X

        Gay ass 😂😂😂

    61. Dev free

      Miss this bans

    62. Christheclamper 661

      Gotta have it, posted, my story, I ain't worried, shoot it out, cannot be trusted man I miss Yung bans Old music he was at his best

    63. Kyoto


    64. Keith TV

      March 2020? Or nobody fw old bans🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Javier Silva

        MAY 2020

      2. Eric Dutra

        This song go too crazy

      3. lil biji

        We do

      4. Janairo Spooner-Neera

        bruh og song

      5. Rashawn Oneal

        I'm always fucking here buddy

    65. Big Cvs

      Y’all gotta watch this shit of lsd 😂

    66. LilBro Zayy

      This Song Too Fire🔥🔥

    67. David 1k

      Never forget he was in X’s song called ‘ILOVEITWHENTHEYRUN’

    68. Ryder Hyuuga

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a> That's what my dad is on.

      1. ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅᴅ3ᴍᴏɴ !

        Ryder Hyuuga lol

    69. dj algae

      Still my favorite lyrical lemonade video. It's a work of art.

    70. Pumpzi

      He should go back to his old style smh

    71. Pumpzi

      Boy I could dress ya 🥶🥶

    72. Tayrin but my new channel name is Cartierxz go sub

      Remember playin dis on fortnite season 1 at houses by retail row

    73. Veltiqs


    74. A1Kayla

      I miss this bans leave i like if you do to

    75. 4teawon -MGP

      So no one gonna talk about his rennegan in the thumbnail?

    76. xxAWESOMEDUDExx


    77. dj algae

      play this slow and you open a worm whole.

    78. Glxtrr

      Ay, money so long, money so long (yah) Mr. Milan exclusive (beat beat beat beat) Irrelevant Man, these niggas so irrelevant Yah, these bitches flexing, and I heard these niggas flexing I keep a weapon, dirty pistol on my dresser Boy, I can dress you, body bag on a stretcher This shit get hectic, hand that pussy nigga's blessing These bitches flexing, and I heard these niggas flexing I keep a weapon, dirty pistol on my dresser Boy, I can dress you, body bag on a stretcher This shit get hectic, hand that pussy nigga's blessing This shit get hectic, hand that pussy nigga's blessing Boy, I could stretch you, body bag on a stretcher You can get wet up, one car, no car collective I be collecting, all my paper every second Young nigga getting it, young nigga 'bout to spend it I'm in your city, hundred bitches on my hit list These niggas mad at me, these niggas going out sad And a nigga better know, I ain't going out bad Young nigga count the cash, young nigga count these racks I might push up in that 'Rari and it's going very fast Young nigga on the brakes, young nigga hit the gas Yah, I told your bitch to hit the gas These bitches flexing, and I heard these niggas flexing I keep a weapon, dirty pistol on my dresser Boy, I could dress you, body bag on a stretcher This shit get hectic, hand that pussy nigga's blessing These bitches flexing, and I heard these niggas flexing I keep a weapon, dirty pistol on my dresser Boy, I can dress you, body bag on a stretcher This shit get hectic, and that pussy nigga's blessing Yah, hand that pussy nigga's blessing Yah, boy, blessing, on a stretcher You get wet up Yeah, I just wanna know like, man All these niggas flexing, all these bitches flexing, mane That's all a nigga came for, since day one Listen, I ain't do nothing but keep it real with these fucks, man These bitches out here flexing, my nigga, these niggas out here flexing Hoe ass nigga And I heard you flexing, ay Word around town your pussy ass flexing Yah, Bans

    79. Lilll Top


    80. Yehyeh Fogle

      Can I get a Febuary 2020 SOLD TO Old_YungBans_105

      1. Bobby Schmurda’s Missing Hat

        Yehyeh Fogle bout to be march 2020 really soon