Yung Bans | The Lyrical Lemonade Interview

327tn visningar113

    EP: 009 w/ Yung Bans
    Chicago, IL
    Yung Bans:
    Interviewed by Cole Bennett
    cameras operated by Cole Schwartz & Neil Shukla!
    Outro instrumental produced by Noir Brent @ramboway

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    1. Deepak Budhathoki

      aww the baby is cute😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. yung soap // cherry red

      *”work more smarter”*

    3. yung soap // cherry red

      Why he look slightly like the grinch.

    4. Three Two one


    5. Ruby Bear

      This is the only yung bans video that I can understand

    6. Faris Gemeda

      the only mumble rapper that sounds good

    7. Sonji Grant

      All I see is bans bans I spy

    8. Jason Aaroe

      Awww bans’ kid is so cute

    9. Devin Aragon

      Yung Bans is gonna be on top one day just watch 🔥

    10. Jaw Knee

      Thought it was IT

    11. JosephTheGod

      It’s good he didn’t leave his son 👍🙏🏿

    12. RFC

      He look like pennywize

    13. January's Own

      LMFAO 😂😂😂

    14. Cristian Estrada

      Loud ass hell . Crazy energy

    15. Jet Torres

      This shines a new light on him

    16. Omar Pasha

      why did i think this was ynw melly when it started lol

    17. Jalessa Holmes

      Man looks stupid😒😒😒

    18. BrokeKidsRule !

      That’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

    19. Night Wing 17

      He's a father at 20 wow

    20. Night Wing 17

      Ugly ass nigga

    21. Fynn Hughes GBE

      On god I be a day 1 to yung Bans fuck all yah fake ass niggas

    22. 88 didi

      20 year-old father. Nice job!

    23. Joshua Simpson

      This dude is the definition of a mumble rapper

    24. Bake Master

      I thought he was ynw melly.... bans on the dressah

    25. King Koway

      Is he ynw melly twin?

    26. Just Chillin

      He so ugly

    27. DANNY GOD

      THAT BABY IS SO CUTE😍😍😍😍😇😍😍

    28. DANNY GOD

      OMG HE IS SO CUTE 😭😭🥰🥰🥰☺️☺️

    29. Jiggy Zino

      dude i was watching this thinking this is fucking ynw melly the whole time...after he says that they recorded iloveitwhentheyrun im like wait wtf yung bans was in iloveitwhentheyrun shit i feel so retarded

    30. Tasha Harris

      Wishing the baby a good education and future.

    31. Gustavs Strazdins

      Who needs some dope beats? 🔥

    32. Yung MJ

      boat bans boat bans AY!! Bans one of da best rappers on there. yall just dont hear it or see it.

    33. ur mom

      yung bans lyrics "oawkjqwhxhjdjejejdj de b3brhhrfiridinkidh"

    34. Loren Robinson

      Yung bans out chere wit a baby

    35. EditorsFTW

      i respect dude i havent heard any of his songs till after i watch this video but i will give him the time of my day cause he real asf dude.

    36. Michael & Sofia

      i literally had to turn this to full volume to understand

    37. Alex ander

      this nigga made carti

    38. LoganMoore

      what is this clown doing here hes the only person in existence worse than russ

    39. Pat Banks

      this nigga young bans look like a grown ass newborn

    40. Michaela Mariani

      This is a beautiful looking human.

    41. Axis Diagonal

      Yung bans holding a Yung mans

    42. Earthnutzz

      his kid is cute as hell tho, and he seems like he really cares about him, which is nice to see

    43. SoFlo Dexter

      shout out 16


      Yung bans look dumb af

    45. Bálint ghariban nejad

      I want the baby

    46. The Real Prime

      Why he look like black pennywise

    47. SHANDEI trap

      I Love His music ,so much vibes ,,right through you" ,,Out" ,,preachin" ,,IT s snowin" ,,lonely" ,,ridin" ,,Brand New" scared of death" ,,Dead Faces " omg i Love His music

    48. josie bozeman

      baby dadyyyy

    49. Joe Momma

      PLUUUUUUG money so long money so long

    50. BallinDaGamer

      I think the baby stared crying becuase he heard his dad’s mumble rap

    51. Space taco ll

      wait who is the baby

    52. Nohe Meza

      Bans look like the mom and the dad with his hair like dat

    53. Nohe Meza

      He talking bout carti bout the spot light shit

    54. Jennifer Collins

      He ugly asf

    55. Evolvez

      Hairline is on another level

    56. ActuallyArmani

      This fool said how to train a dragon 😂💯

    57. Droid Wave

      alot of haters here.

    58. Angela Bulgaru

      He doesn't know how to rap

    59. Emerson Rhodes

      He's super humble

    60. TashshawnLyons_ Lyons

      he got a son

    61. Pop Eyes

      Where is this mans hairline

    62. Daniel Perez


    63. Yung DeAdShOt

      That forehead

    64. Raef Thomas

      Bans seems like a good father

    65. Paulo Sousa


    66. GZA036

      make me work more smarter

    67. Gang Shit

      Fuck this dick smoker. Pussy boiii afraid of russ bitch ass mark

    68. Axel Storm

      Yung bans reminds me of a bat

    69. itz hxuz

      I can't hear what he's sayin

    70. Shaaki Evans

      Big ass five five head

    71. GIFY 007


    72. Andrew Phillips

      Great dad

    73. YGB Snagz

      99% of comments: 🎼RIDING WITH DAT 40 Me: The baby so cute

    74. PKPRODS

      Yo, Hit my page for fire beats! 💰🔥

    75. Gabi

      so fucking cuteee & the baby’s cute too

    76. Argi Reyes

      Young bans stupid

    77. AlwaysStudying

      Lil bans

    78. Nici Rrowehn

      We love a young, responsible father who takes care of his child

    79. Maps

      Why does he look like IT

    80. Vadym

      He's definitely retarded, is it a trend or something?