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    Candy craziness, mind blowing magic and a wheely unfortunate dude!
    Time for another fantastic episode of Overtime!
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    Comment what your favorite candy is!
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    1. Jim Was Here

      This is how many Rage monsters are in the world because of no cool, not cool ⬇

    2. Keila Gallegos

      I am mad that for the top 10 candies Kit Kat is not in the top10!!

    3. Xxcarnagerage xX

      everyone team ty

    4. Samsung Tab E


    5. Kalama Barton

      I know right cool not cool is cool

    6. Jen Cunliffe

      I have at 100yards of nerd ropae

    7. The Legacy

      Anyone see that the magician is throwing the toilet paper behind himself and absolutely no one noticed

    8. 375dude Marsden

      Purple hoser forever

    9. Xman Pizza

      The dude perfect panda is Jeff toney

    10. Chelsey Finley


    11. Josh Tuininga


    12. Maxwell Klein

      120 yd for me

    13. Liam McCormick

      Do Top 10 SONGS but not with TYLER. Like if agree





    16. Anna

      In my opinion he was 100% on point about the best candies and 100% correct to throw away all of those not even edible other ones 😂

    17. Amy Sandidge

      why no cool not cool and why does Tyler always get to pic why is Tyler like the leader i’m not a hater either

    18. raihan baig

      Can u do overtime 15 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    19. Morgz is the best YouTuber in the world

      Who is here when Dude Perfect got 50M subs?

    20. Jake_is_so_rich

      No cool not cool me mad 😡🤬

    21. Christopher Kimber

      Ty! I’m with you bro! Reisens are amazing!

    22. Jase Riggleman


    23. Yannick Lehmann

      Toblerone is the best chocolate because it is from Switzerland

    24. Lee Godby



      Does dp like twizzlers?Tell me if you know

    26. Judith Weinstock

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1465">24:25</a> Me: hahaha 😂

    27. Priscilla Borg

      Bouncing ball trick shots

    28. Ashley Fillmore

      Anyone notice Cody’s crocs

    29. Ragyn Russo

      What about jolly rather

    30. Haley Mendoza

      Tys top ten candies is not right

    31. Mila Things

      Why the game does have a black spot on it

    32. Angela 1

      The best candy is 100% snickers

    33. Hawk Baker

      no won hates candy

    34. Matjaž Merkan


    35. Yoshi Junior

      When and how did Cody break his arm? I'm just curious.

    36. Piranha Puppet

      Team Corey

    37. Infinity Pigeon

      WERE IS COOL NOT COOL >:| cool not cool is better than wheel unfortunate

    38. Leo Kaplowitz

      I can 10000 yards

    39. Sliams Raven's Channel

      What are you saying jelly beans are delicious

    40. Rhandzo Khoza


    41. Ahmed Bayoumi

      The magician literally just throws the paper behind that perso

    42. qasim molvi

      best is tylers chair

    43. ElecAtern Lobb

      You made me hungry 😋

    44. YTP Madness

      dp ytp's here

    45. Will Yeary

      350 feet

    46. Isaac Zenko

      The part when Tyler showed that magic trick...I slowed down the video and I saw the trick.

    47. Lalvith Lal

      I agree with Garrret, I love Toblerone

    48. 김다은

      Tyler hates all the candys that I like!

    49. Noni Byron

      So that’s where all that toilet paper went

    50. Keifer Kurtzbein

      No mike n nikes

      1. Keifer Kurtzbein

        Mike n ikes my bad

    51. Andre Venter

      I have had 78and a half yards of nerd rope

    52. FreeDez Studio

      Loved it ❤️

    53. What A Shot

      Oh hey

      1. Quang Khánh Bùi


    54. Justin Eaton

      you cant judge candy anymore. what u say is blastfamy

    55. Derp Derpson

      I have eaten over 65 yards of nerd rope.


      Magic is fake 🤬

    57. rebel greninja

      50 MIL SUBS

    58. rakeshsarora

      Any like for Tyler

    59. rakeshsarora

      Tyler is the best

    60. rakeshsarora

      Like for Coby

    61. rakeshsarora

      I love cool not cool don’t forget or skip it

    62. Zoarial Puppet15

      Can we have another overtime

    63. TKBLW

      Team Cory

    64. Cyb3rz

      Earth: global pandemic Ty: three way clap

    65. raptor puppet

      Where is our 50 mil unboxing vid

    66. bob memer

      Can I have your SEsels channel

    67. Khaled Alawadhi

      Wow you ar gonna get sweeted

    68. Everett Williamson

      The twins are embarrassing everybody ever how do you not know how to use a circle saw duh

    69. Pnutkids Channel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="331">5:31</a> anyone notice top 10 movie board

    70. Dhruv Nadkarni

      Peanut M&Ms are my #1

    71. PVTSTEMMER 12

      You guys are going to get a long talk if you EVER SKIP COOL NOT COOL AGAIN!!!!!!

    72. Marissa Stokes

      I don’t think they will go

    73. Spiral Zurq

      Pls go sub to my yt i upload fortnite and I grind everyday I wanna get 1k subs one day so ye

    74. Colton Hastings

      My favorite segment is cool not cool

    75. Michaels Club

      For 2020 tour can you come to California

    76. Aidan Herbert

      I love magic

    77. Kai chillemi

      Go to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1098">18:18</a> me in aus😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    78. Alyssa Miracle

      Skittles Sour patch kids Sour gummy worms Reese’s pieces Pop rocks Twix Herseys Jolly ranchers Air heads Chocolate pretzels


      I agree with number 4

    80. Kai chillemi

      Awww no cool not cool👎🏻