Why I Ordered a Tesla CyberTruck!

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    I can explain. This one's different.
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    1. DJDIAZ001

      " Why I ordered a Cyber Truck and ya'll going to pay for it, hehe. " What is he going to do with a truck? Put his hunting gear back there, you're work tools. Probably not. That's what trucks are for no matter anyone says. And guess what we're all paying for all his things by clicking his videos and sitting through them.

    2. Beep Bop


    3. Chen You Sheng

      I don’t know why people like the cybertruck it’s just the inside of the car is WAY too PLAIN😤 I don’t understand! Rather buy a Audi Rs Q8’s than this.

    4. Maria

      Looks like the futuristic cop cars in the movies

    5. Abraham Torres

      I just would like the bed to be a bit longer

    6. Royaltybloodline

      Piece of shit

    7. Lil Kame Z

      He ordered it because he knows the truth, it's actually a transformer.

    8. Steve B

      Looks like a Honda Ridgeline with a cap or a DeLorean on steroids

    9. Ankur Shukla

      Well... He's buying a Tesla Roadster 2020 AND a Tesla CyberTruck

    10. niklaus mikelson

      Well think of the look this way how different are looks now from the cars in the 50s. The different looking models of the future had to start somewhere.

    11. vinasu maaj

      Answer: "I have too much money. Thanks for watching. And making me more money."

    12. emmanuel udi-ken

      Because you are a fan boy 😂😂

    13. Tony A.

      Marques is a spineless shill pr man posing as a reporter. What a tool

    14. Cristiano Isidoro

      Because I haven't got a brain and I have lots of disposable income to buy something I don't need. Also, fuck global warming.

    15. Crypto

      Title: "Why I ordered the Cybertruck!" Me: Because he can people! The word "budget" doesn't exist in his vocabulary. He can beasically buy anything without worrying if the product is worth it or not🤷‍♂️

      1. vinasu maaj

        I’m sorry, but my diesel is ideal because I’m not concerned with batteries dying, because I tow a large trailer. Until they fix towing of 20+ thousand lbs, this truck is just an

    16. S 777

      Marques Brownlee, used to think you are a independent. Sold soul. $$$$$$$ 21 million liters (4.6 million galons) of water for 1 tons (2204 lbs) lithium. that's 21million liters of water per day. Fuck this man and his inventions. This guy wants to destroy the planet, everything for the dollar signs I guess. Go get your Tesla sponsored and get the dollars instead of promoting different, better solutions.

    17. Anshul Gupta

      Awesome awesome truck is moster not is beautiful

    18. K. John

      Buying things you do not factually need is every reason why the world is going astray.

    19. Luke Hyland

      Matte Black would ultimately be a bad choice because of how hard it is to make out in the dark, regardless of headlights. Cool idea tho

    20. K R

      Agree. It is strikingly UGLY!

    21. Lucas Frazier

      It has a bed strong enough to stand on...lmao. Ugliest vehicle I have ever seen. I would never order one. I'll take a Chevy Silverado 2500 any day over that. A real man's truck.

    22. Eric Henn

      Can't wait for you to get your truck and make a video about it in 3 years.

    23. 웅이

      I like this guy, I always have. He's one of the best (if not THE best) content creators in his field. That being said, let's just be honest about the real reasons he ordered a Cybertruck. One, he can. This dude's net worth is up there. Two, Cybertruck is fast. Three, it can tow and haul shit. Four, it's avant garde and instantly recognizable on the road.

      1. sotuur aeei

        The truck sucks.

    24. Joe

      The real news here is that Marques is using the Pixel 4 after doing a not so positive review of it. I understand though, it is an amazing device, much better than the iphone.

      1. sotuur aeei

        My answer would be: to capitalize on a current event.

    25. pOWder.40

      looks like a mad max truck

    26. Amar

      Looks like sharp shit honestly...If they wanted to look different from the others, they did, but they think it doesn't looks better by any means...👎👎👎👎

    27. Kaiwen Zhao

      I like the different design the Cybertruck offers. Although I will not choose it. I would definitely love to see someone in the town I live in purchase one and drive that around everyday

      1. sehhi vooty

        Sees title, sighs " why though, I have given up on you" Watches video Oh thank God I thought I lost you!

    28. Max Headrum

      This is not a truck !!! This is for a semi educated twenty-something thirtysomething hipster who has never seen a farm a very kind in their life !!! And they have never seen a real job where God forbid you get calluses on your hand !! If you do not know what calluses are Google them

      1. Max Headrum

        @sehhi vooty the only thing you know about trucks with how to lie down the back of one ! Attention everybody on SEsels check out her home page

      2. sehhi vooty

        For the easy parking? The pedestrian safety? The 5 start crash safety?

    29. The Weed man

      Hi I'm the weed Man!

    30. francis tracz

      I’m sorry, but my diesel is ideal because I’m not concerned with batteries dying, because I tow a large trailer. Until they fix towing of 20+ thousand lbs, this truck is just an ornament.

      1. gtoss chddy

        "cuz I'm an idiot" Saved u 8mins

    31. AJ The Bartender

      You got scammed.

      1. gtoss chddy

        Design 🤮💩

    32. Ray Davison

      The bed so strong you can stand on it - Really, that's so unique!

    33. BogusMojo

      I've got a hundred bucks I can order one too ya click bait machine

    34. Kalpesh Patel

      Advantages. 1) Built in power for all your power tools on the site. 2) Air compressor for those kind of jobs. 3) It has a Solar charger, so you better park in the sun. 4) Auto pilot. After a hard days work it would be heaven for a trucker. (as long as he doesn't doze off in the truck) 5) Seats 6. 6) Simple interior. So easy to clean off the dust and grime. 7) Entertainment centre built in 8) Flat dashboard, for when you want to eat inside of your truck. Disadvantages: 1) It looks unlike anything on the road. 2) How much is the range when its towing full capacity. 3) Don't know the level of modification that can be done on it and will it affect its range. 4) If its pulling a trailer, summon etc might not work, since there are no sensors on the trailers. 5) that 17 inch screen can easily get damaged with all the heavy gear that truckers will put inside the truck (im sure they will)

    35. Zealous Just Zealous


    36. CipherBytes

      Tesla is really good a gimmick advertising. They're hiding the poor range while towing and on rough terrain. Also the fact that a cross-country trip would take hella longer because of charging stops.

    37. Owen Mount

      No one: Marques: "That's not why I'm buying it though."

    38. whiterottenrabbit

      My answer would be: to capitalize on a current event.


      The truck sucks.

    40. Darko Sola

      You reserved it. You have more than a year to cancel it. So no big risk there. 100USD investment to have a SEsels video about Cybertruck. We understand.