When you try all the sounds and beats on your synth (while only playing coldplay - viva la vida)



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    I managed to drop my synth so the left wheel (closest to the camera) broke off so now there's just a big empty hole (just like my heart)... Thank you so much for watching!
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    1. FuzeQ 32

      I heard fallen kingdom not coldplay

    2. luisa bundy


    3. TheLegend1800

      "Hey, do you play synth?" "No, I play ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Synth."

    4. Alster2016 YT

      when you say coldplay instead of fallen kingdom

    5. Dark Knyght

      Viva la vida?

    6. Денис Денисов


    7. Echs Dee

      Everyone’s talking about fallen kingdom, meanwhile, I’m still trying to catch up on smp live.

    8. Creased Taco

      This dude is beyond talented. I'm also pretty sure he's my dad.

    9. L O A F of bread

      He fell of the Castle

    10. Red Hat

      1:03 The genre is obviously Undertale

    11. notes and hobbies

      Love this! It’s so fun and creative ~~ :D

    12. Xeno

      Seth Everman used to rule the world. The Internet would rise when he gave the word. But now he sleeps with a body pillow. And sweeps the memes he used to own

    13. itz_poofles

      I think you mean Fallen Kingdom but ok

    14. Comedic Center

      The genre for dogs is actually, "I'm hungry, let me eat the couch, human."

    15. Thomas Baader

      Sorry von Elia :(

    16. Jude MacPherson

      I only hear fallen kingdom and I refuse to hear otherwise.

    17. Bliz

      Organ reggae is smooth

    18. Lol Stadium

      Wtf why does r&b actually sound good with this song

    19. Zpouki Boi

      I used to ruuuuuuuuule the wooooooooooooorld

    20. Tristan Rodriguez

      seth is getting extra jazzy

    21. kiros

      you mean fallen kingdom?

    22. Dunk Y

      He puts his headphones like that cuz he dont wanna mess his haircut

    23. Camilo Gonzalez

      Fallen kingdom*

    24. GreenyBoy


    25. Cierra Drummond

      So talented!

    26. TheFatMarioBros The Great

      Why does 1:09 straight up remind me of Undertale?

    27. Cybil Chrysanthe

      I used to rule the world

    28. d s

      Techno ver makes me smile for no reason

    29. Tubzy Wilson

      Legend seth

    30. Solid Snake

      agent 47 plays the piano??

    31. BIG Nut

      POPIN OFF=

    32. A _bandon

      I genuinely cannot listen to this as viva la vida or whatever

    33. SantIrfan Yt

      Wait, this is Fallen Kingdom.

    34. Pan Sexual

      So let me guess? Chunks would load?

    35. I scream at things

      My man played fallen kingdom thinking we wouldn’t notice

    36. Austinitsua

      Silly human, this isn't coldplay! This is minecraft!

    37. lno_onel da Asian

      this sounds like fallen kingdom, oh wait...

    38. JambusJimbo

      Bruh I think you misspelled the title, it should be: When you try all the sounds and beats on your synth (while only playing Fallen Kingdom)

    39. Alex W

      "That was when I ruled the land"

    40. Fion Pion

      Coldplay fans: Damn, that was hot

    41. albert bassoe


    42. JakeGaming

      1:15 do you wanna build a everman?

    43. Murphy

      @seth, I heard “The Lick” at the end of the jazz!!! You think you’re slick but I got my eyes on you😑😂

    44. Gašper Perko

      This is such a nostalgic gamer moment, can i get a F in chat

    45. Nicola Savio

      I wish I had more time to practice playing ghosts

    46. Jessop Reacts

      Surely I'm not the only one who can recite every word from Fallen Kingdom when Seth is playing...

    47. Jonas Soderberg

      Techno= hade en låt med på Lunarstorm cdn.

    48. Andrew Murray

      I want a full version of the jazz tbh

    49. Anoax

      1:02 - Undertale intensifies

    50. ReYo

      It's a wonder why more songs aren't written in "I'm Scared".

    51. Kirsten Johnson

      sirey You tireus. torey.Baby. Love love love love love. wirek job. forest park. boy gires Billy. hi.

    52. lil big brain

      I Used To Rule The World

    53. DeepsYT

      Uh Fallen Kingdom

    54. Emily Graves

      You cute

    55. SushiSniper_DE

      Synth is an awesome remix of Fallen Kingdom

    56. yerp.

      Yeah, who cares if I was singing along with the Fallen Kingdom lyrics.

      1. TssN V2

        i used to rule the world

      2. yerp.

        TssN V2 // Epischo 2 3 4 aaannd:

      3. TssN V2

        i do, cuz you didn't invite me to join in on the singing

    57. Anya Daughter of Athena

      You mistook the title. Isn’t it called Fallen Kingdom?

    58. TheAntiSnipe

      Genre: I'm scared I did a spit-take at that one, quality kek

    59. oxpecker

      0:36 Fallen Kingdom would have been a banging song in 90s clubs

    60. children van

      Who's Coldplay , but the song sounds similar to a song called Fallen Kingdom