What REALLY Happens at the FaZe House...

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FaZe Teeqo

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    The Real Life of FaZe House ft. Teeqo, Rain, Adapt, Jarvis, Kay, Temperrr, TeaWap
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    The real life of FaZe Clan at the new FaZe House
    FaZe Teeqo, FaZe Rain, FaZe Adapt, FaZe Jarvis, FaZe Kay day in the life at the FaZe House
    FaZe is back together
    I Carried Pokimane to a Win in CS:GO (ft. FaZe Rug, Cizzorz & Temperrr)
    Full Body Workout YOU Can Do EVERYDAY From HOME! (NO Weights)
    Kronicle - Wake Up
    👓 "Midnight Lovers"l by Kicktracks
    👓 All music by Kicktracks is here -
    Kicktracks SEsels Channel:
    #FaZeTeeqo #FaZeHouse #LifeOfFaZe
    if you're reading this you're a REAL one & I love you 3000.
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    - FaZe Teeqo

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    1. FaZe Teeqo

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      1. Nolan Hood

        Yo teeqo this is so S tier content man keep it up! Love the music with it!

      2. Metzy 51

        ZigiPlayz BR I I am going to go go to to the the beach and and I’ll I’ll be home in in a little little bit bit bit bit late I wanna fuq fuq fuq is is a a good good good way way way to to to get get back on on the the beach and and go go to mikes ally ally and you can go to to the beach and

      3. ok minecraft

        Can I have a shotout

      4. Niall Jan

        We love you teeqo your the best

      5. 1000 subscribers with no videos

        Done my.man

    2. Tajmattie Deosaran


    3. Zechariah Tv

      you are truly a blessing Teeqo you have changed many lives and that's everything.

    4. Jose Gutierrez

      If you dont sub or like u will have bad luck 4 56 YEARS

    5. Daniel Gonzalez

      Its not that others don’t believe in me, i don’t believe in myself

    6. 1FreShii

      Teeqo do you got a girl yet

    7. Tyler Davis

      Teeqo you are so inspiring

    8. Ref31x

      when he was talking did anyone else rais the valume to max

    9. Zawad Fakir


    10. Dxllxn

      I wish i was friends with Teeqo fr

    11. Daniel Sweeney

      No Problem

    12. Logan Riggs

      Teeqo the goat

    13. Srosh Rahmani

      >3 Thanks for the great videos

    14. Srosh Rahmani

      good vibes

    15. Srosh Rahmani

      nice advice

    16. Rasha AlTork


    17. Kareem Barakat

      Hey teeqo I really like your vlogs you really inspired me and your one of my favorites SEsels be what you want to be and don’t let the haters let u down have a wonderful quarantine #fazeup

    18. Chris Diehm

      You’re the fucking best teeqo, I won’t give up. I will make it, you’re so inspirational. #FaZeUP

    19. Dino Gamer

      Do you need a keeper I’m here I’m the best keeper in the comments


      i love you Teeqo

    21. Kostantein


    22. YoungDaggerDick

      Teeqo type of Guy that Will never betray or snitch on you... ❤️

    23. Ben Cashen

      Show this man some love bro. He’s a real one. He cares about us just as much as himself

    24. Ben Cashen

      I’m waiting for the over night challenge.

    25. g clutch

      The last part of the video is straight facts

    26. Klaus Reusser

      You are an example to follow bro!

    27. EcoX YT

      Teeqo I just watched this video for the 2 time, when I watch your videos you always make my day keep up the good work

    28. Hamish Nodland

      OK OK

    29. Jovany Guardado

      Teeqo you make my day feel good thank you for what you do keep making videos love you

    30. It’s devbot

      Omg teeqo I really would love to come to play futball with you

    31. rebound_FC

      Bro i love this, i just love ur vibe nd how you guys do what you do :)

    32. Axel Berg

      Man ska tro verkligen på sig själv du är så braaaa ❤️❤️👍👍🙂🙂

    33. Rami Gucci Aahed

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> instrumental please ??

    34. Supreme Clown

      Teeqo looked like a Swedish version of Jake Paul when he was working out.

    35. MC Wavey

      Dang Man just wanted to let you know that your videos really brighten my day and and make me really open my eyes and I wanna thank you for it cause you are the best SEsels I have ever watched and my favorite FaZe member also just much love to you and your supporters ohh and make room in FaZe cause imma join the team sum day ❤️

    36. FIRST LAST


    37. Mr FreddieAxl

      This is the first video of your channel that I’ve watched but it’s already my favourite video

    38. TexoYT

      Love you 3000 Teeqo🔥

    39. Reda-S

      He really got a nice laugh

    40. Blake Slaght

      who is my soccer fans leave a like!

    41. Eric Metcalf

      Teeqo check ur dms please on instagram

    42. Lukas Wiklund

      respect to Teeqo dude, he is such a inspiration no joke , love ya man!

    43. Mr pickles

      Your the best faze member like if you argee

    44. Mr pickles

      Your the best

    45. Niall Gribben

      Faze has turned from a team to a family

    46. voreal #SVK

      I would love to join FaZe man its sick at the house and outside too i love it

    47. Mohamed Asjedh

      U guys are the best and i love the faze clan very much ....😘❤

    48. Mattias Lindgren

      Du var mig då en trevlig kille att titta och lyssna på, Så jag tar och följer dig här på SEsels! Ha en bra dag! :D

    49. CobraAU ツ

      Imagine being able to hang out with some like Teeqo , best personality, good at soccer and games and just wants to put a smile on your face. :) my favourite SEselsr

    50. Clan Dominance Tyrone

      I wonder why you don't have more subscribers than pewdiepie with such good videos

    51. Aree Fikrat

      Snälla forsätt med youtube

    52. Jaz Gameing Live

      I wish that I had subs like you 😥

    53. St-Low

      waiting for the 24 hours on the lake TEEQO😂

    54. Anri Torosyan

      Do the 24 hour challenge in the lake

    55. Sebastian K.

      Such a nice video ❤️

    56. Troy Perez

      You are the best

    57. flix 1400

      #adayinthelifeofFaZeteeqo The best video every go check it out it really helped me❤❤ love u 3001

    58. rama alammari

      LOL the dancing part at the gym😂 its a dream to meet the faze house

    59. Anže Koroš

      You're the best. Your SEsels Videos are the best. It's amazing you're such a good person. I really wish I could meet you, because you're my inspiration It's amazing you're such a good person. I really wish I could meet you, you're my inspiration. I wish you all well. 👏

    60. Nushrath Azad

      Pls give us a tutorial and how to play football

    61. Elias Makransky

      What is your favorite MLS team

    62. Joey Westphal

      Your a goat man

    63. Pumin Ngurang

      I needed this video in my life

    64. Morgan rugby

      Teeqo is the most down to earth person in faze and is my favorite tbh

    65. Stein van Andel

      That last part hit me. Like in every prothetische video❤️❤️👌

    66. Keagen Hughley

      Bruh <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> temper is the biggest mood lmao I do the same thing

    67. Gianni Picarella

      Your videos are unique I love it

    68. parkerd27 daniel

      What i thank faze teeao is the best faze member becase he is very nice tell people to good thank faze teeqo your the best

    69. Lau Gerner

      Hi teeqo i really want to join faze, I’m really god at Fortnite and I’m almost 13 I’m from Denmark and my friends have said that I can’t get in faze

    70. JuSt_Nise

      i love you

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      You should be a therapist

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      FaZe Jarvis was also making a video about pranking FaZe Kay!!!!

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      Ur the best

    74. JP BTW

      man i wish i could talk to you or somthing like be you friend and i really wish i could be the man that would really make my day

    75. JP BTW

      man teeqo is such a nice lovely guy he cars about everyone and i love you teeqo i wish i was you or just a good friend of yours because man you always make me feel good i really love you man and i really wish you see this because i want to let you know the your such a humble nice caring love guy and i really love you man.i have always wanted to be you friend because your such a nice guy i cant stop saying it because you are,LOVE YOU MAN :)

    76. HM DXB

      my favorite person on earth

    77. FaZe AmaZ

      Teeqo you are my favourite guy in Faze clan, I'd like to we become friends because you have heart❤

    78. Emil Robertsson

      Sverige 🇸🇪

    79. It’sssaneila

      Omg then ending talk really made me wanna cry it was so inspiring I’m never gonna forget FaZe clan ever and btw I’m buying the merch soon and moving to L.A. just to see y’all and maybe be friends with you guys if you wanted to I would love to ❤️ FaZe up ✌️❤️🥺

    80. Streed Crooms

      Keep it up man love the advice at the end!! Talks with Teeqo!!