What Nobody Noticed About Arthur's Dancing In Joker

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    Joker's Dancing Meant So Much More Than You Realize
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    It’s clear that Arthur Fleck, the titular character of Joker, wasn’t a completely well person. He definitely suffered from some serious mental issues, but to what extent did they affect him? While it’s easy to chalk up his tendency to dance as just an awkward quirk, it’s actually a lot more than that. There’s a much deeper meaning as to why he chooses to dance so frequently, and how he chooses to express himself.
    In this video, we’ll explain what Arthur’s dancing in Joker really means, and what most viewers didn’t notice at first. In a way, his dancing is sort of the polar opposite of his laughing condition. The more comfortable he gets, and the more confidence he gains, the more he’s able to express himself, which is something he suffers with greatly. His laughing condition limits his ability to communicate, but his tendency to dance is actually directly linked to his mental state.
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    1. Random Volgs

      Dancing on the stairs how original

    2. Kevin Daniel

      getting in the fridge is a form of suicide .

    3. Chris Clifford

      I believe him getting into the fridge is symbolic of the joker falling into a vat of acid. Also, he gets into the fridge as Arthur and "incubates"' emerging like a butterfly as The Joker.

    4. my name hitchy

      I heard from the director that the scene with him going into the fridge was pure interpretation, it wasn't even planned, the camera was still rolling and they saw joaquin doing that and they just kept on filming

    5. vgs pfl

      He said he felt better when he was locked up in the asylum maybe that's why he got in the refrigerator

    6. Arial Oaks

      He gets in the fridge because he's trying to punish himself

      1. vgs pfl

        Or it makes him feel like he's in the asylum

    7. Gabriel W

      During the Bathroom Dance, Arthur’s appearance is halfway between that of Carnival, the loving children’s entertainer who wants to make the world smile, and Joker, the bloodthirsty psychopath. Being an amalgamation of these polar opposite clown personas represents how Arthur’s transformation was only half complete: he was a murderer, but he hasn’t yet completely lost his mind. Only when he attains the complete outfit later does he become Joker, and his blood-smile is the final piece.

    8. Gary Numans Silly Wig

      He gets in the fridge because his space probe is due to pass overhead. Everybody knows space probes detector beams cant penetrate fridges.....unless the rubber seal is frayed. This is why we are advised to remove doors from spent fridges.

    9. Stacy Gordon

      I love this movie. I watched it 3 times in theater and raved about it for a month

    10. AnimeSoup Draws

      He got in the fridge to feel as if he was in the asylum

    11. Justin Mayes


    12. Fanny Bass

      The scene when he gets in the fridge was improvised by Joaquin Phoenix.

    13. rey ortega

      Do we really need this critic talking about this twisted movie that made billions of dollars ??? Get a life ...I deal with jokers every day like in this movie ,as a matter of fact we like dancing yes to escape people that build our negative thoughts ...its what we do you moron ....And its PRICELESS !! Just like this movie Hahahahaha hahahahaha

    14. ThatOneDoge

      The stock footage of the two old people watching a tv seemed a little funny considering that was the scene where he smothered his elderly mother with a pillow. Then you see them giving a thumbs up lmao.

    15. Princess Marlena

      Arthur getting into the fridge, it’s the equivalent of a kid hiding under the [grand] piano, IMO. He feels safe in there. Kids hide in cupboards (especially under the sink), under a piano...or in Arthur’s case a refrigerator, anything strong and stable to hide in or under to get away from what’s upsetting them in the world. My brother and I did that all the time.

    16. Fausto de Souza Nascimento


    17. Zaphod Neun

      Locking himself In the fridge might have been an attempt at suicide.

    18. JAQK

      being that depressed sometimes make u go into unknown and awkward places like the fridge

    19. Swa068

      His body probably hurt from all the fights he got in and all the physical activity. He did have a lot of bruises on his body in one of the scenes. So he got in the fridge because it was probably easier than putting a lot of ice in a tub. That was my understanding of that scene.

      1. Swa068

        It also could of ment he was trying to heal himself from the mental and physical pain. So he entered the cold and dark part of himself to make that happen. So Aurther could hide from the outside world and let the joker take over.

    20. Rob Boyte

      That fridge was an old-style model that didn't use magnets to keep the door shut, but only had a handle on the outside. I've read articles from years ago about kids hiding in such fridges which had been discarded but didn't have the door removed. The kids got trapped inside and suffocated, since the door couldn't be opened from the inside (hence the redesign). So, in another possible bizarre twist, maybe Arthur was committing suicide in his own way, and everything after the cut to black was his last delusion, "Owl Creek Bridge"-style. Just another thought.

    21. Reve14twelve

      Some dance to remember Some dance to forget...

    22. OhhMann GoddDamm

      Well you made a 10 minute video about it so clearly someone must have noticed

    23. Salarycat

      I think he gets in the fridge looking for a safe space. As cozy and protected this space is, he only gets colder inside, a metaphor for loneliness and debilitation. What is tragic, he lives in a world where it is the only safe place he has.

    24. Matt Green

      Ok-I lasted 4 minutes and twenty five seconds through this video-which was painful to do. What is the point of you posting this? What exactly are you trying to achieve?

    25. Harvey Dustin

      Gonna say that if another random person knocked on his door he wouldn't of killed them. His violence isn't chaotic in this movie it is provoked. Guys on the subway first were harassing the woman and then him and then attacked him. Ex co worker lied about the gun, and he had an animosity for the way he mistreated Gary you can see his uneasiness when he insults Gary about golf which is him laughing not cause he thought the joke was funny but made him uncomfortable, which turns into a rage when he does it in the apartment, he also doesn't kill Gary because Gary had never harmed him and only ever treated him with respect. Murray well he insulted him, brought him on the show to poke fun at him all the while acting like he was a purist and his friend. Mother years of neglect that caused his maladies, also this murder seemed to be entirely ritualistic the last thread that was needed to be severed for Arthur to become the Joker. Cops yeah likely, random person with the wrong apartment unless they threatened him or poked fun at him might of got the scissors, grabbing the scissors was more of a being prepared just in case thing. Now locking the door at that point he had made the decision to kill.

    26. etoeneudorf

      He gets in the fridge because Joaquin is genius and got into the mind of an insomniac while improvising that scene haha but on a serious note on why they’d keep it in the film... Arthur said he’d felt best while he was in the asylum. The scene when he goes into the fridge is right after he confronted Thomas and was so let down by his refusal to embrace him as a son. Arthur needs some kind of comfort. The fridge is like a miniature asylum. A 6 sided white cube on the inside of the fridge, not unlike the presumed solitary confinement cell he would have been in at some points in the asylum. Going off of your analysis of moments where Arthur is himself vs joker, I think this is one of the last moments, or the last moment, where he tried to cope with his tragedy as Arthur would. Before coping with it as a comedy with the confidence of joker. He was completely crushed by losing Thomas that night, but later he finds it so funny to think about how he was the catalyst for the Wayne’s dying and the creation of Batman.

    27. Izabella Odom

      Honestly I'm a slut for character development and this movie is the absolute best piece for tracing character development

    28. Kaycee

      When authur is feeling like he overwhelmed himself he feels like he needs a way to slow down. What happens when you freeze your hands, it’s really hard to move them fast. This is why he put himself in the fridge, to physically feel the slowness in his own body

    29. FiveGeeks Blog

      It is cold and dark in the fridge offering pain he may feel like he deserves, while offering shelter from the pain of the outside world, if just for a short time. Also, it's a chrysalis for his transformation.

    30. FeelGoodTime.net

      On 5:55 you say - "Who knows what would have happened to some other person who happen to knock instead?" . Totally missed the point, Arthur would not hurt anyone who did not deserve it, and the guy who set him up definitely did deserve it. To be honest, at that point I have stopped the video. You use many words to say so very little. No hard feelings, still subscribed. :)

    31. XXX Angel XXX Dreamx

      This movie was amazing

    32. Ya Red

      07:51 Giokin Phoenix

    33. Ya Red

      PLEASE: what's the song at 02:57?

    34. Nicole Anne Collet

      Great analysis!


      I feel when joker entered the fridge is when his blood became cold blooded and he decided he could kill anyone he wanted

    36. 7evin2wentyFilms

      @screenrant He needed to see if a body would fit in it lol

    37. A. M.

      This movie was so sad and so good.

    38. -BaD GuYs-


    39. Keith Stewart

      stop saying buss it

    40. Cappygolucky

      Dancing helps to process emotion too deep to express