What Nobody Noticed About Arthur's Dancing In Joker

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    Joker's Dancing Meant So Much More Than You Realize
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    It’s clear that Arthur Fleck, the titular character of Joker, wasn’t a completely well person. He definitely suffered from some serious mental issues, but to what extent did they affect him? While it’s easy to chalk up his tendency to dance as just an awkward quirk, it’s actually a lot more than that. There’s a much deeper meaning as to why he chooses to dance so frequently, and how he chooses to express himself.
    In this video, we’ll explain what Arthur’s dancing in Joker really means, and what most viewers didn’t notice at first. In a way, his dancing is sort of the polar opposite of his laughing condition. The more comfortable he gets, and the more confidence he gains, the more he’s able to express himself, which is something he suffers with greatly. His laughing condition limits his ability to communicate, but his tendency to dance is actually directly linked to his mental state.
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    1. B.P. Reno

      From what I heard Phoenix just wanted to go inside the fridge and they just decided to keep it in. But how I looked at it because the voice mail was over that scene my guess was that he was hiding there when the cops showed up and he "wasnt home"

    2. Kilian Jacobs

      Wait. Hold on. Say his name right. 7:50

    3. W. Devarien

      He killed Randall because he felt that Randall betrayed him.

    4. CWG 54

      Wakeen. Phoenix.....Not Jokeen Phoenix

    5. Janet Severin

      I think that he gets into the fridge because he is so depressed with his world that he just wants to isolate himself away from it.

    6. Bridget Nine

      He gets in the fridge because the Joker KNOWS he isnt real, he does it to remind himself almost in a tormented way. No human could put themselves in a fridge and live, we would suffocate (those fridges lock from the inside) I thought this moment in the film way a genuis way to show the audience he is in on the whole "joke" if you will. thats what makes Joker my all time favorite comic book character, he's the only one who KNOWS he's a comic book character which is also why he commits a LOT of acts in this movie, like killing the "girlfriend"...hence the line in the movie "For my whole life I didnt know if I even existed, But I do and people are starting to notice".

    7. Pedro Lopes

      He just wanted to stay frosty AH AH AH AH 😂

    8. Thomas Barnhouse

      Maybe he got in the fridge because he just had enough maybe he was trying to hide maybe he was having psychotic symptoms maybe he was isolating himself

    9. Sterling M

      He's always the joker, when he is Arthur he is playing an unnatural role. He observes how other people behave and tries to mimic it, several times we see him taking notes and rehearsing "normal" behavior. When he puts on the makeup he is himself, and the dancing is just go demonstrate how comfortable in his own skin.

    10. Daniel Fernandez

      Joaquin Phoenix, the J should sound like a W with little h in front.

    11. Dracovari

      I’m not sure how it works exactly but I’ve heard of cases before where mentally ill/depressed/psychotic people have shut themselves inside fridges or lingered in ice baths or run into freezing temperatures with minimum/no clothing. There seems to be some correlation between mental damage/strain and a need for low temperatures.

    12. Jason Bosworth

      Pretty damn respectable screen rant..

    13. WickedLiquid

      The fridge scene isn’t supposed to make sense because Arthur no longer makes sense. The only one who understands why he got in the fridge is Arthur and if he explained it, it still wouldn’t make sense.

    14. Anthony Garcia

      I think he went into the fridge as a comfort thing... To get away from the world

    15. Marie Daley

      I don't think you know what you are talking about in some of this video, or at least your way of expressing it is a bit off.

    16. Seriously?!!! Really?!!!

      I think he got in the refrigerator to numb his current pain, he wouldn't of been aware of his psychological break so to claim he was being reborn ... "He'd have no awareness of this"

    17. Sah. B.


    18. D Hamilton

      Finally a good movie👍👍

    19. WendiWhat?

      JOEKEEN Pheonix? WAHkeen!

    20. Radzio

      Arthur got closed in fridge.... Then Mr.Freeze was born

    21. SunBunz

      7:51 You pronounced Joaquin Phoenix as Joe-keen! Phoenix... "Joe...keen." *"JOKING!!!"* OMG! Was that on purpose?!!? It's actually pronounced "Wah-keen." Either you fucked up, or you're a genius. Or both. lol

    22. El PavliTo

      the fridge scene, in my opinion it's just him, escaping from all the sadness and negativity in the world. He just couldn't take it anymore.


      So is the chick Harley Quinn?

    24. Ted Pow

      A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having. 'V for Vendetta' (WB/DC 2006)'

    25. Miss Wittank

      Comments: you pronounced his name wrong. Me: yes, I think you will find it is pronounced Mur-ray. 😐

    26. peblezQ

      When the fridge scene happened (when I saw it in the theatre), some dude behind me just said, "what a mood" and I choked on my popcorn.

      1. Keala Ueberroth

        peblezQ 😂👍🏼

    27. HereIsWisdom 1318

      he gets in the fridge because he's insane, and thats it!

    28. HereIsWisdom 1318

      lol @9:04 to 9:08

    29. Dinks DeLarge77

      Cant wait to get home to watch it again!!!!

    30. Shayaan Malik

      Not just hides in the fridge, also re-opens the door to turn off the fridge, leaving him in complete cold darkness. Thats *Fridge hiding 101* course right there

    31. Cynthia Haley

      I saw the refrigerator as a type of hole.. that's why he climbed in. Hence the saying, crawl in a hole and die." He wanted to die but quickly changed his mind.

    32. Tony Tafoya

      There's a little Joker in all of us. I predict this will go on to achieve dubious cliche status.

    33. The Average Gamer

      His dancing in the bathroom is tia chi

    34. Weird OutWorld

      The refrigerator scene is one of those things that if you know, you know, and if you don't, you don't want to. lol

      1. Keala Ueberroth

        Weird OutWorld 😉👍🏼

    35. Weird OutWorld

      He called him "JOE-keen" Phoenix🤣🤣

    36. Troy Balgie

      Looks like the guy from silence of the lambs

    37. BlooCheeseForMaBoi


    38. Mike Seppy

      He goes into the refrigerator to change in the joker, as a Caterpillar will go into a cocoon to change. He emerges as the joker, completely changed, then goes to the murrays Franklin show as the joker.

    39. Trek Fan

      I loved he dance sequence, but whoever edited it should be shot...IMHO....

    40. 1thyph477

      The fridge is a symbolic womb where Arthur is reborn as the Joker.

    41. Lucas

      Did he just call him "Jo-keen phoenix" ?? Seriously screen rant?

    42. Orestis Papadopoulos

      To me it's obvious joker was going into the fridge hiding from abuse when he was small

    43. Llewellyn White

      Why he gets in the fridge: holding ice, taking a cold shower - these are methods that people who suffer with mental illness use in times of extreme distress. It helps take the focus from the mind to the body, thus reducing distress. Lots of psychologists recommend it. He got in the fridge when the police were knocking on his door - he was extremely stressed, so instead of holding ice he decided to freeze his whole body because that's the dire nature his mental state was in. You're welcome.

    44. SixxQueen91

      Joe qeen 😂

    45. whitenoise i hear u

      Safe space.

    46. Chad Fleck

      I can't quite get over the fact that my actual last name is Fleck. And I totally had an Aunt Penny.

    47. Efren Valle

      He wanted to see if a body would fit in it probably.

    48. C. latrans

      Lol. He pronounces Joaquin as "Joe-Keen."

    49. John Koy III

      My guess is that it is like a sensory deprivation tank to escape what is going on or to try to calm his mind.

    50. Travelbound

      Maybe the fridge scene is Joker “fridging” Arthur. Like how people say the attack on Barbara Gordon in Killing Joke was basically “ fridging” that character.

    51. Goodzone

      He hides in the refrigerator to escape the problems! To leave everyone and just be alone

    52. Troy Willis

      I felt bad for the joker the whole movie. Look how he got treated. Am I a psycho for feeling happy and amused when he finally gets revenge?

    53. MrCain667

      Why was his name Arthur Fleck instead of Jack Napier?

    54. Myrrhkuri

      with randall it was revenge for losing his job, the guy gives him a gun acting like friends, then turns him in for having one, when he came to Arthurs apt..arthur grabbed scissors because he had killed people by then, and been questioned by police also..

    55. Sean Spahr

      9:35 Its It's a big lipped alligator moment.

    56. Dr. Awkward

      "Joe-keen" Phoenix. 😆



    58. craig855s

      And here was me thinking you were going to say nobody noticed he threw his cigarette away but then wierdly has another one in his mouth at the end........Oh well, just me

    59. lunga bam

      Psuedobalbor affect... After watching this movie I accepted my condition. Laughing teary eyed everytime I watched it

    60. hunterslife1

      "I'm the joker baybey" -Arthur Fleck