What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

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    After being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take as few as two and as many as 14 days for symptoms to develop. Cases range from mild to critical. The average timeline from the first symptom to recovery is about 17 days, but some cases are fatal. Here's what it looks like to develop COVID-19, day by day.
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    What Coronavirus Looks Like, Day By Day


    1. Science Insider

      Additionally, If you've lost your sense of smell or taste, you could be a 'hidden carrier' of the coronavirus. Learn more here: bit.ly/SenseOfSmellCoronavirus

      1. jay zee

        Science Insider tell people the truths it’s 5G that is coronavirus do u think people are stupid

      2. Pradeep R Nair

        For more about Covid-19 and Live Update : thewoldsecrets.blogspot.com/2018/12/wholesale-waterproof-blackout-noise.html



      4. Jamie Jones

        Dr. Jé you had 5g radiation symptoms its not contagious but we will all have it eventually

      5. Dr. Jé

        Yo! I was feeling "off"... not fully sick because I have a pretty strong immune system. But I was hot n cold and sweating, no appetite and feeling off... anyways the smell of BBQ sauce smelled weird like a strong poison or something very disturbing. I ordered food and didn't realize it was the BBQ sauce. I thought it was their food n bad oil. Next day I use BBQ sauce on my home cooked lunch and realized it was the BBQ sauce. I figured I had a bad bottle go bad. So I threw it out. Went to get food since my cooked food was ruined.... opened their BBQ sauce.... the same horrible smell. Different brand, everything. I'm like why does BBQ sauce smell weird to me!? Thought I had it. Then 24-48hr later ,I check again. I feel better and my sense of smell is back and BBQ sauce smells normal again ... am I still carrying or what

    2. Roshan silva

      That's very helpful . Thanks

    3. Seeking The Truth

      Top three very initial symptoms of covid19: feeling unwell, mild fever, any digestive issues.

    4. יוסי חיים

      God help

    5. Sebastian Hantel

      www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6115943/ "Zinc group:Significantly lower mortality rate (6.6% compared to 17.3%)" "There are indications that a patient’s zinc supply and serum zinc concentration is associated with severity, outcome, and recurrence of sepsis."

    6. WhirlOmar

      This one is throwing in many other symptoms other places don’t like runny nose.

    7. Sebastian Hantel

      www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28488366 " CONCLUSIONS: Zinc given as an adjunct to the treatment of severe pneumonia is effective in reducing the mortality of severe pneumonia, and has no significant effects on treatment failure and change of antibiotic therapy."

    8. Princess Lupi

      NOT good odds to me. Now I'm terrified. This will be a horrible death!

    9. XmetalmikeXx

      i am severely worried and think my 9 year old Male cat has COVID-19. He threw up yesterday morning and all day today and tonight he has been acting strange and never before. When i eat at kitchen table he usually loves going back and forth under the table my legs and all.. cat lovely stuff ya kno , and all the sudden all day today he would sit near the oven and stare at me , but look very sad ,, his pupils were dialted but he seemed sad. REASON 2 i just checked his respiratory by counting his breaths (when he went in then back out i counted that as 1] and then this for 15sec was only 4 beats. I just get that 4th one to finish right when 15sec timer goes off. Times 4 , we are looking at a 16 for his respiratory . Supposedly 20 to 80 is normal? So he has two of three symptoms WHAT do i do??? Please i am so scared for my buddy. . ALSO he has been sleeping on my bed more than usual and For LONGER than usual naps ... he has been sleeping on my bed for the last 5 hours now and hes still sleeping. He did not sleep ALL day and was not still or stuck in any spots all day -- in fact one time today around 4pm he got excited and played in living room and was running with his brother(my other cat, his twin brother , NO symptoms for his brother) no more other cats in house and it is my dad 61 age me 25 age.

    10. Ismael Reyes

      OMG.plz help Everyone Dear God. I know you can handle Anything that come are way. I Trust that u Real n working in are Lives. Plz continue your Good works in the world n erase this Evilness...In Jesus Name!!!!

    11. mary

      I have a sore throat... no fever, shortness of breath or fatigue thank God... hoping it doesn’t get worse.. I am a little scared tho it’s been sore for 4 days now.

    12. Vmped

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    13. Edward Bliss

      Each time I rip a long wet fart, I can sense Coronavirus for 30 seconds

    14. Chris Oakes

      Your Subconscious is always listening an hears Everything you say! Positive or negative which ever you focus more on you attract. Where attention goes Energy flows! I will not get Corona because my immune system protects me! I'm not worried, I'm happy because I focus on Knowing I stay Healthy! Think, Feel the good Feeling and physical action! The physical action is staying away from others an exercise walking ect and getting Sunshine ECT! Take these 3 steps think Feel act. Thought Feeling Action! If you believe in science only or the bible only or what the ancients believed that's good because they ALL Correspond an say the same thing in different words! Your Subconscious is always listening an hears Everything you say! Where attention goes Energy flows! Positive or negative whatever you focus the most attention on you attract! Heaven and hell are both here and if you look for negative you will see negative. If you look for positive you will see positive! Focus, Feel, Act! Is this a guarantee you won't get sick? No. Does this raise the odds greatly? Absolutely!!! Ps. Be kind an protect others! 💚

    15. james berwick

      many of the mild cases, go undetected, passed off as a bad cold. But if your one of the unlucky ones that gets a serious case, you will know about it. like breathing in talcom powder and critical case, you wont make it

      1. miko foin

        Could not find any supporting info of these claims in www.who.int

    16. غريب بلاد

      Corona is like putting his hands in a bucket filled with black robe And he entered his home He began to touch the things we all touched at home An hour after he sits at home, you will find that black in his hands smudges a lot of things with this rash So Corona When a person with this virus touches things in the daylight hours, it touches hundreds of things You can also touch it Without counting or feeling the size of the number If you count the things you touch in your day I would like to know that you are in danger without feeling its extent God bless you People are surprised where the infection comes from Take precautions But there is an infection This is my brothers No one can be careful about touching their nose, eyes and mouth, and sitting at home They wash their hands, but then what? After the victim touches a bag of bread, potato bags, baby food, cans, and other things that you use in your home Then I came to take it This is the problem, my friend Corona is only a fingerprint Everywhere The only solution, after sticking to the house, is that the person who brings things from the market to the home should wash the boxes and replace the bags with caution. This is after the father and mother use these precautions before using them at home and when they enter the house for the first time Children are not allowed to come to you before washing your hands, nose, and face, and replacing your clothes She tells me this a lot I tell you how to do it How do you want to take what I say take The important thing is that you work with her and do not throw her behind your back You have adults and children They are just a few things you do well and you will be fine, God willing, and alert all interest in the paper currency (A man came to the Prophet’s Mosque and left his camel without tying it up, and one of the companions told him: “So tie him.” He told him that I trust God and the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. He said to him and grant him peace. Here in Europe and in Denmark in particular, it was suggested that paper currency be canceled and the card used because the currency was the cause of transmission of the disease, God forbid I seek refuge in Allah from the word I when I go to the market and buy in paper currency. I put the coin in a small bag and wear gloves (gloves). And when I return home, I isolate the bag somewhere Second time purchase (and so on) Even the currency beware Other than that it is not prevention and quarantine Corona should handle it this way Corona fingerprint knows how to deal with it May Allah protect us and you and Muslims from leprosy, madness, leprosy, and etiquette Amen, Lord of the Worlds. Your brother in God of Nazareth

    17. Robert L

      Why dont they drain the lungs?

    18. Star Free

      Headache and feels like grums in my throat

    19. z a

      my wife has a dry cough and a bit of chest pain. she is the mother of 2, which is one is just 7 months old. please pray for my wife.

    20. UltimateFireCracker

      I have Astma I’m definitely going to die..

    21. Alberto Aloy

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    22. Open Mind

      CCP virus destroying many life around the world forget about Chinese people even they don't know reality।।। Hope world will soon recover

    23. Ein Typ

      Great Video! I've also released a few videos about the Coronavirus. I would appreciate it, if you would come by :)

    24. Steven School Alchemy

      The best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid being exposed? don't vaccines expose us to viruses?

    25. Steven School Alchemy

      Does oregano oil help against covid19?

    26. Welcome In The Jungle

      I stopped smoking.

    27. Iqra Mukhtar


    28. Laila Khan

      How scients already know about covid 19

    29. Comparison HD


    30. Precious Basung

      Thanks very much...

    31. eugene pulga

      So i have chills cough with phlegm and sometimes sneezing. Am I infected?

    32. Victor Balboa

      Could not find any supporting info of these claims in www.who.int

    33. Pad McGrath

      May we bet this filthy virus TOGETHER!!

    34. Taryn Dicksoff

      *Me:* Watches video and develops a slight cough and major anxiety I cant seem to shake. *Pornhub:* Exists *Me:* OoOooh! I know what to do!

    35. Yash Singh


    36. The Mexican Potato

      I had most of these symptoms the entire month of December and most of January. I thought I was never gonna get better. I had gotten the flu shot a few weeks prior to getting sick so I thought it was just a reaction from the flue shot. 😳

    37. burnoutjunkie42

      Health Workers should be paid more. That is all

    38. ForAll

      CAN YOU WATCH PLEASE? sesels.info/video/video/n4aMg625tKGhicw.html

    39. Pradeep R Nair

      For more about Covid-19 and Live Update : @t

    40. Pradeep R Nair

      For more about Covid-19 and Live Update : @t

    41. Pxthfinder


    42. Angie Castillo

      I really wish they could make a test to check if you already had it. Myself and some others I know had very bad flu like symptoms back in December. I remember I was in bed for 3 days, I would try to stand up and felt like I was going to faint. I had very bad fever and chills, I couldn't stop my body from shaking from the chills. I had a very bad cough were there were moments I couldn't grasp air and I remember being very scared of not being able to breath. I've never felt that sick in my entire life and actually though someone could really die from a flu but then i got tested for flu and came out negative. My doctor told me they were seeing many patients with flu like symptoms but when tested were negative. I don't know but I wonder if this virus was here earlier than what we really think

    43. malcolm caden

      Nothing China has to say can be trusted

    44. Gabe Itches

      I have a stuffy nose do I have corona?

      1. Mr. epic

        Go test yourself

    45. Faith Sparkle

      I have being having mild headache for 4days now, then production of sputum without cough and sore throat but now a little catarh,I am scared and i am pregnant about to put to bed😩😩😩

    46. Down Hill

      sucks if you're a healthcare worker.

    47. Candace

      if you want to fight the virus, you have to drink this :) eastwardhealth.com/products/immunity-shield-medicinal-tea

    48. Soinas Doyi

      Me: 2020 gonna be my year 2020:😂😂😂😂

    49. J Jilla 093

      I refuse to believe coughing and sneezing is the only way it spreads



      1. Soinas Doyi

        anxiety: (I also have acquired headaches, itchy throat, and coughing phlegms in the past two days.)

    51. MrGeorgewf

      They knew what they were doing when they developed this biological weapon.

      1. Sanguine korvus

        There a a scientist here in the comment section that explained why this is not man-made and even puts links to it. You should read it instead of saying bullshit while you have no idea what you're talking about.

    52. EABOY2600

      Coronavirus spreads from normal physical conversation and breathing people are shedding the virus with every breath. 🗣💨🤧😷🤢🤮🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ ?⚰? 🍺👑 *CORONA* 👑🍺

    53. Mortisha Styles

      What the shut down and stay home and all the oppression and ruining of my entire life I do not care if i get it or die from it.

    54. FartDonkey

      Just found out Ford and gm are building ventilators. If I get sick, please don't put me on a Ford ventilator

    55. Sam Hill

      This virus was infected on us like a chemical weapon. Doesn't anyone understand this?

    56. Usman Kichloo

      Watch this know Facts about Covid 19 They don’t want you to know sesels.info/video/video/aZilimm4l56kocw.html

    57. Tiffanyamend7

      Comment section: I had all the symptoms of a flu when there wasn't Covid-19 anywhere but China, I definitely had Covid-19 already. Me: *visibly confused*

    58. Pera P

      This was great, I have been researching "anti itch scabies" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Norahan Stopping Scabies Process - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

    59. Lè Roi Smit

      God save us ...all

    60. Spyderhead

      Please find better source than WHO-China. China owns WHO; China is a LIAR (not to mention that CHINA is the force behind the LAB that released this virus upon mankind). 😎

    61. HaroonMuhammad


    62. Mo Shak

      Damn you B I L L GATES !!!!

    63. Marc Bondura

      Stop calling it the WHO china joint mission that's racist. China doesnt own the WHO so are you admitting this pandemic started in china? But Trump is racist when he says that.

    64. Anthony Bayani

      Hi guys, please help me pray for the recovery of my uncle daniel. He is in icu and tested positive of covid19. He is now undergoing dialysis due to accute kidney failure. I am still hoping that he will survive this virus.

    65. DreadfulBoredom

      Me: All I know about Covid is that it's a respiratory virus with some mild diarrhea when it comes to the symptoms. Let's see if there's other indicators. *Watches video* Me in anxiety: (I also have acquired headaches, itchy throat, and coughing phlegms in the past two days.)

    66. Rexon Escobar

      Let's pray brothers and sisters. sesels.info/video/video/aqybZqe2v4quorI.html

    67. abbsnn cose

      manifest itself. Stay safe, cheers!

    68. Art M

      “Colloidal silver is a supreme anti-pathogen which has been very effective against many cancers in pets, particularly fatty tissue cancers. Colloidal silver helps prevent and treat parvo, restores lost energy and vitality and is effective against arthritis and other joint problems. Highest recommendation. For fighting active cancers, use from two tablespoons per day for small dogs up to two ounces per day for large dogs.” - Tony Isaacs, Natural Health Journalist, Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol for Dogs and Other Animals

      1. abbsnn cose

        the worst humans on earth are also shaking in their boots! LONG LIVE THE HUMAN RACE!!!!

    69. mr ghost lone

      I had direah 3 times in 1 days does it mean I got the virus 😭

    70. Itz Gishi

      I dont want my mother to die because she os the only one that takes care of me and my sisters so please pray for all people who are in the hospital having the virus. Please Virus stop spreading.

    71. Art M

      How do silver nanoparticles work as an antiviral? Silver nanoparticles interact with HIV-1 based on their size. According to a peer-reviewed article on www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, Silver particles were tested found to be able to bind with the virus and show an ordered spatial alignment. and have the capacity to be indeed virucidal depending on their size. In other words, to be effective virus-disablers, there needed to be sufficient small sized silver particles that would effectively create a “cap” that inhibited the virus from infectivity. Although a typical solution of colloidal silver contains nano particles as well as ionic silver, it was the nanoparticles that proved 12 times more useful in the inhibition of viruses, versus ionic forms, at concentrations were at about 0.44 to 0.91 mg/mL. Colloidal silver is so effective in being antiviral that its effects are still present 12 hours after cell infection with a HIV virus, which makes it a prime candidate for being a broad-spectrum antiviral agent not prone to pathogenic resistance. In a nutshell, colloidal silver particles, when generated at a low constant current will yield particles at such small sizes that they are perfect to attache themselves to viruses and disable their ability to replicate themselves with any host cell. This is truly nanotechnology working with medical science and it could save us from trying to outwit constantly evolving bacteria and viruses!

    72. Bruce Lee

      CCP Corona virus 🇨🇳

    73. Art M

      Dr. Marchial-Vega has had considerable clinical experience with a colloidal silver preparation that contains between 20 and 25 parts of silver per million parts of water. This preparation has proven effective in patients with HIV in quickly resolving pneumonias due to pneumocystis, streptococcal, staphylococcal, klebsiella and fungal infections. In the hospital, the therapy is administered by a special nebulizer as well as orally.” - Physicians Guide To Natural Health Products That Work by James Howenstine MD, pg 262

    74. Truth Speaks

      What this video shows is that the CDC is lying by omission. A mask is the best prevention, there is a negligible chance of being infected by touching something then touching your minute. When you breath you exhale moisture, talking increases the distance of which moisture exits your month. Sneezing can send a cloud of vapor over 27 feet. Also you may produce ultra fine particles that travel over 160 feet with the virus in it. Don’t believe me? Why are all the Asian countries wearing masks. 3M produces 10 million masks a week, just by themselves. Masks are being sold over seas or stockpiled.

    75. A T

      The info on moderate is not true. Many people have basically gotten a common cold who tested positive.

    76. Rod Belding

      What confuses me is how some people that have it say they only have mild symptoms similar to a cold, and meanwhile others just straight up die.

      1. I'mHISand HEisMine

        Rod Belding...Something to think about. It's so much more to it than what has been reported through the media outlets on the surface. The information overload can create confusion.

    77. HRPoodersmith

      Who else is experiencing ALL of the symptoms only while watching this video?

      1. Glory Bokwe


    78. SevDev

      I liked the vid. But It think the cleaning advices are to unspecific. I make sure to clean everything I touched after I've been shopping, incl. groceries, but also keys, doorknobs, partially my backpack, ...

    79. Talikare -Random vids

      I think I might need help. My lungs feel kinda watery