Watch Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck in 14 minutes



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    Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck tonight at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.
    Tesla Cybertruck: Inside the unveiling:
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    1. W00t! !

      This material in the Tesla car would be awesome.

    2. Cling Clang


    3. eagletrek3

      Time for a new night rider show with this truck

    4. eagletrek3

      How would it handle in the Snow as a plow truck?

    5. Dat Bitch


    6. MrTrollbaby

      elon musk the illusionist

    7. Gerald Njuguna

      Man that Is one ugly truck

    8. Kolby Tavarez

      Elon musk is so petty for this🤣😩

    9. Rider EshwarSharath


    10. silentinsanity09

      Cool truck, but I’ll stick to my Ford, love the sound of a naturally aspirated engine and exhaust!

    11. KYXER

      I'm disappointed that there's no room for external cargo. Especially on the ATV

    12. HoneyBadger

      If two cybertruks collide I wonder what’s left of the drivers

    13. Bobyd_


    14. RedEyeification

      Looks like a washing machine.

    15. dog times

      Wow guys this minecraft x tesla collaboration its so great

    16. Wojciech Dabrowski

      Roblox-Themed car. *itensifies roblox blocky cars* hehehehehehe

    17. Péter Zoltán Szobos

      This comment needs likes to be disliked when it becomes famous

    18. OSAMA أسامة

      at least the wheels are still round

    19. Niko Turunen

      no hyi vittu

    20. Mark Alfista

      Questa e una delle auto piu brutte che abbia mai questa e l'evoluzione non mi piace per niente

    21. Villz3gs

      Sledgehammer.. more like a rubber mallet

    22. VoLtZ ._.

      5:47 TAKE MY MONEY 😂

    23. Btsforever7 Btsforever7

      Imagine blasting los corridos in that 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. roouit patan

        elon must be ashame on that glass

    24. Sharath Prabhakar

      he roke glass on purpose.his smile says it all. he just saved marketing budget!!!

      1. roouit patan

        Someone copy Homer Simpson idea

    25. MoslyJones

      What a bellend

    26. Steve1963 D

      That looks like a mallet made of plastic, not a sledge hammer


      Superb Powerful Cybertruck ,i like to have one in Nepal...

    28. Steve1963 D

      Kind of small for a truck

    29. Doovlin D

      How does this guy not have his own channel on youtube?

    30. three six and nine

      Electric cars environmentally friendly...any one ever seen a tailings dam for a lithium mine.... lithium is the new asbestos

    31. Logan McIntyre

      It is not a good truck

      1. roouit patan

        Did he just repeat every word two or three times after the window broke 😭😭😭😭

    32. Carolina Ignorosa

      Quedo como estupida jajaja

      1. roouit patan

        That "Tug of war" was pretty much a huge f**k you to Ford and F150 drivers

    33. Hans Frieder Hoffmann

      I don't want to drive this car, sorry truck. It really ugly regardless the features and technical data ! You can keep it.

    34. Stefan Ostman

      Cringe from start to finish. lol

    35. Stefan Ostman

      This guy wants to be Tony Stark so bad I can smell it through my screen.

    36. Prince Wakanda

      I remember drawing it when I was a tesla oh I mean toddler 😂

    37. Mr william

      Someone copy Homer Simpson idea

      1. foopyu nooui


    38. sevin furly

      elon must be ashame on that glass

    39. chandrakanta pokharel

      stephen hawkins make video plz

      1. foopyu nooui


    40. Magomed Makaveli

      I’m definitely thankful for Elon Musk. The only one who will change the world