VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 16

Corridor Crew

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    Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to discuss the films Twister, They Shall not Grow Old, Interstellar, and The Polar Express.
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    1. Liam Harrington

      OMG it would be SO DOPE if you reacted to Epstein not killing himself

    2. Luke Spadzinski

      You should do Killer bean forever

    3. Thomas  Ketterling

      They should react to shaolin soccer !!

    4. railways green

      Ad Astra plz

    5. Caleb Sapp

      Please react to KUNG FURY sesels.info/video/video/lolqiZSyp6ihisg.html

    6. Venkat Sai Nath Reddy

      sesels.info/video/video/bGZ4hIm10KGSerI.html, sesels.info/video/video/fYlmoXi52aSAZaY.html, sesels.info/video/video/fYlmoXi52aSAZaY.html, make a video about developments of VFX, CGI and history about that

    7. VX Depthzz

      You guys NEED to react to the Disney film Dinosaur it’s on Disney +. The VFX is waaaay ahead of its time and it’s so nostalgic, you guys are epic have been watching y’all for years

    8. Siddharth Sharma


    9. Der_ Suschi

      Corridor Crew, could you tell me how they do the scene with the big bathroom Mirror in John Wick2 ? In the scene you see multiple reflections of John in the mirror from both sides of the room, but no camera filming it. From the angle i suppose, you should see it. Thanks and keep going your great work. :-)

    10. Ghosto KHV

      LEXX Serial!

    11. Dirty_D

      Examined the special effects of the movie 'Legend' (1985).

    12. Chris

      Stopped watching at 12:20 Other than that, thanks for the tip about the "They shall not grow old" film!

    13. Sugioshi

      Please review "HOTBARI - 36만 유튜버가 유튜브를 접는 방법" !!! They have the best muzzle flash VFX!

    14. Blackstar 76

      Hey Corridor, have you apologized yet for your involvement with the ad for the Blackwater game? You do know that company perpetrated war crimes against innocent civilians right? Three Arrows video on the subject is horrifying, seriously how could you work with those guys??! sesels.info/video/video/inlprHbHvGiddtQ.html

    15. Alex Jackson

      You guys should react to Shaolin Soccer

    16. Saud Only

      Hey guys.. im a big fan, can you check the VFX Of NF new music vido Paid my dues

    17. cinewill p

      Lightwave used in Twister?

    18. Shaun Loney

      I really want to see your reaction to the Irishman some people would not believe that visual effects were used in that movie but make up isn't that good was it deep fakes or did the original actors play the characters with anti ageing filters over the top? I don't think Bob Deniro can run like that anymore

    19. Mr. JJ YT

      React to goldenline's fnaf series

    20. alex robinson


    21. Luchezar Tsvetanov

      You should react ot this sesels.info/video/video/iWecgWu-y6KEk8Q.html

    22. shilovebug

      The Santa Clause 👌🏻

    23. Teshan Sahiru

      Hey have watched all of your vfx artist react episodes , Can you pls react to this one also : sesels.info/video/video/mYF4pHu11otvrZk.html , After seeing this trailer first thing came into my mind is you guys , This trailer is from Sri Lanka. We don't have a big film industry. But these guys have tried something different. Hope you consider my request, Thank you.

    24. ApXander

      Skyfall, Bond vs Patrice, I wanna know what you think of the lighting/muzzle flashes in the dark.

    25. James Rivett-Carnac

      David Lynch (1984) Dune: shield effects for knife fight, and Sandworms; anything with the sandworms

    26. Zoyer1

      Trollhunter 2011, Sometimes Trolls Explode scene when the troll is on the bridge. Pretty neat CGI.

    27. Aman Pillai

      Do a video on superhero suits.... Especially Iron Man suit ups!!!!!

    28. Matthias Holm

      One thing i'd really like to see you react to: sesels.info/video/video/ZYNimIW-m45-dsQ.html

    29. Random Button

      Do the Flash vs Bloodguldge

    30. Minh Dao

      React to: Enter Asahi - Asahi super dry, its a beer ad but its very pretty

    31. Ebolarnator

      12:20 - The best way I have ever seen anyone trying to sell heir stuff, EVER. I am in tears xD

    32. Mike Olsen

      Wrens reaction to “He’s got a lot of training” killed me 😂

    33. 3-2 Alpha

      react to the 2018 movie the quake or the 2015 the wave the movie

    34. SuperCrispyChris

      The lava in Volcano! It looks great moving slow but weak erupting. Discuss!

    35. Anthoken

      Six minutes in and already 3 double ads. I really want to support this channel by keeping ad block off but you guys are making that hard to do.

    36. Josh Solomon

      See if you guys can check out the cartoon carriage scene from Mary Poppins Returns. There’s some gnarly cartoon to practical interactions throughout the sequence.

    37. Alex Lopez

      haha how about yall react to this one sesels.info/video/video/h4inrZTRrn2qrZU.html

    38. Ryley Stilson

      Dear Corridor crew, I was wondering if would you consider reacting to some of the visual effects and parts of hardcore Harry. I know it’s not a super well known movie but, it’s unlike any I’ve ever seen. I hope you guys consider it and P.s once I have some more free time I am gonna see if I can make you guys a sword and send it to you But that’s a conversation for a different day. So thank you for making the content you guys do and I hope to meet you guys someday. -Ryley

    39. Admiral Zottel

      I love Clints Ape Escape T-shirt! And now I really want one. :D

    40. Madzie 2000

      Check out the CGI Lion vs the CGI/Live-Action Hyena in 'Life of Pi'