Vancouver Canucks Retire Daniel And Henrik Sedin's Jerseys | FULL Ceremony



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    The Vancouver Canucks retired Daniel and Henrik Sedin's jerseys in a heartfelt pre-game ceremony.
    1:50: Player, family, and executive introductions
    14:00 Henrik and Daniel Sedin introduction
    17:20 Kevin Bieksa speech
    27:28 Daniel and Henrik Sedin speech
    50:00 Jersey raising
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    Publicerades den 6 dagar sedan


    1. SpikeFlea

      2 girls, no Cup.

    2. Nig ger

      grew up watching these guys play gratz you both deserve this

    3. Nig ger

      22 33

    4. I_D_O_L \WARSHIP

      Bieksa speech was funny AF.

    5. Trev Mac

      The twin Sisters were nice gentle girl's

    6. PatientMental

      Apparently winning one scoring title gets you immortalized in Vancouver!

    7. Gabba Kennedy

      Anyone here bc of spittin chicklets? Lol

    8. Paul Nielsen

      I have been a Canuck fan my whole life. My first game was Linden's rookie year and I cannot say anything bad about the Sedin's. They fought hard to get better and they did get better every year of their career. They displayed great class and sportsmanship. Them leading the Canucks back onto the ice to say farewell to Ryan Smyth is one of my all time favourite sporting moments. There are and have been many players that are capable of making a defender or two look really bad but the Sedin's together had the ability to make all 6 guys on the ice look really bad. It was amazing watching them wear down defenders throughout the game and finally get a couple big shifts and a little Sedinery in the third simply because the other team was gassed or they get on with the third pair on the ice and pin them in their own end. Yes it is a shame that they didn't win a cup and to all of the haters out there that say us Vancouver fans are only celebrating the Sedins because they are the best we have ever had and that if we had a cup or two we wouldn't care about them. There are 29 other teams in the NHL that would have loved to have these guys throughout their career whether they had won cups or not. I guarantee you that if they had announced they were going to retire at the end of the season earlier than they did that there would have been a lot of farewell tributes across the league in many different buildings. Either organized by the opposing teams themselves or artificially created by the fans in the building. True hockey fans can appreciate their great skill, tenacity, and class and are willing to show respect to those that have earned it, and Daniel and Hank have more than earned it.

    9. misolou fout

      will never forget the cup run. Grats 22 and 33. Next stop on this surreal journey, the hall of fame speech. Respect.

    10. Penny Lane

      And no cups to show for it !

    11. Andreas Englund

      Who's that man crying at 43:29?

    12. bcvbb hyui

      23:54 Pettersson little smirk when he hears his name lol

      1. misolou fout

        have the same in 15-20 years👍👍. Hopefully i can watch his jersey retire in that stadium✌✌.

    13. Rick HatesMisleadia

      How many Stanley Cups did they win in Vancouver? Yeah their just great alright. Just tell me for what!? Vancouver hype from an organization that could t put together a Stanley Cup team if their lives depended on it. The Canuckleheads will never win a cup so might as well celebrate second best to the max! lol

    14. bocoy noiu

      I’m not a Vancouver fan but 1 of my favourite 2 players are Daniel and Henrik

    15. Da Squirrel

      Juice could be an on Letterkenny.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        identical, and it would be pure mayhem to defend not knowing which one was likely the passer and which was likely the finisher. Food for thought

    16. eioshen boboi

      bieksa is a great speaker

      1. bocoy noiu

        If Canucks ever win the big one Sportsnet will do a 10 hour video. Sedin sisters is all the Canucks have to brag about. Don't see an Stanley Cup banners?

    17. Nick Hadi

      Sometimes you can be a bad player & to win the cup just because of your teammate's achievements without done anything to deserve it individually in a short career without being remembered in people's memory...But instead, you can achieve greatness in long time not only on the ice but also as a human being to make your team stronger in characters, mentally & be a great example for the new generation as players to become LEGENDS by those values & fighting spirits that this 2 stars shown throw out their careers are more meaningful & inspiring as athletes than just a cup...Thank you Sedin´s for all hard work, discipline & giving us all such beautiful memories for all these years..I wish you both & your families all the best in life forever to come...

      1. bodoti qwiu

        2 amazing men

    18. Jin Eric

      The fact that their doing the ceremony against the blackhawks lmao

    19. bodoti qwiu

      If it wasn’t for rigged officiating these guys would be cup champs

      1. eioshen boboi

        What’s the fans chanting? No Gino?

    20. Metalguru81

      Overrated chumps.

    21. Rocky Racoon

      Fan, grabbar. Ni verkar ha uträttat storverk "over there" grattis!

    22. Jair Canada

      I brought in my own fried chicken to the hockey game . Checkout my video

      1. bodoti qwiu

        No Sami Salo? What was he injured?

    23. Corey Hill

      Wow! I am surprised that Senden's didn't have a happy tears

    24. Rata 4U

      They forgot their grade 3 teacher and nanny..... Laying it a bit thick no?

    25. andrewzy

      Did he really name his kid Vulture ?

    26. loch70

      So proud to be a swede. When they came with Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin, Nicklas Lidström, Henrik Zetterberg and some more to join the Swedish team in OL and WC you knew they were going to win. Love the Sedin brothers, of and on ice. Tack Daniel och Henrik.

    27. Fredrik Jaensson

      Awesome as a swede my self to see this👍. Thank you Vancouver for taking care of our Sedin brothers. They had never played so many years in NHL if they had played in different crews. And now they have no plans to move back to Sweden the next following 10 years. So Vancouver must be an awesome city👍👍. I also hope that Pettersson will have the same in 15-20 years👍👍. Hopefully i can watch his jersey retire in that stadium✌✌.

    28. FBI

      Why the hell did Loungo and Bieksa get booed? Lol

      1. FBI

        @Hyped MMA Ohhhhh ok lol

      2. Hyped MMA

        Luuuuuuu and Juuuuuuuice

    29. J F

      What were the fans chanting after the numbers were raised?

      1. J F

        @Hyped MMA Oh, yes, of course!! Thanks

      2. Hyped MMA

        Go Sedins Go

    30. Rick Mather

      Biggest mistake the Canucks made was naming one captain and one assistant captain... Reason being if they both had an "A" on the front of their jerseys they'd be virtually identical, and it would be pure mayhem to defend not knowing which one was likely the passer and which was likely the finisher. Food for thought

    31. The Happy Cappy

      If Canucks ever win the big one Sportsnet will do a 10 hour video. Sedin sisters is all the Canucks have to brag about. Don't see an Stanley Cup banners?

    32. Larry Goddard

      2 amazing men

    33. Preston Ruttan

      The sisters getting their banners raised lol To soft didn't play hockey the right way.

      1. tanvir gill

        Right...... 2100 points for the twins. Here are few other great players that never won the cup but played the game the right way Smyth, Iginla, Sittler, Doan, Oates and more.

    34. kd cain

      What’s the fans chanting? No Gino?

    35. MrPhilionaire

      Two girls, no cup lol

    36. yossarian1633

      Ugh Juice nailed it, as he usually does.

    37. yossarian1633

      No Sami Salo? What was he injured?

    38. David Borhi

      Jim Benning what a joke. Great ceremony for the Sedin's though.

    39. M14

      I’m not gonna lie I teared up a little. Gonna miss those guys

    40. Robin C

      Looks like Mike Gillis just returned from years of a meditation retreat in the mountains haha

    41. beertron7

      Never understood the criticism the Sedins took all those years. It was intriguing to watch these two work their magic on the ice. Great job by the Canucks with the ceremony.

    42. Snowux

      Why Luongo hate ???

      1. Ron Jon

        There was no hate. It was Luuuuuuuuuu not boooo.

    43. greywolf0167

      still no cup...all this means nothing,,one of worse franchises in nhl history

    44. Paul Yeung

      2 of the best Canucks

    45. Jay Why

      I wonder how many of the fans cheering them last night were the same ones calling them "sisters" and wanted them traded back in the early 2000's?

    46. smitty3 bud

      If the Canucks were to ever have an alumni game they would have a deadly roster.

    47. s smith

      Awesome!!! Way to go boys! Pleasure watching you both, thank you.

    48. Pepe The Frog

      Lol I love how everyone boos Bettman

    49. Zayne

      burrows 🥺

    50. Kelly Savalas

      Anybody else think Alex Burrows looks like a young Tom Cruise.


      Great to see the some of the old gang together as well as the old executives Surprised betman and Daly showed up

    52. MRJohnsen

      23:41 look how they adjust exactly the same

    53. Hookers n' Cocaine

      Someone needs to set fire to Rogers arena (without people present) so the Canucks would have no where to play and they’d be forced to relocate.

    54. Trolls Ter

      Even Trolls shed tears.

    55. Team Red Shirt

      It’s nice to hear “Louuuuu” in that building again.

      1. Metalguru81

        Redlight Roberto is a joke.

    56. Hookers n' Cocaine

      What an extremely underwhelming lot of names up in the rafters lmao. Mark Messier, the loser Canucks franchise best ever captain should be up there.

      1. Hookers n' Cocaine

        Ron Jon My name is a meme. Keep up with the times you dusty piece of crap.

      2. Ron Jon

        Your name says all anyone needs to know about you.

    57. Alexander Forssell

      The Sedins litterally move like one both on and of the ice

    58. Nathan Forsythe

      was really happy to see the Sedin’s mention Edler. Always felt that he was overlooked. Especially, since he was not the headline Swede on the team. Even today the way the Canucks play and their record this season with and without Edler shows his significance. So personally that moment was pretty cool to me. Seeing Hansen there was honestly amazing. Again, a very overlooked player who provided depth and at his peak, he would’ve excelled in the playoffs with that energy he played with every night. I do wish we got to see Bertuzzi as I guess in reality he pushed the Sedin era into action. But more so they knew how dominant he was and some ‘Canucks in Cars’ episode, Daniel says that Bertuzzi was the most dominant player he shared teams with.

    59. NostalgicTimess

      *The FitnessGram Pacer test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressivly gets harder as it continues..*


      This video does nothing to convey how loud the crowd actually was in the building.