Trying GENIUS DIY Food Hacks & "Funny" Tricks (123 Go)



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    Sometimes 123 Go goes ahead and makes a video that pops off real hard. I'm curious how genius these hacks actually are so I'm trying them myself.
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    I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
    I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

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    1. Gloom

      Oof lots of comments saying I copied here! Search 123 Go and look at their thumbnail, I def copied it haha. It's impossible to make a video like this in an hour. Sometimes queens think alike :P

      1. AKINA_LIM 24

        theodwra kefalidou Lol It’s kind of the opposite but I love both sides

      2. Natsumi Da Animator

        Idc if you copy

      3. Kids Kids

        This was made on my bday

      4. Daisy Lambden-Francis

        Lol ;)

    2. TV love

      Thank you for seporting azzy

    3. Inna Olofsson

      No 🙂🙂🙂😃😃😃

    4. Sophia Wright

      Hiiiiiiiiii Twinkle!!!!!!!!!

    5. luna light playZ

      Gloom i dont know how to use any chopstiks

    6. Natsumi Da Animator

      4:20 is it just me or they will notice she’s too young to be pregnant

    7. Taj Ahmed

      I have not suffered Oreo dipping

    8. Mohamed ElKady


    9. Sophia Holdren

      You are so hilarious!

    10. SavageMsRaya 444

      i hope you washed the scissors...

    11. Olivia Parkinson

      Lol she says that about cheetos while I'm just stuffing chips in my mouth

    12. Alejandro  Flores

      6:46 when someone hasn’t showered in a year

    13. Moonpie Creations


    14. Pjs and High heels

      When I forget a spoon for my yogurt I just lick it up like a dog😂😬

    15. Mariah Cervantes


    16. Natalie Hurst

      I have watched this video

    17. Amy Bigelow

      You should be pregnant for 24 hours

    18. Alisa Bilik

      I'm addicted to mini orieos

    19. John Muir

      I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. John Muir

      Your amazing kassie

    21. Brynn Renee

      your videos are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. Stephanie Durick

      Cassie:this makes no sense at least you'll look cool Cassie seconds later: singing thank you next in giberish

    23. Jessica Herrera

      The hacks are weird . Your not like the hacks.😁

    24. Aarya Haque

      Gloom is freaking funny 😂

    25. Tung Nhon

      I love yogurt a lot my .3.

    26. Maeve

      who else scrolls he comment while watching the video, then goes back and rewatches the part they were at cause they weren't paying attention?

    27. Ak47 _12

      To use half of the dressing you just put the packet half way in

    28. Sana Zia

      who is bettar gloom or azzy give me a loke if azyy give me comments gor gloom

    29. Olivias Vlogs

      Your movies are 20 dollars are movies are 7:50

    30. Rafael Duarte


    31. Little And friends


    32. Kamiya Bynum

      Like your voice

    33. ElaOfficial

      she's soooooo funny i wanna cry 😂

    34. Flame.k’s Fire life

      Gloom:I hate salad Me:I hate salad to and veggies bcs they gross as my mom forces me to eat them

    35. Calum Richards

      You are so cool

    36. Calum Richards

      I love you gloom

    37. Daniel

      Love how she gets really really happy when they work

    38. Cez Salandanan

      our cinemas in philipines manila alows bringing our own food

    39. Princess Aileen Murguia

      You are the most beautiful woman

    40. Amber Awesomeness

      I’m only gonna dislike cause I’ll be the 2, 100 dislike lol sorry

    41. Nele P

      I like =‘s now 🥗

    42. Nele P

      {\ /} (*~*) (>🍟

    43. Madelu Krause

      “I still use my teef”

    44. Janna Chan

      There is basically no point in all of these hacks, lol

    45. Invisible Gacha

      0:59 don't we all, don't we all

    46. Emma Wardle

      l hate salid

    47. Thao Huynh


    48. Danny A.

      I HATE SALAD 🥗 TO#year 2020

    49. Marissa Harrington

      Gloom do you want to do a video a together in New Hemisphere

    50. Lexie Viveiros

      Lol I am watching this for the fourth time and now I want oreo’s and milk 🥛

    51. Daniela Perejro

      *Have a nice day gloom, nice video*

    52. Delvalle Sisters


    53. Michelle Freed

      Gloom: have you ever struggled with dipping Oreo in the milk Me: NO Someone: I can’t put my Oriel in the milk Me: ok then ha ha

    54. rahel seyoum

      Am I the only one that noticed that someone was holding the bowl?

    55. NatureOf VeNgAnCe

      *kassie: triggered* *me: chill* *also me: go play The Chill Elevator on ROBLOX.*

    56. Tracy Collins


    57. J Rose

      I go to school and sometimes I forgot to pack a spoon and then this hat comes in very handy but I'm in school

    58. Macy Guo


    59. Isabella Youtube

      I wish I can be in your video

    60. KayDeath 1

      You have teeth you don’t need scissors Troom Troom.