Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work



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    Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work! Haven't done any diy lifehacks in a while... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Dumb People Caught STEALING Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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    1. Kathleen Mitchell

      No one: Not a single soul: Hotel? TrIvAgO

    2. Hoàng Trần Thụy Mỹ

      I mean lumpy

    3. Hoàng Trần Thụy Mỹ

      Lia : I know we al love juicy chicken but that a little too juicy Me : not for me ( later regret ) alright you are right but it so salty Ash : like me

    4. Alaina Burnham

      U are fun

    5. Alaina Burnham

      I love you

    6. Alaina Burnham


    7. Isa Howard

      You need a type of corn to make pop corn that corn won’t work 😂

      1. vliduu zeeb

        sticks the bowl into pants a couple minutes later looks down to get it out gone

    8. Olivia Lazo

      Me sssniper wolf what the hell

    9. Jessica Pacheco

      Girl :I'm pregnant Lia: THAT'S ilegal call the police!!!!!!

      1. vliduu zeeb

        The funny thing is that I have Celiac Disease and I have those wafers in my pantry rn Lmao

    10. Queens Random !

      I may have mood swings and cramps, but at least I don't have a baby in my pants, thank you and goodnight 😂

    11. Justice Thacker

      1:47 ur freind did this hack

    12. Τζανέλλης Γιάννης

      I just saw a little Levi in your room TwT

    13. Poiop Songs

      I’m a fan of you😍😍😍

    14. Paolo Fmt

      Mike's name is drawn by a child WHAAAAAAAT.

    15. Briar Rose

      *guys, have you not microwaved regular corn before? It’s not the same as popcorn kernels...*

    16. Snizel Dcunha

      Shez not doing the hacks properly!!!!! It's so frustrating

    17. Purridot Dorito

      In the uk, we allow snacks in the cinema. Heck, the cinemas in the uk even SELL snacks there.

    18. Jacob Alford

      I’m gluten free/gf to LOL

    19. boba girl*

      you need to boil the corn first😑

    20. Shadow Nightshade

      Sssniperwolf: I like my Oreos extra squishy Me: I like my Oreos extra gluten free. (I can’t have Oreos)

    21. Emily Zhang

      You’re supposed to wait there for a day To make it frees like a ice block

    22. * Thepersonsaidhi *

      The funny thing is that I have Celiac Disease and I have those wafers in my pantry rn Lmao

    23. * Thepersonsaidhi *

      *sticks the bowl into pants* *a couple minutes later* *looks down to get it out* *gone*

    24. Kelly ChanYan

      Mmmm, I love me some watermelon-flavored chicken.

    25. Renea Sheldon

      The oreo one is like 😖😖😖

    26. Jemma Reale

      I am gluten free to I have what u have but don’t know how to spell it

    27. slime 4 life


    28. Peri Etie

      "It looks like a marshmallow, but it tastes like an egg" Me: Welcome to 2020

      1. seeni gzty

        hahaha i like my oreos nice and squishy

    29. George Nickleson

      I’ve always wanted to try the pregnancy one

    30. Cheyenne McCullough

      Sniper: 10 second dips to make em soft me: what about the 50 seconds you have to wait after 10 seconds so its for sure squishy :3

    31. Sophia Lozano

      Idk if anyone does this besides me but, get a grape and put it on a plate with toothpicks in them into the freezer. Wait, then eat when they are frozen. Try it

    32. Ronnae Johnson

      I just realized that it went from 4am to 1am HOW??

    33. Alfrene Bartolome


    34. ales Marin

      The pregnant woman has kracks the off brand of Pringles

    35. Alexsis Dale

      0:23 I guess its the wrong corn😂😂😂

    36. Juliany Pena

      9:57 they get mcdonals salad 🥗 for lunch 🍴

    37. amy The cookie

      3:48 I see those knock off *Kracks*

    38. heaven is for me 104

      ME:ADD!!!!! Stop im tryin to watch ingenis life hacks!!!!

    39. Amanda Phommata


    40. Lucie Gentry

      The Shaking The Salad My Family Has Been Doing For Years

    41. FNAF friend

      Sniperwolf is pregnant with snacks

    42. The Goat

      hahaha i like my oreos nice and squishy

    43. BeastlyGamer

      5:10 jus looks like she got some big balls 😂

    44. armriley

      I tried the Oreo ice cream hack with pop tarts and iit worked out fine

    45. Garnaken87 oopeer

      Mommy’s making popcorn doesn’t matter cause you can’t have any

    46. Rachel Ngo

      I tried the popcorn thing it worked. XD with a paperbag.

    47. Elaina Alexander


    48. Sawyer’s Secrets

      Honey where is my Chanel bag (Microwave beeps) Oh shi-BANG (Hits head on door of microwave)

    49. Yoselyne Escoto

      Five minute hacks look delicious

    50. Emily Hicks

      Amagin you I want a boneless pizza then the person behind you was like hmmm I want a boneless person xD

    51. killermonkeygurl07


    52. Juan Espinosa

      only OGs will get the “there is no what if, i am pregnant, *and it is jesus* “

    53. Elite Vicky

      3:48 “Kracks” FROM 3 WERKS AGO (13 videos ago) 💀

    54. Allison King

      I love my Oreos nice and soft mean you are like

    55. Matt Huminski

      Me to

    56. Felicia Chamberlain

      make that's illegal merch

    57. DeShaun Mayers

      Sniperwolf:"that's how u cut things quick Me:"notices she speeds it up"

      1. seeni gzty

        Pell that graph

    58. ok boomer

      okay SEsels, i've watched it.

      1. seeni gzty


    59. Kae_linn ,

      Nobody: Movie theater:37 dollars for some nachos

    60. Ilyana McKenny

      Wait...DOGGYS!??! U HAS TWO OR MORE :O SO CUTE!!!