Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Overcooked 2 | S2E7

Critical Role

Critical Role

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    Realm Walker Laura Bailey returns to the Game Verse with Chosen One Travis Willingham to play a few rounds of Overcooked 2!
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    1. Thomas Bailey

      Candy corn tastes like solid death.

    2. Paul Devin

      Watching this while drunk... The most entertaining video ever.

    3. CircuitDash

      I absolutely love Travis' teakettle laugh when something really gets him going, and the fact just spending time with Laura and being silly with her makes him laugh like that so much shows how much they enjoy being around each other, even if they do have to work on their cooking organization skills :P

    4. Mason Fremlin

      You guys should play jump force which is an anime game which that will be cool you guys can play that game in the next episode or some episodes

    5. Kevin Bomberry

      8:27 that high 5 got me ded

    6. David K Larsen

      That was freaky, I burped and then immediately afterward Travis asked laura "Did you burp?" 16:23

    7. Kai Hikari

      46:44 is the exact moment where everything is just a downward spiral 😂😂😂

    8. Paul Ketcham

      "Who is this intruder? Oh its a bridge."

    9. Kiere Pringle

      What they got devoured?

      1. Kiere Pringle

        @Nitewulf Thank you so much for explaining I had... no idea😧

      2. Nitewulf

        @Kiere Pringle It was a joke, they are still married. Overcooked just tends to cause arguments between the people playing.

      3. Kiere Pringle

        I thought they were married

    10. Casey Pierson


    11. Sergio Ortiz

      Everytime Laura says "Travis Willingham what are you doing?!" She sounds like a side kick character to Travis lol

    12. Jon Hearn

      41:40 "maybe not butter"... quick on the draw Travis lol

    13. twolve156 the third

      Please play more games together. You're chemistry is a mood in itself

    14. Quinn Sinclair

      Is Minnesota Jones Liam or Sam? I can’t tell but I’m pretty sure it’s one of them.

    15. Nighthawk

      happily married couple playing the literal destroyer of marriages and friendships. cool!

    16. MilesTailsProwerfan9

      They are too adorable.

    17. Rylan DeHaai

      46:45 Travis starts to panic

    18. The Void Potato


    19. an indoor cat

      25:40 travis yelling at laura to put it in

    20. ziforyu


    21. Juliano Silva

      Freaking relationship goals, from yelling over veggies in a kitchen, to confusing candy corn with carrots, to calling your significant other a shit hammer. Love this group of people.

    22. Eternal Cyclone

      "This game is known for bringing people together in HARM---ony" accurate XD

    23. Danny Pinkers

      More Overcooked please! Easily my favourite Game Ranches! So freaking funny xD

    24. MarkEdwardRom

      Travis knows how to almost burn a kitchen...hilarious

    25. Nicolas Alex

      29:38 I think my heart just grew like one or two sizes.

    26. Joe Van Ginkel

      No surprise: Laura is better at this game than Travis is...and she still isn't that great at it. These guys are adorable. :D

    27. Devin Low

      This is like the Muppets on drugs. I love it.

    28. ringswraith

      Barely five minutes in and Laura's already yelling at Travis. Oh, this'll be great. :D

    29. Fredrik Åfeldt

      This game must be a resturant workers worst nightmare, litterarly. "And then I dreamt that the resturant was a giant air baloon, and the baloon crashed 'cause we weren't fast enough so the resturant was nothing but a ruin, AND I STILL NEEDED TO DO THE DISHES!!!"

    30. John Neal

      Travis and Laura are such goals

    31. Mr. Tawd

      i lost it at carrot...

    32. Mr. Tawd

      Laura... you are totally one of the dudes! accept it!

    33. rosebubss

      NO ONE'S TALKING ABOUT 8:53 BUT ITS SO GOOD HOW COULD U NOT Travis: A cheeto AND,,, carrot :) Laura: Oh a carrot?? A cheeto and a carrot? Travis: Aren't they called carrots?? Candy cor-- what are these? OH THEY'RE CORN *intense wheezing from both parties*

    34. Mr. Tawd

      game ranch should have guest stars more regularly but with brian there also, i would love to see joe manganiello game with these guys!

    35. Jeroz

      "I thought you've played this game!?"

    36. Tatty 17

      But it's november!

    37. Karl Sweeney

      This game does a good job of conveying the stress of kitchen work

    38. Brenna Booth

      "I'm the Greek hero 'Permadishes'" - I fucking love this, it's so clever

    39. Chris Calles

      "Who throws a knife in a kitchen"... Uh... *looks away*

    40. Simon Simonsen

      when furry spongebob drops a follow during the gameplay. aces

    41. Ceridwen Aeradwr

      My first time watching, a minute in and I'm very scared and confused

    42. Heather Warren

      I adore this episode. They are so cute together 😊😍

    43. Tigerging 66

      We get it your totally in love and are perfect stop shoving it my face...goddamnit I love you guys have more fucking babies

    44. gs4car9

      Never clicked on a video so fast

    45. Jess Kroll

      23:50 Relationship goals.

    46. Orion

      I really enjoyed watching these guys play. Made me smile.

    47. Nathan Eggshire

      I thought to myself " man Minnesota Jones has really quality voice acting" then remembered that like every person on this channel is a seasoned, experienced, talented voice actor and thats why I watch these videos just about every day

      1. verYCreepyDoll

        Who’s behind minnesota jones though? 🤔

    48. Isuru Egalahewa

      Overalls are Jean aprons

    49. Odins Sage

      Their marriage is goals

    50. Mediocre Yak

      This marriage is alot like the plates

    51. Creeker2001 Reviews and Montages

      Playing games with your wife. That must be awesome. Playing games with your husband is also awesome. These 2 are amazing! They are my favorite actors and people.

    52. Sionnach Meaney

      Well we haven't burnt anything Yet

    53. FireLover7004

      I can only hear Katie from Gears when ever Laura speaks now...

    54. muragaru553

      Yo, Jabidah, go grab Permadishus and get over here to help fix that there truss for Permarice, ya hear?

    55. Virginia Hildreth

      This is the absolute chaotic purity that I needed today ♥️

    56. Ruvi


    57. BIG BUNKO

      Minnesota Jones is fucking great

    58. Benjamin Halsted

      Episode timeline: Beginning: 3 stars is the only acceptable number Middle: 2! That's really good! We're doing great! End: Phew, we managed to get 1... we're doing really good!

    59. FireHeart

      Laura: I think we’re drifting apart. We need to come together The next episode: They are put on two separate rafts 😂 I need more of this!

    60. Jordan Ebert

      This was so delightfully hilarious