Top 10 Things You Missed in Joker

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    These are the top 10 things you missed in 2019's "Joker", directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix. If you didn’t catch these, we guess you just didn’t get the joke. For this list, we’re taking a look at subtle references and Easter eggs you might’ve missed in Todd Phillips’ “Joker.” And yes, there will most certainly be spoilers. From nods to "The Killing Joke", to the significance of Zorro, to blink-and-you'll-miss it cameos, to references to other Todd Phillips films, these are the things you missed that we're bringing you to speed on! What was your favorite "Joker" moment? Let us know in the comments below!
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    1. DeGolyer Films

      and #11 bonus is - my joker

    2. ㅤㅤ

      When did Mojo turn in to a nazi network? Sad. Won't be coming back.

    3. G. Moos

      We live in a society where media is constantly trying to compare things to Trump

    4. Rich P

      Guy who have money is trump and facist u won’t believe number 12 we will poopoo peepee ur mind epic

    5. AgilityPoP

      Trump has nothing to do with this movie. You obviously only put that in to bring real world politics into play. How ridiculous.

    6. Conundrum Of Esoterica

      That’s not Brian Tyree Henry 😂😂😂

    7. NBA Amazers

      the dude who played the joker in gotham is probably the best one in my opinion

    8. Brad Watson


    9. Ross Conroy

      Your voice is vile.

    10. Mikey paul

      The jabs at Trump in this video are fkn stupid!

    11. Andrew Herrera

      The biggest joke that this video missed : Murray plays the song "some people get their kicks stompin on a dream", but he stomps the flying fuck out of arthurs'

    12. Blacksmith8rock

      Liked the video til they brought up trump with a negative connotations or that reason I disliked the video and so did 3,000 other people

    13. Reggy2000

      There was a picture of the mother with a love note from Thomas Wayne! If that’s true then she was his lover!!!!

    14. Shadow

      Good video ruined by liberal toxicity, stop being so obsessed with trump please you snowflakes.

    15. 007kingifrit

      wow what a stupid stretch to compare wayne to trump

    16. Michael Nett

      Uh oh, politics

    17. The Duck Army

      Having not watched this movie yet, i can guarantee that i missed these 10 things

    18. 4r4bGh3tt0

      phonix dressed as joker recieving oscar

    19. confucius12012

      Mojo, you don't learn, do you? Stop with your political speech. You people are politically ignorant at best.

    20. vaisakh padmakumar

      The one important thing u missed is that this video is complete bullshit

    21. Santiago Blastre

      You missed the joke.

    22. Hunter Bruce

      Wayne = trump? Umm...okay?

    23. AGM 95

      Incredible movie

    24. RonnyDonny13

      I know this movie had mixed reviews but I absolutely loved it

    25. RlcZyro

      How tf was this movie a 15

    26. Sam Norris

      lol, Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. Someone needs to develop some meds for these obsessed lefty loonies.

    27. xLYNDOG

      I love watch mojo but this is trash

    28. The Elusive Man

      He’s winning an Oscar for this one.

    29. Override Oohhh


    30. Bobby and Madge

      The Trump thing was to get comments only (see? Like this). Liberals, man.

      1. Bobby and Madge

        SO true bro.

    31. Bobby and Madge

      I noticed one of the first scenes he is walking up hill. Then later he’s walking up stairs. Then more hill, more stairs, more hill, more stairs. Always up (hailing our parents’ path to school, lol). And struggles upward with awful posture. But then after stealing his mothers records...he runs downstairs. Then kills him mama, and DANCES down stairs: Chin up and arms out, proud! It seems his time of struggle and sadness...and then his searching and acceptance of his history and psychotic/antisocial self, giving way to their gravity, were thusly signaled. Amazing. I watched another vid pointing this out! Made me feel like a smarty pants.

      1. Bobby and Madge

        I was thinking the same thing! Woah.


      5:45 So We Gon Act Like The Joker Wasn't Stocking The Black Black Widow?

    33. P earl

      I never knew batman and joker are related

    34. Cas Van De Riet

      I wish they would react to criticism

    35. Lshaw Official

    36. 83rdox

      Oh look somehow they found a way to make it about Trump.i don't like him either(for actual reasons not because it's the trene or because all the slander). But why are you guys so obsessed with him? Nothing changed from him being president. What has he even really done to make you THAT mad? I don't even get that upset about real life instances of people wronging me. Most the claims of shit he did is just people making shit up. I don't like him, i didn't want him to be president (didn't want hillary or bernie either) but if you're gonna lie and make shit up, bypass rules because you don't like him and want him out. Then you're just as bad as him and are more of a facist

    37. Frank Lamenski

      way to get unneccesarily political. i wonder how many subs lost.

    38. FolksloveAK

      I love watchmojo, they never disappoint. I have a video about how marvel reacted to joker and it’s hilarious I promise please check it out and tell me what you think 😂🙏🏿

    39. Gagik Ginosyan

      i loved the joker movie!!! amazing!!

    40. ZekeDaStreakk

      Rebuplicans: Wow liberals are crybabies and get upset at every little thing haha pussies! Republicans: Bro wtf are you talking about, orange man loves us bro stop talking bad about mein fuhrer