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    After 11 years of preparation, Michael is ready to debut his action movie.
    We present to you THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT
    After secret agent Michael Scarn (played by Scott) is forced into retirement due to the death of his wife Catherine Zeta-Scarn, the President of the United States of America (played by Darryl Philbin) requests that he prevent Goldenface (played by Jim Halpert) from blowing up the NHL All-Star Game and killing several hostages. Scarn goes undercover and learns how to play hockey, killing another hockey player (played by Oscar Martinez) to make it into the game, but after confronting Goldenface, he is shot. He later recuperates but learns that the President was in on it all along. Depressed, he goes to a bar to drown his sorrows. The patrons of the bar sing a song called "The Scarn" which he danced to with his wife, which cheers Scarn up immensely. With his courage restored, Scarn is able to save the day and blow up Goldenface in the process.
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    1. AaronYTC

      When Pam kissed golden face...golden face wasn’t happy...Jim was happy

    2. TMC Productions

      quality is pretty bad though

    3. Eula Ssarmiento

      The "Get set. DIE!!!" always gets me 😂😂😂 I'm dying

    4. Keraph

      This is just full of inconsistencies, weird dialogues and bad characters. I get the feeling that the person who wrote this, isn't a professional writer at all.

    5. Mike's Daily Gaming

      "I'm a Man" .. Same Meredith, Same

    6. Jack Li

      this is, beyond what words can describe on god's planet earth

    7. Mahfujur Aorka

      He is pranking Dwight even in the movie

    8. Ivanna Chen 168

      Ok wait but the hockey part with the mopping was actually a really good scene tbh

    9. Riley

      I hate that you can tell it’s sped up a tiny bit because the audio is slightly higher pitched than it is in the show

    10. Tuli Iuli

      Me: *skating* Man: “how’d you get so good” Me: “I mop”

    11. Mr. Bub

      michael: *suffocates oscar oscar: *still blinking

    12. Happy Cat

      I like how Jim still trolls Dwight in this film

    13. Jonah Deshong

      I love how Michael made his movie pander to certain demographics as a joke, but it’s not that far off from how movies pander to people nowadays.

    14. Emma Kelly

      11:56 "Far and away the most expensive shot in the movie."

    15. Haven

      This ain’t very good

      1. Haven

        Pretty amateur

    16. Señor bone Man

      The actual actors probably made this them selves

    17. Kim

      That small smile from Jim at 16:00 tho

    18. Aravind R Narmaatt

      He is going to blow up the stadium...I can't allow that...I own the stadium and its my retirement plan...😂😂😂

    19. Sajan S.J

      Don't miss the post credit scene.

    20. Channel CY - Finance Challenge Videos

      *This better be nominated*

    21. TotalDramaCaiden

      One of my favorite movies now

    22. SomeWhat Awesome

      Michael literally bleeped himself by saying the word bleep at the end😂

    23. F Hou

      4:40 wait toby wat u doin

    24. DankyBoiMemesVille Oof

      *Casually walks out to do drugs*

    25. Oddity Animations

      19:00 Anyone else see Meredith in the background really giving the Scarn her all?

    26. BoboddyActing 3000

      “Hey GoldenFace, go puck yourself” The captions: Go fuck yourself

    27. Morgan 1900

      Whats the name of the intro credits song

    28. tgniveckiify

      i love how oscar was blinking and breathing when he was supposed to be dead

    29. Cryptolete

      4:39 - Glad to see Toby learned how to touch Pam's leg without being awkward

    30. Stevi Emmanouilidou

      I can't even describe how much I love this. The Office's bestest.

    31. Robbie Garnz

      Clean up on aisle five!! Best catch phrase ever!!!

    32. Wut?

      Love the way Jim smiles when he kills Dwight

    33. David Vandermolen

      Halftime in hockey? Hopefully this was purposely done

    34. David Vandermolen

      12:14 Jim playing a prank on Dwight even in this movie

    35. David Vandermolen

      8:18 I love how he blinks

    36. David Vandermolen

      5:49 he's filming during a figure skating practice

    37. David Vandermolen

      Is that Stanley I hear narrating this

      1. David Vandermolen

        @olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009 Dang it that's true

      2. olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009

        No, its michael scarn

    38. David Vandermolen

      1:01 where it turns out it's just some image off the internet and there's a picture of a realtor on it tho

    39. slumpz

      Watch the fan made trailer... it’s funny

    40. Dinosaur OwO

      I like how when he chocked Oscar he's legit still blinking when he's supposed to be dead -__- 😂😂

    41. Dinosaur OwO

      Is this exclusive footage? I think it is but not sure.

    42. DownShot

      Michael Scarn > James Bond

    43. HuffGLaDTem 77

      The best goddam thing ever to happen

    44. Lorelei Sullivan

      Why is no one talking about how when Michael an GoldenFace (Jim) brought guns to the tryouts for the national hockey league thing, Ryan and Oscar were just like, “Okay.”

    45. Candy Banks

      The Office + Team America

    46. Akshansh Vats

      Wasn’t this 27 min long

    47. Killer Meme

      Golden faces first tho

    48. tempsentemps

      "If I ever own a business I'm not even gonna care about money."

    49. DawsonHansenMovie

      I can’t be the only one that thinks this is a good movie

    50. Emilio Pena

      “Have you ever banged a entire bachelorette party” Karen filipelli for best supporting actor

    51. Teal Muchii Wolf

      *no billy, i haven’t done that dance since my wife died.*

    52. Senpai Sonic

      18:26 Just sit back and relax.

    53. David B Jacobs

      The literal usage of "Running On Ice" here is maybe the best soundtrack usage ever.

    54. David B Jacobs

      Oh wow, I somehow never noticed that Ed Harris is doing a Woody Harrelson impression. I guess I haven't seen this since finally watching Cheers.

    55. adam_humanbeing

      i am so annoyed that there wasnt any "S C O T T F I L M S"

    56. Bella Palla

      I’ve always been curious about the scene where Michael walks over to Holly and I hear Jim and Pam in the background talking about Jim’s golden face. I can’t put into words how satisfying it is to finally see that scene. It’s like an itch that I’ve had for 10 years.

    57. From the BLUE LAKE Productions-YouTube Channel

      The best movie known in existence

    58. PowerGlove79

      Poor scranton strangl.......I mean Toby

    59. Arman it is

      Did I just watch a 24 minute fake film

    60. bradhb73

      OMG. This full version is life-changing.