Thouxanban Fauni x Uno The Activist - Act Up (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett (@_colebennett_)
    Additional VFX by Glassface (@glassface)
    Produced by Jett Dean

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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade
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    1. Никита Камлюк

      Как всегда оххуенная работа коля и сникерсы тоже нихуёво зачитали🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    2. CHiLL-FEVER

      This is colder than winter in Alaska❄

    3. Jamal Yarborough

      Fauni second verse was too 🔥 🔥🔥

    4. Akselitoo

      This Guy Sound like trippe redd

    5. K Edwards


    6. veryvlonely

      duo legendary

    7. Anindustryplant

      This track and video are so underrated holy fuck

    8. prod ssveno

      This so underrated

    9. Michael N.

      Had 2 click this classic

    10. Kleuster51

      Almost 2m finally

    11. Shola Montoute

      This is a certified hood classic

    12. ApolloFrom Mars

      This editing is really unique, I look up to Cole

    13. Nredup 82

      2,5 years ago, but sounds like 2025, fucking classic, beat is so weird/special

    14. Google Account

      2020 bitch im here every year from now on half these views are mine

    15. FreshSteelo9

      Forever my favorite song from these two

    16. ItsStrive

      So y’all really forgot about this...

    17. Rodrigo

      Fauni Holding Uno Back so much... big L

      1. Luka


    18. Gabriel Svastha

      Uno second verse 😱🔥

    19. Nika Margiani

      kai simgeraa yochag saba ramagar ragaceebs usmen

    20. aron abraha

      Fauni feat. Carti = *~Music of Gods~*


      this whole video and song a spiritual experience lol

    22. Beyon


    23. BLVKMXVN

      What a year :(

    24. LD

      desert eagle no HOLSTER

    25. 666 eminis

      band taliban

    26. Dennis Reynolds

      On the 7th day God said let there be fauni and uno

    27. Yeah Arman

      Uno and Fauni are the equivalent to Thunder and Lightning bruh... easily the best duo ever for me

      1. Yeah Arman

        This shit will never get old

    28. Kappa

      Crazy how the realest and most geniune niggas in the game get no plays shit sad

    29. Ephraim Fathauer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> that woah is so majestic

    30. Oryen Meave

      sounds like gunna

      1. Luka

        Gunna sounds like Uno. Uno's influence is mad underrated

    31. lil kain

      Who still here in 2020?

    32. poojar102

      Soo how long Uno been sounding like Gunna? Or vice versa?

      1. 123 679

        poojar102 uno been sounding like this for a long time

    33. Chanel Stanton


    34. 2 switcher

      bro, this is what heaven feels like

    35. abdallah abdirahman

      [Intro: Thouxanbanfauni & UnoTheActivist] Pop it off boy, 2017, yeah Vroom, vroom, like 007 'em (Vroom, what?) Like 007, Vroom, vroom (Dig) Abercrombie... [Verse 1: Thouxanbanfauni] Abercrombie and yo bitch Desert Eagle wit' no holster Ain't nobody seein' us, baby, this whole fit Undercover (Yeah) Poke her face, no poker (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy) She top me off wit' a choker, and to top it off I ain't know her You gon' fuck the bitch and promote her I'ma fuck the bitch and just stroke her (Bah) I'm at Onyx like Al Roker (Bans) Niggas wanna get close, I'ma shoot the boy if he get closer (Buh-buh-buh) Shawty wanna get close but, told the ho don't get closer (Don't get closer) [Verse 2: UnoTheActivist] Huh, don't get close, that's what I said there (Brrt) That my gang, don't disrespect them (That my gang) That my boy so you know I'm gon' rep them Told lil' baby, "Feel on tip of my dick til' it's erected" Not gon' settle down to that pussy 'til I leave a mess, yeah I'm gon' aim right at your head, nigga, fuck a vest (Buh-buh-buh, dig) Ooh, watch the blood sprinkle down your fuckin' chest (You dig?) Got it out the mud, no we wasn't supposed to be right here (Dig) Lil' nigga better hold it down I'ma come in with a hundred round (Brrt) Kick down the door, blow it down (Bah) Me and Fauni smoke a hundred pounds (Bah) Was in Atlanta, in London now Baby, come check the swag Baby, I might just pull up, with a couple thou' (Racks) In a lil' Versace bag

    36. mendezboy tv

      Doesn anyone know where that wwwoooowww from the beginning is?

    37. syed Ali

      2020 uno the goat forever

    38. Bert Reed


    39. Elijha Jefferson

      Imagine if playboi carti had a feature on this tho🔥

    40. Elijha Jefferson

      This beat is insane as fuckk

    41. Dylan 214

      Fauni voice made this shit 10x better

    42. YourDad

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> straight 🔥🔥

    43. Miły Clash Royale

      2 years TODAy

    44. fuckery

      miss 2017 fauni n uno

    45. Nredup 82

      2 years and still no 10 mln views, fucking timeless classic.

    46. Jonny Neal

      Where’s this heat at on SoundCloud can’t find it 🤬

    47. Shemy Fly

      this go dummy

    48. 3past6


    49. fuckery

      unos two verses belong inna museum

    50. Damian Martinez

      When u realize gunna stole unos flow

      1. YAAASolid

        Sahbabi birth both of them

      2. hi tech

        Damian Martinez no one stole nun

    51. Female Doggy

      Came back just to give it some more views... sad this never blew up

      1. anemic


      2. N O S T A L G I A K I N G

        Its tragic tbh people dont know real art

    52. boon vito

      Uno lyrics plz

    53. Ansh Aryan

      if cole released a vid w uno and fauni today they would immediately blow the fuck up

    54. taliban

      i said this once and ima say it again, this shit shoulda blown up

    55. Azuxs

      Mad late but this fire

    56. imugly asfuck

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">00:28</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">00:34</a> heartbreaking💔💔💔

    57. Techz

      This disrespectful to the song that's its Less than 2 mil views

    58. AGTV


    59. Prod. Izak

      Tell me why gunna sound like this nigga uno 💀

      1. taliban

        uno paved the way

    60. kidprep


    61. John Groves

      it’s a damn shame this don’t have more views but it’s lame niggas with m’s on m’s lmao.

    62. Gabriel Richardson-Handy

      *W O W ~ !*

    63. Marius Jordana

      It’s taken a minute to marinate but this might be uno and faunis best collab

    64. lameboyzent

      Uno ate this

    65. Nredup 82

      2 years ago only!!!@ I feeling its was 10 years, damn. tap better duo rn!

    66. SuburbanJunkieツ

      “ she top me off w a choker nd 2 top it off ian kno her” felt that 🤣💯💕

    67. stfueli

      whole fit undercover

    68. Nredup 82

      can't wait to see Uno in Berlin on 30th August, )

      1. لمعان

        @Nredup 82 i have no idea man. if uno or fauni or bladee is anywhere near denmark, im definitely trying to pull up. ofc if school isnt in the way and shit

      2. Nredup 82

        @لمعان factss, I also was up to be there. but 1 thing I don't understanding, why YAAM Berlin never did event of Uno gig, ? weird shit, they're tried to put it on lowkey level or what,

      3. لمعان

        @Nredup 82 that sounds fucking amazing man. hope he hits copenhagen soon or sum. fauni was supposed to perform last year but i think he got arrested so he coundt come.

      4. Nredup 82

        @لمعان yoo . first bout his play/vibe, etc sikkkk af a lot old tracks but also new, and ofc classic "What" @@ , but crowd was kinda dead, but I started jumping with a few ppl and we did full floor up, give em power 💎💝, rare to see Uno in EU , he also was happy to be in EU or I see us actually, **

      5. لمعان

        @Nredup 82 how was it dude

    69. Nredup 82

      jezuz christ, this vibe here is too rare. so underrated duo af, ____@

    70. Steven Colaianni

      honestly have they ever made a song together that can top this one?

      1. Luka

        Nahh. Pay me is good, amazing kinda fire too but this one tops them all.

      2. لمعان

        yes definitely my dude

    71. Gabriel Griego

      lit since day one!

    72. daz

      fauni first verse go dumb hard, wish the song was just faunis first verse and unos second verse, shit woulda been hard

    73. Mediocre Cousins

      Only if this dropped around today it would get more attention

    74. Jůul Cat

      Choose the wrong song for Cole 🤦‍♂️

    75. joaquin rosebluff

      this sounds like super mario 64 when he battles bowser lol

      1. MoneyMakinMitch

        joaquin rosebluff Lmaoo

    76. notdfro

      cole bennetts most underated video

    77. kobe

      NEEDS MORE VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. I I

      FØREV3R A HIT *!++ 💞 +☦️+

    79. N O S T A L G I A K I N G

      Hello , Hi and Cheerio

    80. Prod.MiguelxK

      Tbh Fauni was better