This Plane Landed Sideways

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    1. Jessica Ryan

      Yo mad props to the pilot for being able to safely land

      1. Sick Samuel

        Right this is stuff we should hear about on news , not trans movements

      2. Max Payne

        @Nethertube yeah but pilot literally landed (wheels touched) sideways. Normally with crosswinds, right before the wheels touch the runway, the pilot quickly lines up the plane to land properly.

      3. Nethertube

        It just landed on a crosswind, nothing to special, except this landing was with strong crosswind

      4. Max Payne

        You'd think the landing gear would break

      5. Mini Drone

        They did something called a crab landing

    2. Ma. Cecilia Obligado

      0:15 When a pilot often walks sideways

    3. Matt H-B

      Is this leafy?

    4. Ryan P

      That is called a heavy crosswind landing

    5. nato

      Plane: *eurobeat intensifies*

    6. Tariq Aziz

      The well of death is in Pakistan as well

    7. JoshsFishery

      Its just crosswind...

    8. Aawaj Thapa

      1:06 they do it in a motorcycle too

    9. tashi kun

      Deja vu

    10. zach meyer

      ohh man i wish i could reach that level of chill

    11. zach meyer

      that bird looks so soft

    12. Angelina Albano

      Damn man, that airplane landing like that was freaking awesome.

    13. Fachruliyadi Lukman

      This guy sounds like leafy

    14. Ghani Naoval

      0:29 my Google assistant open too lol

    15. Masked Badass

      But how do they build up speed to even get up that high on the well of death? Maybe it's just the camera angle, but it looks like it's almost 90 degrees straight up from the ground.

    16. Lifeify

      2:19 if the fish are not kissing, then why did you put romantic music there?

    17. Lifeify

      1:00 we need to put a traffic signal there

    18. Lifeify

      I am really disappointed. I was rooting for the plane to land on its wings.

    19. Dungeon Master

      Anyone else appreciate the fact he isn’t one of those clickbait you tubers or you tubers who put the video you we’re looking for in the midst of the video?

    20. YES

      I showed my dad who working in this field about the airplane landing and he was very knowledgable. He called the landing position is called as crab landing due to crosswind.

    21. Mendedraccoon 15 Flores

      No one Not a single soul Airplane pilot: Tokyo drift

    22. Andrew Kua

      1:00 saw a liveleak clip of this, it really is death. People got smooshed

    23. Brillchen

      i t a l y

    24. Cinders

      The hey Google triggered my phone's voice assistant lmao

    25. Mr. Hidden Blades

      Teacher: DELETE IT NOW DDOD: I’m bout to destroy this woman’s whole career * 3.7 million people see it teacher:surprised pikachu face

    26. kenSMS 1209

      When the game is lagging hard in gta 5 online

    27. RiceProfit

      That’s a crosswind landing.

    28. Davide Ma

      I can't believe a lizard is getting more attention than me, that hurts

    29. ibrahim dagher

      Lizard is Loki vibing


      He played a lot of GTA ,i guess

    31. Dylan Maxwell

      2:16 those look like the rock spikes you find in subnautica near the ecological dead zone

    32. Ovuvwevwevwe Enyetuenwuewue Ugbemugbem Osas

      do you people realize the pilot just drifted the plane

    33. DatOneNoder

      When a tokyo drifter becomes a pilot

    34. Renaldo Cathright

      Planes do that all the time during cross wind landings.

    35. Apple Juice

      Deja vu

    36. Little Hyena

      0:26 Another Happy Landing

    37. SwitchLite

      I've been on a plane that had to land like that and it was a very strange sensation. Didn't know what was going on till it was over. I bet it happens more often than you would think.

    38. Sethtaros

      1:18 this is why mine doesn’t have a handle on it anymore.

      1. Sethtaros

        I’m a student btw.

    39. Ben

      1:38 *spoiler* They didn’t

    40. exotic WoLfEz

      That Google thing scared me my Google home nest turned on and made the same noise 😂

    41. Artist Stuff

      “Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to go sicko mode.”

    42. Wolfie Bun

      1:55 wait why didn't I know this earlier I'm Italian wth

    43. I Love Drawing

      0:59 before Isaac newton invented gravity.

    44. Caleb McFarland

      Then the suspension starts going up and down as it taxis in, ‘they see me rolling, they hatin,’ blaring from the cockpit.

    45. Ice age stone age

      I hope peoples fight each other like those fishes does. Because i could probably fight with beautiful girls almost every hour 😎

    46. Roanoke

      One of the few times where ive seen almost every video before ddoi get it.

    47. minecraft ultimate custom night

      Turning the fish gay noice

    48. Aisha Saleh

      That raccoon kinda thirsty doe

    49. troy bananenboy

      I got some serious initial D vibes

    50. Paradeux

      DELETE IT NOOOO...*lands on the internet with almost 4 mils*

    51. Julian Medina

      1:21 bruh that’s my physics teacher

    52. Nikolas Makarov

      1:56 anyone have subnautica flashbacks?

    53. This cat on drug is gonna cut your Mustache


    54. Egg With 1000 Subscribers

      0:43 lmao it looks like the scene in IT 2 where Pennywise looks at dean through the glass

    55. Muqree Pmmp

      2:01 this is giving me dragon ball z vibe from where Goku throws the spirit bomb

    56. Golden_Flower

      Mysterious pillars? Idk man seems kinda *bizzare* to me

    57. Jesus Da Lawd

      Teacher: Delete it now Daily dose of Internet: im about to end this teachers whole career

    58. andstig06


    59. Ken

      That Well-Of-Death thing was in my country (Philippines)instead of cars they used motorcycle's.

    60. 1MLszx

      Who like DDOI bcoz they shows their thumbnail at the starting.