This Is How Much Joaquin Phoenix Made From Joker


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    Crime pays... at least, it does if you happen to be the Clown Prince.
    A recent breakdown by Variety revealed what the stars of the year's biggest movies were paid for their roles. While Joaquin Phoenix's salary for Joker wasn't quite in line with your average lead in a comic book film, it was nothing to laugh at, either.
    Existing apart from the established continuity of the DC Movie Universe, Joker shocked the world by virtue of generating major awards buzz, making roughly all of the money, and being an excellent, complex film which is open to wildly varying interpretations by design. As comic book movies go, the flick was made on a modest budget; it cost $62.5 million dollars to produce, and studio Warner Brothers went with an understated advertising campaign, particularly as contrasted with your average Marvel Studios blockbuster.
    As a result, Joker became one of the most ridiculously profitable movies of all time, surpassing $1 billion at the worldwide box office and making Warners' brass look like a bunch of geniuses for greenlighting the film. One of the ways in which the flick's budget was kept in check, though, was by paying Phoenix a comparative fraction of what he might have made if he'd opted for a more typical entry into the comic book movie genre.
    For his role as failed comedian turned agent of malevolence in October's smash hit film, Phoenix earned $4.5 million certainly not a pittance, but not exactly Robert Downey, Jr. money, either. Speaking of Iron Man, there exists the distinct possibility that both he and Phoenix will be up for statues come awards time; it sure would be interesting to see how Academy voters think Downey's role in the biggest movie of all time stacks up against Phoenix's performance in writer/director Todd Phillips' humble little comic book movie.
    Believe it or not, when it comes to 2019 franchise films, Phoenix's salary for Joker is not only on the low end, according to Variety, it's kind of near the lowest. Only Jessica Chastain, who anchored September's It: Chapter Two as the adult Beverly Marsh, was paid less; she took home $2.5 million for appearing in the Stephen King sequel, and it's fair to say that this was to be expected considering that movie's huge ensemble cast.
    As for the high end, Variety notes that Downey will rake in a whopping $20 million for the forthcoming The Voyage of Doctor Doolittle, the same amount that he received up front for his role in Avengers: Endgame. Note the qualifier "up front"; when the dust settled on that film's record-shattering box office run, Downey's back end pay had put his total Endgame earnings at an eye-watering $75 million. By way of comparison, Downey's co-star Chris Evans only scored a $15 million payday for his final appearance as Captain America.
    Dwayne Johnson is also in the $20 million club, having earned that amount for his appearance in this summer's Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. His co-star Jason Statham was paid $13 million, while Idris Elba who portrayed the flick's villain Brixton took home $8 million.
    Also noteworthy is the fact that in 2020, the female stars of the most highly-anticipated comic book and franchise fare will be earning paychecks much more in line with those of their male counterparts than in years past. For example, after clocking a mere $300,000 to star in 2017's Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot will earn $10 million to reprise her role in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, an amount much closer to what is typically paid out to male stars of solo superhero films. Keep watching the video to see that this is how much Joaquin Phoenix made from Joker.

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    1. Looper

      How much do you think Joaquin Phoenix' performance is worth?

      1. Becky Becky

        I think Joaquin's performance was priceless, he is so special you cant put a price on his talent. He deserves unlimited pay for what he's done in his career

      2. jen a

        You can’t pay him enough. He is priceless. ❤️

      3. aljanat5

        I wrote Joker, not Mr Philips or Mr Silver. This sad clown is not laughing.

      4. ox riot

        About $2

      5. Moon Moon Sinha

        He should have got at 10 million+. 4.5 million is too low and that even when the movie made more than 1 billion and Phoenix was the only lead.

    2. Inderjit Singh Dhillon

      The George Clooney effect now applies to this guy, and I'm still not buying it.

    3. mrdzzz nuts

      Boring ass movie 😂😂😂

    4. Rajesh Maharaj

      $4million? and over a Billion at the Box Office.... Warner should multiply that by 8 as a Bonus to Phoenix

    5. Feel the beat


    6. MR. ICE

      His performance was priceless. I don’t think 4.5mil is bad at all. He deserved every penny. And more.

    7. Aiden Jo

      The kind of movie that makes you sit and reflect on your life in the cinema hall. Takes a moment before you get back to this cruel world. Priceless performance.

    8. Eli G

      Now I want a siquele just for his next 40 million

    9. Michael Henry Etherton

      He was class. I watched the irishman. .Al pacino deserves an Oscar 4 support actor. Rest of movie was bad.

    10. Andrew NoneYa

      That was a 100 million dollar roll...that humble man ain't greedy that's for sure. People talk about Hollywood in a bad way and absolutely most if not all are all pompous assholes but JP ain't like the rest thats for sure!

    11. Mr. AC

      he should have gotten 25 minimum .

    12. Jester

      Iconic moments of jokers Heath ledger: the hospital bombing scene Jack nickleson: dance with the devil line Juaquin phoenix: dancing in stairs scene Jared letos: *still searching*

    13. Shawn Li

      the man is already having a net worth of 35 million which is kind of more than anyone can spend. but the fame and opportunities to come can be far more valuable

    14. Ema

      This is the guy that played the emperor in Gladiator, now he pulls off flawlessly another character. I dind't even recognize him until after I watched to movie. Do you really think he needs a few extra millions? Do you think he never got paid after such a long career? His net worth is already over 30 million. It may not be much compared to other actors, but considering how many actors don't ever get the chance to play the roles he did I would say he got a decent amount. He could have probably asked for a percentage from the movie's earnings, but since they didn't know if it was going to be successful, taking a fixed sum was a safer choice.

    15. vm oi

      Shame on hollywood phoenix should be paid the most but I know he is a genius. Don't measure his incredible performance with money

    16. vm oi

      Marvel sucks. Stupid characters with bloated egos don't know anything about acting. Phoenix is moving art he is a genius. Star of the century no one can match his excellence

    17. PINOKIO

      This movie will open new doors for Joaquin and better paychecks. Its still a win for him. And he immortalized himself with this movie. True masterpiece. 10/10 acting skills.

    18. Ric Sanches

      Its not about the money Its about sending the message

    19. Fernando Mendoza

      So how much did he make

    20. Majeztyk

      Love RDJ, and I say he was really good, but the fact is Phoenix, is/was superior in his acting. If he dont win this will be clearly transparent that it's a conspiracy by Hollywood's douches not to give it to him for obvious/biased reasons.

    21. TheKingOfRuckus

      Joaquin should have negotiated for a cut of the backend. Even %2 would have been a pretty penny.

    22. Gajanan Nigade

      One question: How many are participating in protests with Iron Man mask or captain America costume? And that's what he has earned. He's not just a movie icon anymore. He has created a culture icon for decades if not centuries to come.

    23. Aleksandar Tosic

      This is how the greatest actors do. It's never about the money. It's about the art.

    24. Mark Smith

      I guarantee you, Warner Bros is PAYING Phoenix on the back-end, not part of his contract money. They either do that OR they can kiss their sweet little business ideas of a sequel goodbye. Phoenix is most definitely walking away with far more than $4.5M for his role in Joker.....

    25. Kings Gate

      The Joker movie sucked!!!

      1. dragging no

        What didn't you like about it? Not enough jokes and action for you?

    26. Q Vin

      So the most talented actor made significant less than a bunch of shitty ones. Hollywood never made sense so big surprise

    27. Chris jT

      Expect another $500 million from home video sales.

    28. Mr Happy

      "The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering" - Bruce Lee Joaquin Phoenix will live forever 💖

    29. Easton Dorman

      So how did Jim Carey get 20 mil for cable guy??

    30. Joel John

      If Joaquin doesn't win the Oscars,we riot in joker masks

    31. V Dan

      What a joker

    32. Chlens

      What kind of music was playing in the background?

    33. 9s0cal9

      Joaquin Phoenix deserves all of the awards

    34. Justin V

      Birds of Prey looks like it has the potential to be the worst movie of all time

    35. THE BEAT


    36. Thr3 Brothers

      He broke a movie Record, I think that's good enough for him. Respect for his craft is worth more than Money.

    37. Christian

      Why not compare his first franchise salary to other's first franchise salary? Pretty sure Downey made got a 500,000 salary for first iron Man.

    38. Hentai Samurai

      All these random people being holy and shit debating what type of person joaquin is and wether or not he likes money 😂😂 Please shut up.


      song name?

    40. TheEdgesphere

      “$4.5million dollars, considered one of the lowest.....” Meanwhile I’m crying looking at my monthly paycheck. 😭