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    A father has a tough time talking to his son about death.
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    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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    1. Acorn Pop

      Little did he know he pushed the button in the future

    2. make me sad!

      i chokedt when that guy asked, "dead mom?" lmao

    3. KingAsa

      I read the title wrong "This dad will leave forever"

    4. harper 1215

      The day I wake up with out my parents. Will be the day I don’t move for 2 days

    5. Cam Cam


    6. Angel Anna Prophecy Watcher

      Key and Peele are 2 evil Nephilim demons.

    7. Oyvind Dell

      Kanye and his kid be like:

    8. Monique Garrick


    9. Otum

      Why is it always an actual kid stunt double from the back???? What's the hidden meaning behind that

    10. Kenneth Insigne

      The shop owner was the "that's a penis" man from HIMYM

    11. Alex Coupe

      This be how I parent ya'll

    12. ryadh456

      I thought there is gonna be a twist somewhat like the dad is actually immortal or the son tries to kill the dad! But I guess the twist was there was not twist.

    13. Manouska Doorson

      When you lie and the lie becometh you

    14. AJ Lee

      This is how I imagine pathological liars think😂

    15. Laura Padron

      Baby key is so cute

    16. Happy Sea

      But is it against the law?

    17. Spider Panda

      At first I thought it was gonna be that he actually lived forever caused the child thought he would.

    18. SuperSaiyanBlack Rose

      And that's on being a good dad

    19. bilinas mini

      This is the aftermath of him making promises to his dying wife

    20. LuSiD

      My dad told me once that he would love me still and be just like my mom and dad. And then he never spoke of my mother again.

    21. cyberfreak4984

      I thought he was the slapping kid from another skit. 😂😂😂

    22. ErykaSoleil

      Oh, dear. He really dug himself deep on that one, didn't he?

      1. bilinas mini

        This is funny and touching at the same time.

    23. Brilliant Smoke


    24. Shebi uwu

      It's kind of strange that in the next video he get's hit by a car

    25. Gulgul

      aww this is sort of sad

    26. kcmark3

      "I never told you bout this?"

    27. Zen Dissonance

      trying to explain Christianity to my kid...

    28. artoniq

      i was expecting to see the wife coming back from shopping after 30 minutes of absence from home

    29. JadaBull Customs

      Badass eddy Van Halen guitar in the background of the pawn shop

    30. Mr. Sir

      This very moment will lead up to a weird parent teacher conference

    31. Jules Woodbury

      Best dad 10/10 tell your child he's immortal so he'll live life without consequences

    32. Cipher-Tu Productions

      truth drop = "that's science so...that's true"

    33. Durick laod

      "Dead mom?" "Mhmm" "Mhmm"

    34. alida flus

      My son's mom died and now I'm an immortal. Consequences.

    35. Enəɡˈmætɪk

      Hidden truth drops. Gratitude 🦸🏽‍♂️

    36. Paris West

      DeATH! dEATH! DEATH!!! lol

    37. Your Mom

      This is funny and touching at the same time.

    38. Dead Purple

      Some people dig a hole, this fool created an intricate cave system.

      1. alida flus


    39. Click The Creeper

      My father too is a member of the Live Forever Club

    40. Mo G

      Pawn shop man came in clutch

    41. Cj

      Pure brainless wont crash

    42. Allsportstees


    43. GoldenPimp

      Shit I had this conversation with my son. lol

    44. Xavier Darko

      “yougonbeimmortal, yougonbeimmortal!” 😭

    45. 0rbital

      This is bizarre because my Dad is actually an alien and we’re fuck! 😞

    46. Ursulary Bell

      What if in the next day he gets hit by a truc

    47. yusufpintar

      death, death, DEATH!!!

    48. KaosuAiden

      Sent me down in a "capsyule" lol

    49. Toasted bread

      This has IM JUST DIFFERENT written all over it

    50. Ezra Chino

      Lets just hope the kid doesn't try to see if he can fly now

      1. mikea hiooi

        Loool imma ask a guitar store for a remnants of a spaceship now lol

    51. Syafran Muflih

      Im sorry, but i don't get the "dead mom" joke. Is the shop keeper mention the cause of him asking for crashed plane or is he gonna get him a dead mom? Both are hilarious though.

      1. mikea hiooi

        I was excepting a plot twist where the dad was really a cartoon character or a muppet

    52. Aedan Tapia

      I thought the title was This Dad Will "Leave" forever and I was like ok Too relatable

    53. ThizzTroy Thizz

      I'm a amateur body language specialist. I watched this video 16 times. I'm almost certain that this guy is lying to his son.

    54. Vir ABC

      Consequences !!!!!!

    55. MezmerTV

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> I thought he was saying “ Death death Beth” LIKE IF YOU HEAR IT!!!

    56. Alex Perez

      How Scientology was made lol

    57. Henry Campos

      DO A PART TWO ABOUT THIS IT IS HELLA FUNNY like please do a part two.

    58. JD Oreo

      Go head Carvel! *Carvel grown up and has a son and hair leaving the gang behind*

    59. bLackstar

      Looks like my dad .. he never came back from getting cigarettes.... He doesn't even smoke :/

      1. yroohj gouy

        he cant die. its consequence .

    60. Rogue Standards

      You know if you're a dad you've told your kids something like this before. Dont Lie, we all have.

      1. yroohj gouy

        Wow, that punchline...

    61. Methmal dhananjaya

      So this is sequel to Her wife died scene.

    62. KTHREE31



      That's one big ass house for that shirt haha

    64. fujilor107

      Like how the cashier was like, "dead mom?"

    65. Liz Bandicoot

      I was excepting a plot twist where the dad was really a cartoon character or a muppet

    66. David Lopez

      Loool imma ask a guitar store for a remnants of a spaceship now lol

    67. Dank Vapes

      why.... why does this bring up my deepest of memories

    68. Demyn

      "Mommy is endless" I got that same vibe.

    69. alisuo toko

      is immortal.

    70. Yvon Kingys

      Old homie asked dead mom???!😂😂😂

    71. nvd2ceb4

      Saved this to my watch later a some time last week. I just lost my father last Saturday so now this is hard to watch.

    72. Ryan hollar

      Ether way it’s a win for the kid, dad spending time with him soooo 🤷‍♂️

      1. alisuo toko

        Ffs 😂

    73. Estrella Esma

      Petition to remake White Chicks but with Key and Peele

    74. Ssatkan

      Wow, that punchline...

    75. Philadelfia Timothy

      he cant die. its consequence .

    76. Vivek Buddhbhatti

      So sad that his dying mother didn't speak anything about him while on death bed and only talked about her daughter and cat!

    77. Vivek Buddhbhatti

      I thought the kid would ask to father - why he didn't made immortality machine for mother.

    78. Hbk rxndy

      Am i tripping? Swore i seen this before

    79. Abdulla Smith

      Come win a 💰

    80. P