These quizzes actually drove us insane...



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    These quizzes actually drove us insane...

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    1. Dank Duck

      Carson is the type of guy to cry during Toy Story

    2. Mikel Lammertink

      Missed u

    3. Max Purvis

      8:30 what you came for

    4. Roland Braun

      he clicked alien nuts in NNN. SHAME

    5. jolene koh

      it’s 12 dec and i think this is the most i’ve laugh this month 💀

    6. Leviibooiii

      I tweeted out the new chicken salad meme for you Carson @Levib04 go make it viral

    7. veee yuniar

      This made me subscribe

    8. Black Rose Studios


    9. Nikolas McKinney

      The discord link doesn’t work😔

    10. Seth Brengle

      Date katerino or everyone WILL hate you

    11. Lance Dawe

      Hey Carson! Just came from your stream where you discussed fan culture and the things you and your friends were seeing that you felt like you needed to address. I wanted you to know I think you worded things well. You didn’t say anything that would offend anybody who could understand where you are coming from. If someone doesn’t understand, then I guess they can be offended all they want, it’s your life and you said what you said the best you could. I also wanted to tell you I hope serious fans don’t bother you really bad. As you grow in popularity, as you surely will, people who obsess over you will come in droves. We are all pretty much kids. You can’t expect a healthy mental attitude towards you guys from everybody. People are going to obsess. People are going to look for attention. People, unfortunately, are going to write fan fiction. It’s probably going to get weird. I really want to encourage you to continue to be sensitive towards these kinds of issues but at the same time please don’t let it bother you too much. Just saying that out of concern. You seemed a little stressed on stream. I hope you and everybody at SMPLive continue to grow in success. I enjoy the content you guys put out, and like Schlatt said, you guys make my day a little better. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    12. Waluigi Brothers

      What’s the deal with airline food

    13. Joonie's Yooniverse

      ok but they got good taste, stream epiphany and reflection by jin and rm

    14. Abuzz singer83

      *literal fucking anarchy* todays sponsor is honey

    15. ThePancakeRenegade

      You are a Salad

    16. Crunchy Jello

      *Its cumin”

    17. APaleofWater

      Wait, Don't frogs breathe through their skin? So why would a frog want to wear raincoat? they're practically choking themselves?

    18. Cyrus Boak

      I just had a fucking stroke

    19. Xyntaxion X.

      i think carson only uploads when hes sponsored or bored of life

    20. Signe White

      So I took the neverending food quiz and it ends after round 100. It was very disappointing

    21. ryamu chamu

      I like how Carson is just about to break out into laughter the entire honey ad.

    22. Gamer Boy28

      10:19 when the fucking deer pops out of the toilet

    23. Eldermaxson 420

      i laughed threw the whole video 😂😂😂

    24. McKinely Fine

      The Big Time Rush had me, WOKE! 😤

    25. Four0for

      C O A L W H E A T C O A L W H E A T C O A L W H E A T C O A L W H E A T

    26. Brandon Conner

      Friend: What are you laughing at? Me: Nothing... My brain: *The Sausage Sammy*

    27. PastelTarts

      Lets all start tagging Travis in salad pictures

    28. Puggsy

      12:40 Did he get possessed mid-shit or something?

    29. Tomás 3424

      _I feel so geek by knowing the "Thomas Paine" one because of Hamilton_

    30. rassberry jam

      8:30 the funnys start

    31. Sreander

      Me while watching this vid : uh oh ooohhh oooohhhhh

    32. Bobo 51

      "what are nouns" Under the question is says first grade English

    33. Hayyew

      Travis is a big brain

    34. Halo Rave

      whats the deal with airline food

    35. Mr. Whale

      8:17 grating... get it... cause cheese?

    36. Josh Malone

      Why am I watching this dying on the toilet?

    37. extra crisp

      əʞıl əq suɐılɐɹʇsnɐ

    38. LiL SuS

      Upload more. Yur videos are awesome.

    39. complicatedheroin

      Alien Nuts 💖

    40. Goblin

      Pure laughter