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    1. The Try Guys

      Shop our new tie-dye tees and hoodies NOW: hoodie: tee:

      1. •Izzy x Denmark•

        I’m broke so I can’t get one 😞

      2. Lailasophia Whieldon

        Woohoo 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕. Lol love it

      3. Lailasophia Whieldon

        When you said China lantern I said arrrrgggghhhh

      4. Uzma M

        Restock please I love the tie-dye colors together!! It’s so easy on the eyes and it feels nostalgic

      5. Hanna Gonzalez

        Keith’s oven mitts are a yes!!!

    2. Karusu .smiley

      Eugene looks adorable in an oversized hoody

    3. Kaitlynn Kelley

      I think the couch would look better if the orginal color was white

    4. Kaitlynn Kelley

      What Eugene does drag? Greatest realization

    5. Sasha-Lee Webster

      The anti-climax when they saw the couch was too much, I'm dead loolll

    6. Kiwi Hates People

      What kind of drugs was Keith on in this video and where can I get some? I need this enthusiasm.

    7. xxCalico_Cookiez56xx

      Keith with his oven mitts is everything

    8. Shivika Goel

      It's like Summer camp for you guys all year round.

    9. Geovanna Marcelo

      Can we just talk about that fucking corset?

    10. Mariah Lasley

      That corset is gorgeous

    11. Mariah Lasley

      I dye my egg whites for Easter by soaking them in watery food coloring.

    12. Inès

      the corset looks amazing

    13. ainsley ray

      hahaha watching this during quarantine 2020 just hits different.

    14. MaKayla Bennett

      Ty - Tye - Rye Rye - Shy

    15. Nomi Sherwood

      No one: Keith: 🖕0o0🖕

    16. Dorothea Hilbink

      Found this the day I decided to wear a tie dye..😇

    17. Alex Schneider

      The sexy dance with the oven mitts french kiss

    18. Multi grain bread

      What if you tie dye something already tie dyed

    19. Elephant Warrior

      Nobody: Literally No one: Not even Shy Guy the Tie Dye Guy: Zach: It's time to die!

    20. Victoria Adamek

      it's time to dye is my new fav quote

    21. Ava Lee

      for the couch you shuold of bleached it

    22. Mia Mia

      Rewatching this and I'm out here wondering about who got the bucket hat lol

    23. The Outsider

      Who are the lucky bastards that got Eugene’s dress and Zach’s jacket?

    24. Leigha Gatner

      it literally seems like the try guys come up with concepts with their producers and then they just basically use the shit they have lying around the office. for example: the couch. not saying it's a bad thing I fkn love them lmao

    25. Abbi Arefeayne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> 😂 I literally can't breathe

    26. Alena Gargus

      simplynailogical and the tey guys should definitely do a video

    27. Smashy Boy

      I was thinking about all their colors in this video and I just realised.... Jamie needs to be the yellow try guy!!!!

    28. Emsshz***

      Eugene sounded he wants to make a science experiment with Wes😂

    29. Emilee Mash

      i am living for eugenes corset

    30. Sofia Benoit Delan Dimitrova


    31. UwU Komix

      Will it tye die? Will it water marble? Will it.

    32. heyitsclaire


    33. Liyaa llama


    34. shiromalaya

      Sam is so cuuute

    35. Mom's Spaghetti • 69 years ago

      We made this in art class back then at 5th grade

    36. rosette

      no one: keith: 🖕👁👄👁🖕WOO

    37. Kayann Ainsworth

      Every time Keith gets excited “🖕whooo 🖕” 😂😂😂

    38. Joanne Sherluck

      eugene's disappointed face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="841">14:01</a> sends

    39. Satan Sama

      Sam in the beginning sounded so sick of everyone

    40. Ashley Gibson

      I liked the video until the wasted food. Disappointing when people are legit starving in other counties.

    41. delor b

      Sam's eyes are killer. Bet he'd look fantastic in drag.

    42. Diane Fontaine

      Never anything like this new merch you are wearing, don't even know what sizes you carry, and no cases for other phones.

    43. Lil Thicc

      The instructor looks so dead inside!🤣

    44. Eyzo Bowl

      Try guy tie dye idk

    45. It's free real estate

      Idk why <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="763">12:43</a>made me laugh so much 😂

    46. Snow White

      Eugene look fucking amazing like wtf, he pulls of that entire outfit so fricken good

    47. Maddison DuVall

      eugeane should of been the dye guy because thats him

    48. Avi Murphy

      no one: no one ever: Zach: bLaSiC

    49. viperart 12

      The will it tie dye? thing gave me GMM vibes.

    50. Eleanor Polete

      anyone else remeber the old intro?

    51. Amanda Richardson

      I’m so glad the try guys did not end with buzzfeed

    52. Emily Vlogs

      Zacks full outfit actually looked really good

    53. Ana R

      I love when Keith snaps lol its the best I laugh so hard

    54. Myka Daugherty

      And Eugene’s corset was stunning

    55. Myka Daugherty

      Also can we talk about how much Zach was KILLING IT in that montage

    56. Myka Daugherty

      I watched this high and it made my day

    57. Punn Srinon

      Who else’s watch Simply nailogical cause this reminds me of will it water marble

    58. ROKiT Demo13

      If my grandma saw it she would be like : DONT PLAY WITH FOOD

    59. Smilte Siurkute

      Zach: Its time to dye/die! Me: tf u sayin'??????

    60. Anja Jakab

      "What did you do on the weekend?" "Oh, no much, just tye-died a few chicken breasts." "..."

    61. Mulanga Mutshekwane

      😂😂😂i like how kieth does his thing Woooow !!

    62. Kylie M. 27

      I hope they deliver in Philippines soon I really love your merch 🥺

    63. Brittany Miller

      I think the couch is dope

    64. Brittany Miller

      I love the corset and how it turned out

    65. Ujjwal Sharma

      Well, I would say , these dye clothes look like the coloured clothes in Holi.

    66. Somatarr

      Ned’s favorite food is bread because it rhymes with Ned

    67. Jerry Mae Perez

      are these merch still available? do they ship worldwide? coz DAMN i want that Eugene's hoodie SO MUCH. i will pay 10,000 just for that. btw, i'm from the Philippines and yes i mean 10,000 philippine peso (i think that's about 180USD).

    68. Kortni Baker

      Omg I got the bucket hat lol

    69. Betsy Coburn

      I’ll take that couch! That’s sick!!!! Just bought a house so..... *hint* *hint*

    70. Karolin Thuesing

      I really like the jacket from Zach

    71. Jerico Redulla

      You giys sounded like rhett and link with the "will it" hahaha

    72. K V

      This aged well

    73. Toniann Vincent

      Eugene:so tie die is pretty much baking your clothes.🤦🏼‍♀️

    74. Zedabyte

      Zachs shirt looks the coolest

    75. Morbid Lace

      re-watching and just was admiring how flawless sam's skin is?? and how lovely his jawline is?? you go sam

    76. Cherry Lane

      All a that tie dye outfits at the end looks like ur going to a tie dye festival 😌🤘🤘☮ peace ☮ and ❤️ love ❤️ and yeah ✌ ✌ baby I'll have that tie dye 🛋 couch how much do u want for it!!! Xxlol😃😃😃🤔🤔

    77. Cherry Lane

      I love the tie dye merch guys Eugenes hoody sweater top he's wearing is the swirly pattern I'll go for and wear. Xx🤗🤘🤘xxlove the colors tho. Xx😁🤓

    78. Cassandra Messe

      Keith is such a mood. Love him HAHAHA

    79. remy mortis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="740">12:20</a> is a dangerously close resemblance to the casting couch

    80. Lettuce Daydreams

      Nobody: Keith: WOOOOOO **flips off camera**