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The Try Guys

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    TGGT is back and this time we're playing SEsels Pictionary! How do you think we did?
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    1. curry

      wait is Zach in the tour photo Junko posing omfg

    2. Gaia per caso

      At first I thought it was TRY GUYS GAY TIME lmao

    3. Giovanna Fransesca

      Am I the only one that notice they edited kurzgesagt in the conversation box when Ned was talking gibberish 🤣 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1045">17:25</a>

    4. Han Lee

      my favorite fake channels/titles include Funny Gourd Hacks for Your Friends Elders React to Hot Teenagers Kimono Cake Prank

    5. Mellamomoony

      They watch unhhhhh....I FEEL ALIVE

    6. döbi

      Zach and cristine should have a collab about holo

    7. Vick Smith

      I knew I would stan them forever when they mentioned katya and trixie

    8. Faygo_ cupcake

      Come on Keith cristin dosent make nail art videos anymore

    9. Harry Potter Lover

      Eugene is actually a significantly good drawer!

    10. Jerry Mae Perez

      i love they included Kurzgesagt to thier selection. i love their channel and animations so much!

    11. 梁Melanie

      You’ve got Shane Dawson making his “documentaries”

    12. Cleo Maier

      i love how they pronounce "kurzgesgt"

    13. Brilee Knight

      like ned should have won... it's fine though don't mind me not crying ;-;

      1. Brilee Knight

        also who's watching old try guys vids

    14. Amit Jalan

      I thought Keith's black socks were black boots.

    15. Bronwen Alvah

      That intro reminded me that Eugene is from Texas.

    16. Jeremy Gonzales

      Remember sourcefed doing this?

    17. Annika Boßle

      It's really funny how the Try Guys try to pronounce Kurzgesagt. The Germans know what I mean. ;)

    18. Sue Pemberton

      Eugene; The first-ever game of youtube dictionary Also Eugene; Its Pictionary, I wAs ThInKiNg Of DiCkS

    19. CloudiCoffee


    20. Ynah Ledesma

      more draw 'em, guess 'em after the quarantine please

    21. JamesCheeseChips -_-

      Kurzgesagt? That's German.

    22. Nut Twins

      Eugene: SEsels Dictionary eugene: oh wait. Isn't it Pictionary? eugene: Oh sorry I was thinking about d*cks

    23. Meggles Flair

      Annnnnd now tana and jake are broken up. Wasn’t even a legal wedding.

    24. Visioy

      So funny how the pronounce kurzgesagt😂

    25. Parousia

      Keith: “there’s also those twins that don’t look alike... and they make a point not to look alike” Yess haha I love Niki & Gabi

    26. TatoTimez

      “OH ITS KERGESAGAGAG!” the only acceptable way to say Kurzgesagt (also thank you guys for introducing me to that channel, i love them)

    27. SunsetASMR

      I live for Zach knowing about Trixie and Katya's "UNHhhh"!

    28. Elli Lonz

      I love how they pronounce the German word "kurzgesagt" 😍

    29. Maya A.

      top hat....he is mad and he has a beard.... mR. bEaSt!! either a woman or a very sexxy man... jAmEs ChArLeS!! i dont get the logic

    30. ocean dynamics

      in england pants are underwear so when zach asked if everyone was still not wearing pants i got scared for a second😂😂

    31. Erjin Son

      gotta love how zach drew the beam notes backwards-

    32. Mel T.

      That green beanie baby with the soccer ball on it's chest was the only one I ever remember having lmfaoo Now he's dead.. dipped in acid 😔

    33. Isabella Wright

      When Ned drew the mrbeast video I said “ I’m pretty sure it only went viral because chandler won “

    34. Broadway obsessed Zsider

      But why did Jefferee have eyebrows?

    35. • Rosie is dum •

      Honestly I didn’t expect the Try guys to know Simplynail logical tho :p

    36. Jude

      Omg UNHHHh was featured at the start 🥺

    37. winnieshi1231

      Keith was trying so hard at the end omg

    38. NatChin Vlogs

      "put him in a pond cos he's so koi (coy)" I LOOOVEE ITTTT!!! ZACHHH

    39. Frankie D

      They mentioned Trixie and katya I'M DEAD. ZACK SAID THEIR THE BEST I-

    40. julie ho

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1303">21:43</a> u mean niki and gabi?

      1. julie ho

        i tot they were q popular tho

    41. NS Channel

      I absolutely LOVE science channels so when Ned drew a globe I started screaming Kurzgesagt at the screen XD

    42. DavyCrockettPlays

      I love smosh

    43. Brynnlee Anderson

      zach is so funny

    44. ren

      The fact keith got jenna marbles right away just?? 👏🏻👏🏻 i watch her videos religiously but couldnt tell lmaoo

    45. Isabel Marie


    46. Isabel Marie

      They could do a whole video on jenna Marbles different videos

    47. Nadine Abstoß

      Its so funny that they can't pronounce kurzgesagt cause it's a German word 😂😂😂

    48. JustASubscriber

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> OML ITS NIKI AND GABI HAHHAHA 🤪

    49. Lucy Biederman

      the guys every round: *SHANE DAWSON!*

    50. Jellytabby

      the way you butchered the name kurzgesagt was amazinggggg hahahaha. fun fact its literal translation means short said :)

    51. Harm C

      I like how in the last round they saw dogs and immediately knew it was Jenna marbles

    52. Tinya LIM


    53. Kors Light

      Revolving door is actually 20,000 but chandler won and Mr. Beast said if he wins he gets 50,000

    54. Kim S

      [-_-] [-_-] Neds clue LMAO! Dying 🤣😂how the hell did Eugene get that so fast

    55. monie802

      Keith looks directly into camera: "I love Jenna Marbles" .... Me too Keith, me too.

    56. Talia Engstrom

      My two favorite things: try guys and jeffree star. You need to collab!

    57. Lucy Biederman

      nobody: not even a single soul: not even me: absolutely no one: eugene: *DiRtY LoLlIpOpS*

    58. Tamara Breuer

      Me a german potato can't stop laughing about how they say Kurzgesagt. This is everything! 😂😂😂

    59. Hannah Mindo

      Hell Yeah Zach!!! Rooting for him to win every challenge lol

    60. Lucy Biederman

      no one: not even me: Ned: *probably shouldn’t have*

    61. Emina Efendic


    62. Derek Cordero

      wtf, ned.

    63. Quid ProQuo

      There is no way to explain how happy I am for the UNHhhh representation. *applause*

    64. Jay Ward

      Zach: *goes off* Keith: “But yanno...subscribe for more”

    65. Sarah MacQueen

      When they made the uncomfy noise the speech bubble had kursgeutgat in it

    66. love life travel

      Oh my god. Just how you pronunce. "KURZGESAGT" 😂

    67. Meayah Isabella

      Now I actually think Zach is a holosexual

    68. Kate Barrelle

      Zack saying that the Lele Pons photo was Trixie and Katya further cements that they are biological women.

      1. Frankie D

        YES I still can't believe they, mainly zack mentioned them I'm dead

    69. Blo0d' Rain

      when he put nails i was like simply nailogical then zach guessed it lol you guys now my fav tv show and won of my fav youtubes

    70. Pip Hime

      Memeulous is the superoir try guy

    71. •_•

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1243">20:43</a> : I think it’s my dogs eat pupcicles <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1251">20:51</a> : OMG I WAS RIGHT

    72. hashtagmate


    73. The Titanic

      Draw guessem? Nah! Drawgasm

    74. Evalyn Braybrook

      you guys should bring this back!! You can do this over face time or skype!

    75. •Sad_ Skylxnes•

      The hand is simplynailogical

    76. Soe Ta eh

      Don’t you shut love Try Guys art especially Eugene it’s so unique and Da Vinci😂

    77. EverydayTruth

      Keith flipping the camera off is literally my favorite aspect of this series.

    78. Fresh Jalopy

      I screamed when they said SimplyNailogical

    79. gizzy youngman

      try guys could do last one to leave to ice pool wins a Giant hug from Eugene!!

    80. Aquamari Blue

      they be picking bad youtubers. 😔