The Try Guys Make Surprise DIY Valentines

The Try Guys

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    This one is sweet so we hope you enjoy the treat! ;) Watch us make surprise DIY Valentine's for our SO's! Get our ltd. edition Always Bet On Gay shirt available now through next week ONLY and shop our V-day sale with up to 25% off everything on Happy early V-day to you all! We love you guys!💗
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    1. Kayla Riley

      I'm happy to see men and women agreeing the whole "a present for wes is a present for ariel" thing Of course she loves her son but valentine's day is a lover's day. Give her a day to herself, shes more than just your childs mother. Shes your wife, the love of your life etc.

    2. Siddharth Shrivastava

      Why is no one talking about how handsome Ned looks

    3. Annabelle Skerten

      Did anyone else dislike the graphics of this video a lot??

    4. Eboni _TV

      All the gifts came out great☺️💯

    5. awwimmaria

      anyone know the song at the end? I L O V E it.. he he he

    6. sabrina to

      that puppet is amazing

    7. Mearoa

      "Always Bet on Gay" Me: *I can always count on Gay-*

    8. Cats are better the best species

      “A present for Wes is a present for Ariel” oh no Ned honey no a present for Ariel is a present for Ariel 🥺

    9. Nabell Kiflemariam

      “My first kiss....” casually wipes out a cheese grater like wtf

    10. Hannah Stanek-Chu

      Try skydiving plz

    11. Gemma Pecorini Goodall

      wait....eugene is dating someone!??!

    12. Amozon28

      Im convinced that zach purposefully sabotages himself just to see what fucked up mess hell make

    13. Devan MacMillan

      Zach always brightens my day.😁

    14. DuckyDae X

      *Cute Valentines Video:* Eugene: “Wanna give my dogs a taste for human?”

    15. pawtatuh e3e

      hate zach's unibrow glasses

    16. DeepForestHighSeas

      Eugene: “...Because I had a lot of ✨Problems✨...” Me: oh, mood

    17. Affinity Crocker

      “GOAT” “Bahhhh” 😂

    18. Kiki LoveS You

      *awwwwwwwwww this is so cute*

    19. Dawn . S

      Sally should be invited on the episode 🤣

    20. Jason Kennedy

      Half of these comments are toxic af. Everyone one of their gifts were great

    21. Naoh Vld

      "-I should've added some whiskey. -These are for you dogs !"

    22. Naoh Vld

      Well Matt didn't get a present

    23. pinkangel2nv

      No one is talking about Ned: “How sad would it be if you were really into fisting and then the fist wouldn’t fit”. I’m 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. theWeaverofTales

      Oh Ned, oh honey no,,,,,, If your wife is also a mom, it becomes even more important to honor her for who she is, not what y'all made,,

    25. Ms.Queue

      Eugene and Ned talking about fisting while doing various arts and crafts? Where the hell else am I going to find content like this?

    26. TinyMedia

      is uegene straight? no hate just a question

      1. ʍɑlє

        nope, eugene is gay and in a relationship

    27. Paris Gradick

      So heart warming 😭❤️

    28. Maureen Bradley

      i peed when Keith poured in the capsules

    29. Maggie McLaughlin

      My name is Maggie and I did not get tea🥺

    30. Brooklyn Maddox

      I’m eugene😂

    31. roxyambs

      but did emma like the treat??

    32. Ari Waid

      Wesley out here living his best life. Eating my favorite meal, mac and peas, and getting fun giant swirly crayons

    33. Claus Goher

      Keith's is the very best 😂❤️

    34. Seth Gremmert

      13:10 Penn and Teller

    35. Claudia love vely

      Goesh your reaction to the smell had me laughing out loud

    36. BlackWolf Harris

      Thanks a lot, Eugene!! Thanks for mentioning fisting.

    37. Jasmine Briley

      So much gold in this video. "It's Goatsmilk, cause we're lactose intolerant...can't have cow's milk" ...are...are you, planning on her eating the soap Keith? Also Miles: Wanna come? Eugene: Ehw, no. 😂😂😂

    38. UnsungHero74

      Wait.....they are not all gay? I am shocked

    39. princessofbalance

      have a girlfriend for twelve years long distance, we've Never been able to meet in real life and she never asked me for a thing. she's who she says she is (seen her and family webcam) I sent me a huge bouquet of red roses one year. I am happy she was able to do that I love her so much I even told her when she said she was sorry she didn't have anything for me this year, that it didn't matter the fact she loves me is enough for me.

    40. Meghana

      Yall all so adorable. Cuties

    41. little gacha

      But im not gay.... Im a girl and im still sevn

    42. thecolorfulvegan

      Eugene HAS A BOXER! I love him even more - I have 2!

    43. Emma Avery

      Honestly Eugene’s got a point here- Valentine’s Day is such a stressful time for a lot of couples where they try to outdo themselves and spend 1 day proving or showing off or just going nuts on the love stuff. A lot of people get dumped around Valentine’s Day because the pressure to do something special makes people reevaluate relationships. The other guys seem pretty gushy with their partners on a regular basis, so Valentine’s Day is probably not that far off base. I’m betting Eugene doesn’t do the over the top crazy showering with material symbols of love, so why do it because it’s a specific day on the calendar?

    44. Panda-Kun LovesYou

      Isn't wes birthday coming up

    45. Cream

      People are talking about how Ariel deserves her own gift but this is Ned we’re talking about, he probably got her a bunch of stuff + took her out for Valentine’s Day outside of this video

    46. Plippy :p

      soap is the best one

    47. arvs santy


    48. Rose Hill

      Ned n Eugene teamed together is gold Also NED! Ariel deserves her own gift.

    49. mini primitive building


    50. Caroline Bollinger

      Mozart Horn Concerto No.4, 3rd Mvmt? . That's a pretty humorous piece of music which I guess is not perfect for valentines day but perfect for the Try Guys lol. I wish I could escape that movement of that horn concerto, but it is literally everywhere.

    51. geeidunno

      Keith was really about to have Becky rub straight vitamin E pills on her body 🤣

    52. Quinn Stearns

      keith’s worst date story is absolutely hilarious to me because im going to the same college he went to so i can 100% imagine it happening

    53. kennaiscrying

      i'm on a try guys marathon and seeing wes grow from a tiny cute baby into a cute little toddler is so surreal how much time has passed. wes is to this day the cutest little baby i've seen and it's amazing to see him grow. i now realize i sound like a weird cute aunt on facebook but idc

    54. Courteney McColgan

      BY THE BOG OF CATS IS MY FAVORITE!!!!! No one has ever heard of it

    55. ZAZO is weird

      yogeen has a boyfriend fight?

    56. vinasu maaj

      I love that they paired up Ned and Eugene so that the romance level is neutralised and brought to an average level

    57. Carrie Adcock

      what does the tshirt mean? always bet on gay? im slow. so this is a serious question lol.

    58. Sofie Ouyang

      12:30 😂😂😂😂

    59. Šunuri Kím

      Their is on question J have for Keith-。I thought Keith was obsessed with blue titles or something but all I see is just black…Pitch black…

      1. vinasu maaj

        Me at the 1 minute mark: Why do Keith and Zach look and sound stoned as hell? 13:50 : " And that we get to smoke weed together" Me: Oh, because they probably are stoned

    60. TheAmbzxxx

      Ned talking about fisting killed me 😂