The Try Guys Get New Hobbies At Home • Quarantine Vlog Day 21

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The Try Guys

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    What have you guys been up to any new ideas for us to try during self-quarantine? Help us raise money to fight the spread of Covid-19 by donating to the World Health Organization! SEsels is going to match $2 for every dollar you donated! #StayHome #WithMe
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    1. The Try Guys

      So what's everyone up to this week?

      1. Wsw

        The next day is my Brithday

      2. Akira Alexis Soyra

        Still just practicing my art... 😅

      3. Manuel Melendez

        @The Try Guys I’ve learned how to play on an accordion

      4. SamichMachine

        420 and animal crossing, same thing as last week. And the week before.

      5. Simone Arvetis

        i've been learning special effects makeup

    2. Madeleine Ayran

      When Zach was talking about his ceramics he sounded like Olaf.

    3. Summer Cowan

      Wes is so cute

    4. Gaia per caso

      When Keith handed Becky the ball my heart melted for some reason

    5. Sahara Asher

      I'm so happy that Eugene's happy (with Matt) He deserves that! Love from NYC

    6. Swanee_ m-m

      I feel like the Phillip's are underappreciated

    7. Laura Salva

      I adore you guys, but the World Health Organization is very corrupt. Please do thorough research before committing your fund raising efforts to any organization. The Red Cross, for example, raised $500,000,000 (half a billion dollars) for Haiti, but only built six houses.

    8. Evan Faulkner

      Matt: are you trying to say mines not gonna be better? Eugene: nono!! I’m not saying-

    9. Konstantina Kanta

      wait... where is emma where is sheeeeee

    10. microwave


    11. Ruby Lyons

      They try s/os are the best

    12. NatChin Vlogs

      Matt wearing Eugene's hoodie. please protect precious Matt at all cost

    13. Mariam Amgad

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="293">4:53</a> if this is not love I don't what is

    14. Yogesh Nigam

      Can we appriciate how cute matt and euegene are together

    15. It's Me Caitlin

      Eugene: "Matt, Are you gay" Everyone: 🤞🤞 🤞 🤞 Matt: "yeah" Everyone: 😔

    16. Marklyn Jackson

      Zack just needed say nerd to ned

    17. Tarrie Revenant

      “Well, you can, but you’ll be asked to leave” 😂

    18. Walter Carias

      “I love pot” LMAO

    19. Veronica Pillar

      "I love all my puppies!"

    20. TheJSquared86

      Could the Try Guys try to play MTG one time? My husband got super excited that Ned got all his old cards out and played with a friend.

    21. Zoe Taylor

      Am I the only one that has a box on their screen saying that they can't donate in their country? Just me? Okay

    22. Jade Bian

      Eugene: Say Pesto in Italian Matt: Pesto Pasta Me: That is the most Italian thing I've ever heard

    23. Owen P

      make more wes videos.

    24. Winnie Wangnardy

      i hope my fellow indonesian can watch this and realize how important to stay at home during this time

    25. Broadway obsessed Zsider

      *What can I say, I just love pot* okay?...

    26. Christina Hamilton

      *cough*Try glassblowing once things are okay, make little olives, put them in Zach's ceramic bowl*cough*

    27. Sonja Goedde-Lund

      How do I get the Try Guys 80’s metal looking shirt that Ned is wearing?

    28. cptn_jen

      Keith: Becky's gonna give me a nice facial. Also Keith: let me just take of all my clothes

    29. Maria Conway

      Pesto and Kimba ❤

    30. Nick Davy

      im probably gonna sound really dumb but where is emma in eugenes vlogs

    31. Sue Pemberton

      where's emma?

    32. pine oftheberry

      Ned your beautiful little adorable Wes is so cute 💖( he looks like my brother when he was younger) but we’d is much cuter

    33. Harper_Wolf 07

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1418">23:38</a> There is a picture in the background of Keith with makeup on 😂

    34. Mercedes Reardon

      the nerd ned

    35. Liz & Ally

      This video is just so wholesome

    36. Janet Whiddon

      Why did Ned take the sourdough bread to Zach when Eugene had been asking for it?

      1. Tarrie Revenant

        Probably precisely because he asked for it 😂

    37. Kimberly Sargent

      My mom is a front line worker and just recently she got laid off 😕

    38. Wiktoria Klimczuk

      Nobody at all: Zach: aNd HiS nAmE iS pHiLiP

    39. Emily k

      when wesley shouted “BIG BALL” i laughed so hard i woke my dog up

    40. Mya Gardner

      Where’s Emma ?

    41. Nick Davy

      eugene: hey pesto can you say something in italian oh pesto matt: 𝓹𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓸 𝓹𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓪

    42. Milanapple Juice

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Zach: *doing yoga* Eugene: *vibing with matt* Keith: *taking puzzle breaks* Ned: *owns magic the gathering cards* wait....... NED LIKES MAGIC THE GATHERING?!??!?!?!?!?

    43. kaleigh smith

      Zach I am so with you. I've been in ceramics for two years and I miss throwing on the wheel. I have made so many little pots and I have even made myself two ceramic heads. Where did you get yourself the wheel? Was it expensive?

    44. Anna Joy Ferrer

      Keith screaming over Becky doing something is just what I live for

    45. Capri Toons

      Matt looks reminds me of Connor Walsh from How To Get Away With Murder lmao

    46. Helen Love21

      Not sure if anybody knew this but mint will spread and take over/combine with other plants in your garden if your not careful.

    47. xEmpty.Abyssx

      Is Maggie's mom hispanic?

    48. Stina-Brita Oliver

      I love how Ned's a Harry Potter Fan!!!

    49. Abby Engbrecht

      When we learn that Ned is secretly a BIG nerd!

    50. MaKayla Bennett

      I Love How Wesley Has A Great Dad [Ned] My Dad Is In Jail...... But Hopefully He Will Be Here To Walk Me Down The Aisle!

    51. Dowctor R.

      Wesley and Matt were the stars of this video 🥰

    52. Winter Bear

      Im doing school works for 2 months now. help :)

    53. Echo Lee

      i tried making cookies and they ended up being to most salty thing in my house

    54. jassira oliveira

      Hmmmm Eugène I get you Italian's 🤤🤤best lovers 😊😍

    55. ShReCk

      I’d have to say my favorite of Ned’s ceramics has gotta be Phillip

    56. Vonie' Stillson

      I love that Ned is excited about MTG

    57. Dario


    58. Jerry Mae Perez

      i want to buy their merch so much but it cost more than my phone itself. 😭😭😭😭 i never been this broke.

    59. Mom's Spaghetti • 69 years ago

      I legit want the Try Guys to be in SEsels Rewind 2020. Who agrees?

    60. Isabelle Thompson

      Zach I love your Jordi figurine!!!!

    61. Rose Sinclair

      Dear Zac we all know you are struggling with your heath.I just wanted to let you know that we are all here for you. we love you and think you are so cute and adorable. from your fans

    62. MelodysMind

      Omg I never realized Zach has the music from Ghost in the background?! 🤣😂🤣 Maggie's mom rules!

    63. Emma Avery

      I watch Ned tossing out clothes and think back to that episode where they got a wardrobe overhaul (I think it might’ve been a Buzzfeed one? Idk) and how he wouldn’t throw anything out. Our baby has grown up!

    64. Emma Avery

      I like that the captions on Zach introducing us to all his pottery all accurately say Philip but the cups get called Fill Up 😂😂😂

    65. Coretta Tonui

      The only question is ,did Ariel ever come back?

    66. Sahara Bhathal

      The straightest thing about Eugene is his dog and the try guys (love him tho)

    67. Riss Sim

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a> I can't be the only one who thinks Zachs shadow looks like Bernie sanders here right

    68. Reagan Singmaster

      Zach- his name is philp me- wasen't it borris?

    69. Jayden Michael Scott Jackson

      What can I say I like pot -zack 2020

    70. Oxtian

      Ned needs to get in contact with TheOdd1sOut

    71. Meko Greig

      Where is ned's dog

    72. ros

      bored at home? i just made a video with ideas on what u can do when you are bored at home :o check it out if you want!!

    73. Ariel Duke

      Please tell me I am not the only one that got a Fairly Odd Parents reference with naming everything Philip

    74. Alice

      Keith's complexion looks so much healthier... he be glowing

    75. Tate Choi

      Wes showing the people his basil!!!! so pure!!

    76. Alex Golden

      One of the people Zach was facetiming looked like one of the impractical jokers so I actually went back to look at the name. 🤣

    77. 아리에라

      Zach: "What can I say? I just, I love pot-" nice.

    78. vicky .k111diz

      Why is no one talking about when Zach said, "I love pot" and then it just goes to the next clip

    79. Ophelia Edwards

      Eugene: question of the day Matt are you gay Matt:yea Eugene: okay just checking