The Try Guys Read Mean & Thirsty YouTube Comments

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    You guys are honestly TOO kind! Drop your favorite comment, from the comments, about a comment below!
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    1. Brianna Redmond

      I'm permanently borrowing Kimbop.

    2. Krissy M

      Damn, Will's last name literally is "Widower". How positive xD

    3. Bunny_ Buns

      Is it just me tryna find the people who commented on those video comment on this video...

    4. maybeso68

      Eugene is so adorable, but I bet he is SUPER-HIGH MAINTENANCE.

    5. XxAngelFace26xX

      Wait I love that they didn't technically disagree with anything

    6. ria ghai

      we need a part 2

    7. Nina Goletiani

      Keith there is a phobia called misaphonia or some shit and that is the disgust of chewing sounds. Some viewers (including me) have that so... Ya it's gross for us

      1. Alaina Chanel

        Then why would y’all watch eating videos where people are clearly going to chew

    8. Charlotte Erasmus

      i feel bad, keith looked sad :(

    9. The Gunner and Abbie show abbie

      Please keep smiling I can’t smile without getting bullied in many way please leave some hope for others keep living happily even when you’re really sad Because I turning 12 And I wish this was the end but I’m still hear and I smiled while crying when my cat who had been there for me I never got to say goodbye because I could never stop doing anything but cry over my cat lifeless body I can’t wait for you to do more vids with your family (Including pets) thank you for the smiles 😸😺❤️❤️

    10. Noha Reda


    11. Emma Grant

      Wow! So handsome! wanna take a drink outta that glass of water

    12. Tabetha Rosenberg


    13. Jessica McGlaughlin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="294">4:54</a> no they are not ugly. Ned is hot, Eugene is hot, the one with the amazing face is cute, and the guy who eats fried chicken is alright

    14. fishwithknife and boiling water

      Everyone needs to give Eugene a big ass hug because hes an amazing and beautiful human being and i want him to know that.

    15. Carlie Ren

      I will literally kick and punch anyone who makes ANY mean comments about ANY one of these perfect human beings!!!!!!!!

    16. Summernyx

      I feel so bad that Keith didn't get more thirsty comments 😥😂😂🤣😂

    17. helo im uri

      Its been 2 months but i cant stop watching this 😂😂😂

    18. Riya S

      Keith's mean comments were harshly mean as compared to the other try guys. Keith does not deserve such comments

    19. Mark McCormick

      Insecurity: See Ned and Keith.

    20. Yoshi Boy

      This comment is to make Eugene happy Oh wait I just got a call saying that can’t happen

    21. Maggie Thompson

      I hope Aron was watching this video

    22. Yee Yee

      How come when Zach bites his lips it looks like he is grinding on a sandwhich ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    23. DarkDisorder

      anybody watching this in quarentine lol stumbled on this

    24. Allegra Walker

      WHy is Ned trying to roast himself, is he that desperste

    25. Gerri Shcolnik

      Only gamers will understand this neds nose looks like those games where they let you customize the caracter and you mess with the middle of the nose.

    26. Gerri Shcolnik

      When you realize need looks like real life minecraft steve.😑

    27. Addie Welch

      Is there any way that Eugene isn’t the perfect person?

    28. Alivia Unger

      still waiting for Aaron

    29. Noah Devine élève

      On the try guys bake with out a recipe videos Keith gets so mad and it's so funny

    30. Guest 1234


    31. Hope Huerta

      I love miles 😂

    32. Splish splash I am trash

      Kimbob is very adorable but let’s be honest,if you have a pet at home your probably going to put your pet at the top. But if I’m being honest he is very adorable and he comes in at a close 3rd for me. Love ya lil dude!

    33. Ariana Smith

      I can't believe that all the way through the sweet comments Eugene's eyes were glassy, I will always love all of the try guys for how and what they desire in life this channel has helped me is so many ways shape of form it prevented me from committing suicide!. I just can't thank these lovely people enough, Eugene you have helped so many wonderful peoples lives and to me that is one of the best things a human being could ever do and to the rest of the try guys I thank you so very much for the amazing content all of you loving handsome men put out in the world. And I wish you all (including staff) the best of luck in life And I will always stan for this channel no matter who judges me because this channel brings me joy whenever I get home from school I get so excited because I know I can just go and watch you guys. When I do homework I put on your podcasts and listen to all the wacky stuff that has happened in your lovely lives.

    34. Jailyn Mercer

      Try hand tossed pizza from different pizzerias It’s really good Well that’s just my opinion

    35. i dropped my chicken

      Nah Zach. It’s a pandemic.

    36. Kristie Amaya

      Wait, wait, wait....I love Zach but he equated "evil tweets" to "being gay?"

    37. g.something

      "These who should be mad are cancers." I'm not getting mad. I'm just sad 😢

    38. Sophia Arnold

      the open-mouth chewing adds a nice level to Keith's video's, I actually like it

    39. Arctic Gamer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="610">10:10</a> Is anybody going to talk about this it’s so relatable

    40. lcgc1980

      ned's sweatshirt reminds me of those kaboodles from the 80's.

    41. Ryan cho

      The mean comments weren’t mean though.

    42. Erika Hart(ST)

      You guys are so amazing! I love how well you handle compliments, and it's actually a good thing sometimes. Legit, it's so freaking funny when Keith argues back about the food he eats, but I feel a little bad for Eugene - he gets so many compliments (he's an amazing guy who inspires me every single day) but he doesn't know how to take them in. (We love Eugene and we all know it). Zach is the baby of the group - he's supportive, easy to look up to, funny af, and selfless. He's honestly my favorite of you all ❤️. Ned has a fatherly side of things and is always protective of the ones he loves the most in his life. (Zach, Eugene, Ned, Keith - if you are reading this) - you are all super amazing people and you are just so awesome. You're the ones who cheer me up the most and always make me laugh so freaking much. Ignore what the haters say about you, fuck them, you are so much more than that (and you know that). Keep making awesome videos please, you are all lifesavers (literally). I love you all so much 💙💗💚💜

    43. xokirsty

      Ned and Zack are underrated

    44. Yuxuan Zhao

      Alright, gonna call out my ex, LACHIE YOU LOSER ghosting isn't cool and just means you don't have the balls to say that you want to break up to my face :)

    45. Bernice Wong

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="57">0:57</a> Ned: (laughs) I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight Me: (laughs) i already do that

    46. Monica Domanguera

      Seeing their responses to these comments is a bit of a relief. I’ve been a fan of the Try Guys since their first video on Buzzfeed and their need for putting out there of being exactly how they are and being vocal about gay rights and toxic masculinity and also showing what respectful loving and insightful men look like towards their female partners is absolutely why I keep watching.

    47. A threat to societyTM

      Imagine liking Wendy's fries... I could never.

    48. Kelly's guinea pigs

      A actual comment:I don't want Zack to marry Maggie. I want him to marry me!!. Zack:nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Me:laughs historically

    49. War Hawk

      im a cancer. ):

    50. Lily Lane

      No keith your just to white to understand how real pizza is made

    51. Aryn wood

      bruh i’m not that erin but i am a aryn and hearing a bunch of grown men say “f you erin” just made me cry

    52. FreakoftheAngels

      Yo imagine being Aaron

    53. carlos garcia garcia

      i want to have somethin in my bed with Ned, a relationship with Eugenie and marry with Zach

    54. AphroditeLadie

      I am in desperate need of Ned's hoodie!

    55. Danielle B

      How are there not anymore sweet comments for Zach when he’s so adorable?

    56. 복숭아 우유Peach Milk

      Zach looks like Penn Badgley in Gossip Girl.

    57. Debbie pitt

      I love zackkkk and keithhhhh🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    58. Shaina Scolnick

      I am a cancer and I can confirm we are upset

    59. Nick Milligan


    60. Anni K

      Does will know that his last name literally means "widower" in german?

    61. Angelia Lollyta

      hi guys! I am keona i am commenting from indonesia i am 11 years old now and i have something called anemia and that is i was born with a small lack of blood and iron in my body. that is prety much it its just that i cant do much PE when i was little. btw love you guys equaly and zach and eugene is my favorite: )

    62. Dennis Villatoro

      Why were people cutting Onions when she was reading the "sweet" comments?

    63. P Zaz

      What is the difference between pan and hand tossed pizza both Taste the same

    64. Kawaii Devil

      Zach & Eugene: F*ck you Aron Every Aron/Aaron/Erin except the one in the comment: 😭

    65. mavvie Baruth

      I love your Chanel you are so funny

    66. Kimberly

      The try guys are the one that help me in life

    67. Kai Shen

      “Mean and Thirsty” Honestly, same

    68. coverslyrics -

      the mean red tshirt guy reallly really reminds me of Adam from Somethingelseyt

    69. Ginnavive Noelle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="969">16:09</a> omg kimbop’s face I cry

    70. Lily Hughes

      Is it just me or are Sam and will rly cute??? 💕👌🏼👍🏼😊

    71. Galidor Thingy

      "I'm almost 13!" Uuuuh... FBI, open up...?

    72. xX_Fallon_Xx

      The thirsty Comments got me so bad like what the hell 🤣🤣🤣

    73. M. Takarai

      I have so many feelings about this video lol First, Kimbop is adorable! I can't imagine anyone looking into that little face and not immediately falling in love. But, I might be a bit biased. I pretty much love all animals. Secondly, I'm kind of surprised there weren't more thirsty comments about Keith. There's nothing sexier than a great sense of humor, and he's got that in spades. It doesn't hurt that he's quite easy on the eyes, also. Finally, I have to take a moment to send love and respect to Zach. I won't go into too much detail, but I've experienced the very real difficulty of living in a sick body, and the frustration of trying to explain those difficulties to other people who haven't experienced such an illness for themselves. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, and mental health issues, and some days are honestly absolute hell. All we can do is cherish the good days and push through the bad. It helps to have people around you who love and support you. Zach, I respect you for being open about your own struggles, and I'm so sorry that you have to deal with so much. I know it sucks. But, please know you're not alone. I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but please know that this fan, at least, supports and loves you. You are strong, brave, and worthy of respect. Keep fighting. And on the bad days, please, take the time out you need to rest and take care of yourself. Don't be ashamed to ask for help when you need it. We all have bad days. Please know that I keep you in my thoughts and wish you only the best. Here's hoping the good days well outnumber the bad

    74. Dani Malaski

      I just got my wisdom teeth out and it hurts so bad watching this cause you made me laugh so hard

    75. madeline lynn

      the thing that makes me uncomfortable isn’t the thirsty tweets, it’s the fact that the video is 18 minutes and 59 SECONDS long.

    76. Susanna Rae Jones

      Eugene's outfit is 10/10.

    77. Dana Dalton

      Ned looks like Lionel from Workin’ Moms.

    78. Gem Galang

      Unless it was deliberate, I noticed Will Witwer's title of position posted was misspelt

    79. Anvesha Srivastava

      zack roasting himself lol.... to all the try guy haters: y u watching their vids if u hate 'em so much? ik some of these comments!!!

    80. Erin-Nicole

      When your name is Erin 🥺😭