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    Boy oh boy do we have a treat for you? How many of you guys are using mystery ingredients to cook up creative recipes at home right now? Send us pics of your own home-cooking challenge at (310) 421-0711! #StayHome #WithMe
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    1. Oyinda

      Ok so why the hell did Keith use a double boiler instead of just microwaving the damn chocolate 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. May Nguyen

      Becky sneaking a chicken leg and calling it a snack is me trying to get a midnight snack

    3. I like ducks

      I don’t like potatoes I’m sorry Eugene

    4. chaya franklin

      I honestly didnt think i would like quarantine videos/challenges but i Surprisingly like them alot and enjoy them alot.

    5. Wednesday Apollo

      maggie opening the can in one try after zach trying forever is marvelous.

    6. Slytherpuff Hades girl

      I love Becky so much, she’s such a mood😂😂😂😂😂☺️

    7. JCV

      Tuna meatballs are just croquetas what are you talking about, do you not have those in america???

    8. Leandri Pretorius

      me: Makes somewhat of a edible meal .... also me : AM I A CHEFF??

    9. Leandri Pretorius

      Becky is such a mood Keith tries to make her food Becky's already eating KFC

    10. Leandri Pretorius

      Eugene and Matt are just like ...awwwwww also Wes is just so cute

    11. Monbobo Thefools

      Eugene looks so happy, and I’m happy for him!

      1. Monbobo Thefools

        And zach too!! So happy to see them happy

    12. Lizlard

      Eugene I'm coming for your man.

    13. Zoe Reyes

      why are we ignoring the fact that Zach is wearing a cuffed flower-patterned green button-up

    14. Swc xo

      All their spouses are gorgeous i can't.

    15. gama

      im so happy eugene has a boyfriend i really am

    16. Lou

      OMG WES!!! He’s so big now🥺

    17. The Pan Patriots Fan

      Directions: Wring out your potatoes Eugene: ADD KIMCHI

    18. Ikea God

      I think ariel just lies to make ned feel good about himself

    19. Nanna Godiksen

      Can we just appreciate Zach’s kitchen

    20. my life is sad

      Matt should've said "do it for me" when Eugene said fuck you

    21. Cristobal Corvalan

      love these videos that I myself will try at home :D

    22. KarissaB_yes its spelled correctly

      Am I the only one that thinks Maggie is literally the cutest human (dis-counting wes, who's adorable)

    23. Huy Bùi Đức

      Italian sushi rice ?

    24. Tess Golds

      Ned, If youre reading this tell Wes to stop growing up. It makes me feel old.

    25. Olrich Gbam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> food wars

    26. Ja_moto

      I’m dying on the inside knowing that bed tried to make sushi rice with pasta....

    27. Sheena Golden

      he was turning the lid the wrong way

    28. Amber Niall Styles

      "No feet on the table." I love Mama Ariel 💛💛💛

    29. Cerberus_Productions

      This is Eugene has too much fun with camera angles, the series

    30. Kookies And fan fics

      Zack is your wife Peruvian??? If she is tell her I wish u a great 28th of July/ Peruvian independence during covid-19 .

    31. valeria solórzano

      Omg when Zack’s girlfriend said that she was from Peru I got so excited bc i am also from Peru

    32. Emilia Modrusan

      "If you're driving a luxury vehicle, you gotta show it off" 😂😂😂

    33. Elisa Rmz

      why didn't keith make salmon with mole and just add the chocolate bar to the mole?? that would taste delicious!!! 🤤

    34. Sydney Kaufman

      yall should get go pros soyou can film and do stuffff

    35. *Potter_ Studio*

      Am i the only one that knows that eugune is gay now

    36. Esraa Ghareeb

      Wes is so cuuuuute

    37. isela reyes

      Keith washed almonds: " Oh yeah I'm a chef" 😂😂😂

    38. Indyhoma Girls

      The moment I finally realized what that drawer is actually for......

    39. fruitbythebecbec

      ok ngl Zach looks SOOOO good in this video. the floral shirt? the French tuck? we love to see it

    40. Shannon Lezama

      Eugene: Ok imma open my box, *Looks at Matt* Ready to see whats inside my boxxxxxxx (Yall I cant)

    41. Shannon Lezama

      Maggie : Heeey, Made in Peru?! Like my parents ( I CRYYYYY)

    42. Margeyyy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="385">6:25</a> becky is such a *mood.*

    43. Rylan Constant

      Eugene and his boyfriend defiant smashed after this vid

      1. Rylan Constant


    44. DemanシDemanシ

      I love Eugenes kitchen.

    45. TheTripleTKA

      Eugene just random bottles of alcohols for Matt, while Matt picked out what Eugene might be good at

    46. Aira Fitri

      Wait when did Eugene have a boyfriend?!

    47. Aira Fitri

      Wes has gotten sosososo big now 🥺 last time i saw him he still had no hair 🥺🥺

    48. WandA

      Eugene talking to two phones in intro is me talking to myself in two mirrors I have in bathroom XDD

    49. The Outsider

      This is like Quarantine Chopped

    50. jamie friedman

      I’ve only had latkas during Hanukkah are they kosher for Passover?

    51. Elijah Desatoff

      Near hannauka our high school students and myself make latkaes

    52. Ninjin Khosbayar

      me as an 11 year old asian girl: correct Eugene, correct we totally look the same

    53. Misantrophic

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1410">23:30</a> that's cute af

    54. B Perez

      Eugene and his man are one goooood looking couple! Wow ❤

    55. Alexandria Barnes

      Does anyone else think Ned telling Wes to plug his ears is the best part of this video?! It's just so sweeeeeeet!

    56. alana espinosa

      lmao becky getting a snack while Keith is making dinner is meeee

    57. Regina Peoples

      Hi ugene u have a nice kitchen i like the apprin bye the way

    58. Britney L

      The difference between Matt picking ingredients out for Eugene and Eugene picking ingredients for Matt: Eugene: I'm gonna make this challenging for him Matt: I'm gonna make this easy for him

    59. Maria Tellez

      Just let me know where you get your kitchen towels

    60. Sam Pound

      Me spots Matt: *damn he's hot* Me coming to the realisation: *damn he's gay*

    61. M RZ

      Eugene: Who told you to dress like that? Matt: you Eugene: thats right, because if you're driving a luxury vehicle you gotta show it off Damn eugene ok

    62. Ally Vickers

      Zack at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="254">4:14</a> the pyrex dish that you are holding up My boyfriend and I have the same type and ours is also broken. I just thought that was funny!

    63. L Garod

      The amount of stuff Ariel picked out compared to everyone else 🤣

    64. Taehyung Kim

      Omggg😭😭 My Italian learning during this pandemic is paying off

    65. XxBrianna GachaxX

      Is no one going to talk about Keith’s oven mitt.

    66. Taehyung Kim

      How the fuck did Eugene manage to catch such a fineee Italian snacc? Likee seriously does he have a younger relative?

    67. Mackenzie Bernier

      Wait the drawer under the oven isn’t exclusively for pans?

    68. Madeline Galbraith

      how you doin wes? *heavy breathing* same

    69. Sofia Garcia

      Thank you quarantine for allowing us to met Matt!! I’m so happy for Eugen

    70. Kedem Vexler

      i cant get over how big Wes is now!!! so cute!!

    71. Ester

      Love Eugene’s confidence introducing Matt. I’d be like “you go put a shirt on or we ain’t rolling” 😂

    72. Gabrielle Arnoux

      " I do F****** love potatoes, if you don't like potatoes , what the f*** is wrong with you?!" - Eugene 2020 Me: 🙌👌

    73. Pin-Wo

      So is Matt a Try Wive already?

    74. Kanika Garal

      Literally no one: Maggie: hey made in Peru like my parents. God this woman is funny.

    75. Sarah White

      We got an update on zack vs. Olives

    76. Arisa Helgerds

      basically just succeed to flip over food in the pan probably the first time in his entire life Eugene: AM I A CHEF????

    77. Fucc Boi

      I would have made a seafood zucchini pasta if I had Ned's ingredients

    78. Noemi Markwick

      ok so i already watched this video when it first came out, but i want to thank Zach and Eugene for making me discover what latkes are. I thinki've made them about once or twice a week since i saw this video, i love them, they're so good, and so easy to make, and my sister likes them too (she's a bit of a picky eater). So thanks

    79. Fucc Boi

      Matt is 😍

    80. Zainab Ahmed

      Eugene in previous videos : "there's nothing wrong with eggs" also Eugene : *does 12 eggs in the batter* Eugene this episode : *puts 1 egg in the mixture*