The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

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    The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
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    1. Matthew Dosier

      i just dont like how cheap the model 3 and Y dash looks we i love the model X and S dash

    2. K S

      So 40k (starting) sounds affordable to you??? Really??? Until this company starts producing vehicles for the 18-25k range the masses will "Not" be able to afford this type of machine. So at this moment your "Doug" review is purely meant for dreamers.

    3. Jovan Leon

      Tesla already have full self driving capability. The only thing preventing them to unleash it to the cars is regulations. That soon will be resolved. Full robo taxi from the future incoming.

    4. Kayla Shaw

      Good review👍 very detailed.

    5. DAMON LEE

      Comical when Doug says at the beginning that the Model X is 80k and nobody can afford it. Then later quotes the Model Y prices with the performance he is testing starts at 70k...(starts!). so if you can afford 60-70k starting price, and have perfect credit to likely lease it as rich people do, an 80-90k bigger model X would not be a dent at all in the buyers budget. 90% of Americans or more cannot afford any Tesla , as the base price, plus all the trims and packages, and taxes, and more fees...they will cost you close to 100k anyway!! Kia e-Niro anyone? The minimal interior would get old and super boring after awhile...e-Soul? yah

    6. Oliver Stemp

      The tailgate doesn't fit

    7. Noah

      wth tesla got him with joe

    8. Mohamad Rahhal

      Can we please get the complete score ?

    9. Nishu B

      Please less Ads. I like your videos but too much interruption thanks

    10. Mark Maxwell

      Without a doubt the best Tesla yet. A few small kinks to sort out but the best EV on the market bar none.

    11. Posh panda

      A dream car for DIY....... Nice, a place for your C-cassettes...

    12. Rohan Jain

      ttttthhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiss iszzz the new teszla

    13. Kobina B

      Tesla is not "giving the people what they want". Yes, Tesla is the king of electric car range, but their cars are missing many things. They could have raised the roof line a bit for rear head room. The rear seat behind the driver, top right corner is coming loose on a new car(I can't have that), I need heads up display, the head rest is too small, turning indicators on the driving mirrors, steering should not be this thick...and other things before I buy a Tesla. Maybe, they don't want more people buy their cars.

    14. Craig Botha

      A VW e Up us a more practical dash. With gauges that you can quickly glance at.

    15. alphadogg 101

      Joe mama!

    16. Custom Johnny Official

      Doug the type of guy to kiss a girl with his eyes open

    17. Stop At Nothing

      it's not a trick lol

    18. Bernie L

      It says “dual motor” so.... what’s the gas mileage on this thing??

    19. LALOMAN

      What a queer PLAIN & BORING ass car that is! 70K what a damn rip-off.... I'll stick with my manly kick ass BMW with all it's luxurious features!


      Tesla model S Tesla model 3 Tesla model X Tesla model Y

    21. stonk boi

      Roses are red Nyjah Houston skates The moment you came for Is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1188">19:48</a>

    22. Nylapin Sam

      auto pilot dont need head up display

    23. Andy Nguyen

      Doug: Who's Joe? Everyone else: Joe Mama!!!!

    24. Maserati7200

      My dad owns a Model 3 that I drive regularly. I've driven a Model S before. One key advantage to the Model X is it's standard air suspension. I haven't ridden in a Model Y yet, but I'm guessing it's suspension set up is similar to a Model 3. The Model 3 with the 19 inch wheels rides hard - especially with the Tire Pressure at 42 PSI (recommendation). I'm guessing this Model Y with 21 inch wheels rides even harder than the Model 3. The Model X, like the Model S, has a very smooth ride because of the air suspension. Air suspension is also cool because of it's ability to raise and lower. Is it worth spending $20-$40k more for a nicer interior, another screen, and air suspension? Maybe not to most. But I personally would buy a lightly used Model S or X over a new Model 3 or Y. Mainly because i live in NYC with horrible roads.

    25. Eytox

      Unless you have a family, a model 3 is more worth it.

    26. Christopher Kalafatis

      Joe Mama

    27. john podesta

      what happens when you paint the car a different color? i bet the display doesn't change heh

    28. Mr. D BOI

      The sun visor thing is a Nifty. Old fashioned clip Style break and are annoying.

    29. kev

      States it's the more affordable Tesla everyone was waiting for then reviews the $70,000 upgraded model 😐😂😂👎

    30. Mr. D BOI

      A lot of people want to hate on dude. I still believe in the First Amendment.

    31. qwerty uiop

      i remember the days when he was just 6"1'

    32. Kartik Kwatra

      Funny how he called it affordable, stated it's starting price as 40k, then moved up the starting price to 51k all within a span of 20seconds

    33. Bill Coyne

      HEADS UP: you need a job to go out and buy a car. ,,, But don't worry all the 2020, 2022, 2023 cars will be on the lots in 2024....

    34. Fleez Flaaz

      I live in Norway one of the countries with the most amount of tesla's in the world, I went up once to look inside a tesla model s and sentry mode got activated, it scared the shit out of me.

    35. Chuck Millirons

      How did your San Diego viewer get on delivered if it isn't released for a YEAR?

    36. toweronthehill

      Love Telsa's, but they really need to do something about the boring, rounded fronts. Make them look more aggressive.

    37. Troll Mode Engaged


    38. Nume Nuworld

      It's no SUV its barely a crossover they cheated with the seat hight raise barely any increase in ride hight.i love Tesla but for me it's not enough ride hight it's more like a hatchback that the 3 should have been .I wish Tesla luck but for me they get a score of me of 48

    39. JellyFix

      and Tesla tells you that is not fully self driving yet. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="726">12:06</a>

    40. JellyFix

      Dough sounds like he doesn't like this car at all :)

    41. ツZipp

      Joe is a man who proposed that feature on the Elon twitter.

    42. Matt Crumrine

      What happened to the auto dimming mirrors! Nooooooo! At least give me an option to buy them!

    43. Charon's boat

      Tesla SUV is a joke. It is just a hatchback with ability to increase ground clearance. Guy makes a big deal about folding/reclining seats when RAV4 in 2007 had it already. It’s just the same bs like IPhone bragging about features that other brands have had for years

    44. Richard Dunn

      Great video as always Doug. Although it would have been about 15 mins long if you hadn't used the word 'And'! 😀

    45. Martin RS

      Is the name of the owner also Doug, or does our Doug has a Tesla account? Or even a... Tesla car?? Check out <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1120">18:40</a>

    46. danofzanzibar

      Joe mama

    47. Sketchupdave

      Humans are dumb and delusional including me.

    48. Sketchupdave

      You mean everybody wants vans.

    49. Sketchupdave

      Why is it called an suv, its a van.

    50. The Dude

      You want the HUD to tell you "what gear you're in"??? WTF?!? are you sure you know what you're doing?

    51. Tuti Fruti

      BMW I3 at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1656">27:36</a>, Sad Noises :(:(:(

    52. Phil Melson

      Doug, when you said it will even fit your head, I nearly fell of my stool... Were you feeling ok when you tested the car, because you got it spot on, for once... *Keep safe* can't wait to see your critique on the BMW I4, when it becomes available.. .

    53. коста рик

      You are the best selling blogger.

    54. коста рик

      this car is not worth the money. the material is cheap. worse than in Hyundai. where is the spare tire? third row? Really?

    55. Maddo03

      £32k isn't really affordable. Someone please make an electric car for less than £15k.

    56. Eric Simon

      That'll look great sitting in the parking lot while you're at your desk for 12 hours a day working to pay for it. People have lost their minds paying this kind of money for cars that will depreciate so rapidly.

    57. BAD BOI

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1210">20:10</a> you have fallen right into a trap.

    58. BeeStreamt

      Tesla model whY cus WHY

    59. Michael Rutherford

      You just convinced to me seriously consider the Y as my next new car purchase.

    60. Hmm Ya

      When a smartphone is designed like a car

    61. lego technic

      It's impossible to pause Doug, without him looking funny.

      1. Mike V.


      2. Noah

        😂you are right

    62. B W

      Another feature that's really cool and was released as an over the air software update is Voice Commands so you can adjust things like temperature or turn on windshield wipers WITHOUT having to go through the on screen menus so you can keep your eyes on the road. Gotta love OTA software updates - your vehicle gets better over time. Not too many other car manufacturers have this perk I think.

    63. A dozen of potatos and a fat cat smelling them

      Its still expensive tho and looks kinda ugly :/

    64. b8702131

      Hope Tesla puts some enough smarts to recognize broken traffic lights or a traffic light with some dead LEDs. Maybe put out out an audio message on how inefficient our government is, like any driver.

    65. Dominic Fong

      Wait so no safer-at-home order in San Diego?

    66. h0tne0

      Why can't Tesla make E-motorcycles? Curious to see how they revolutionize it with all the features like sentry mode, summons mode and who knows autopilot?

    67. Paul Preboist

      Looks like a prius

    68. Slim Tannor

      $70k I'll wait a lot longer. Relatively affordable my ass. And everyone is not going to want it. Who you kidding.

    69. Renko

      I always told mom that 68 was a great mark.

    70. Noah Ingwers

      I’m waiting for the cyber truck

    71. WatchTooMuchYoutub3

      I think you missed a major feature in your review. The people in the back seat do have direct control over the seat heaters. The Tesla takes voice commands, I expect the rear seat passenger can just tell the Tesla Y to turn on the back left seat warmer. And 25 minutes into the video, I think your are going to completly miss the voice command feature. Tesla owners, did Tesla suddenly drop voice command for some reason? It must be there right? And if it's there Doug, how would this impact your score. It seems to remove most of the fiddling on the centre console from what I have seen of reviews of this feature.

    72. Systems Realty Team

      Tesla has model S, 3, X and Y. What does that spell? SEXY!

    73. Systems Realty Team

      Tesla Model Y...... My only question is : y?

    74. Carl V

      Dog Mode: I hope this inspires people to leave their dogs in the car and not take them into the markets, restaurants, and stores.

    75. Mr.Andersen

      Great video, I must say many that test drive model Y and 3 want a heads up display, I owned my Model 3 for a year now,, and I have no issue looking slightly too the right, I got used to it in 2 weeks of ownership. Also X is faster than Y BTW :)

    76. Bud Step

      This is awesome!

    77. Raymond Wong

      All tree-huggers need to see this and help save our Earth

    78. Rhonda Rains

      This was three sentences long with so many AND’s I had to start drinking! Lol otherwise great review.

    79. Nino F

      no head display and staring in the middle? Youre not getting my money

    80. BasementStudio1

      Want, want want want