The Single Highest Scoring Quarter of All Time!! PACKED OUT #10



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    Nobody could be stopped on offense! The highest scoring quarter ever!!
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    1. YoBoy PIZZA

      GOING LIVE ON TIKTOK AT 7:30 est Tonight @SmellyPenny BE READY!! What is the most hyped Nfl game this week?! There’s soo many good ones!😬

      1. Dzizzle Boi

        @YEET BOY Seahawks💯💯💯💯💯

      2. harmona yared

        Seahawks 49ers

      3. NOOKA


      4. Thunder Bolt

        My friends were talking about Juice World and they said I love juice and I said Yea I love Caprisun and they looked at me like I was crazy.

      5. Donovan Long

        @Aran Jaiman who dat saints lost but it was a gg

    2. Ben and Marshall Madnsess

      Mr no bulge

    3. Dianna Serrano

      Hey pizza try a game that you only catch the ball one handed 😁

    4. Gavin Schroder

      hi man

    5. Get Fucked Idiot

      It is awesome

    6. Ian Aleman

      Q sopa io


      mythbusters idea can a team of all 99s but the quarterback is a 60 overall win the super bowl

    8. JUICE Tasty

      Ok jamarcus Russell

    9. Matthew Reiss

      You are awesome your yo boy pizza. You are the best madden player in the world.

    10. JAM 1

      why whenever you are buying the grunted 91 overall pack it says that your name is Jamarcus Russell

    11. Rushil Navadia

      Pulls a Matt Ryan freaks out

    12. Jace Caje

      “Today has been a good week.” -YoBoyPizza

    13. melissa keith

      Whenever you said I’m looking sharp I thought you were joking

    14. Jamie Kennedy

      Yes it is awesome

    15. Yt Karlos

      #Weekly goal use a quarter back to score with him only and you only get one throwing touchdown I prefer you u use lamar

    16. The World of Gaming


    17. chase burda

      Everyone steal yoboypizzas password its ......

    18. Patrick Mott

      Weekly goal : In the redzone throw a Touchdown blindfolded.

    19. Nehemiah Salhab

      Do another player vs player like the one u did with the Lamar & Pat mahomes

    20. Mountain man

      90 overall pack goal: score at least 60 points in 2 games

    21. Nate Davis

      Play me in Madden user name TopWolfgang 66 on Xbox 1s.

    22. Nate Davis

      I didn't mean to say that

    23. Nate Davis

      Go suck butty checks

    24. Lexi Lex

      Hey nice video man I like it keep it up

    25. Ynw jd Ynwjd

      Play with pickle juice and loshoin

    26. David Troop

      #weekly Only score with field goals. No defense or special teams TDs either!!

    27. Ninja Kirby

      Weekly goal : miss every extra point and no 2 point conversions and get the win

    28. Elizabeth World Wide

      Weekly Goal: Get a TD on your first drive of the game

    29. Snowwolf Matthew

      Daily goal hit 4 field goals in a game

    30. Wyatt Link

      Pizza Weekly challenge! You can open any pack if you get 3 user picks in 1 game!

    31. Yaba Haji

      Look at me look at me hey stop looking at my croach y'all are weird

    32. Brendan Speckmann

      Pizza has small brain

    33. Julie McGee

      Weekly goal : get a sack with safety or get a pick with lineman

    34. Peyton Sample

      2 playoff wins for something very very very good

    35. Doubleagent 1124

      Weekly goal score a td with vick

    36. Dru TheDude

      #weeklygoal : try to score on defense in the first half

    37. _ warverine

      Weekly goal- throw zero interceptions!

    38. Zaid Ghaffari

      2:24 why is your username Jamarcus Russell?

    39. Dionisi Varvarigos

      When you don’t have a dick

    40. Fought Ferret 710

      if someone says make me say: your mom already made that mistake

    41. Schmeggle

      I have that jimmy graham he's so good

    42. The Everything Channel

      Nobody: Pizza: “Today’s been a good week”

    43. Jake Lovelock


    44. Jake Lovelock

      MMG is the best

    45. Bennett Hale

      That’s a small porch

    46. John Pettis

      Weekly goal get more than 200 passing yards or 200 rushing Like so he can do it

    47. Charlie Rachel

      Weekly goal# score all touchdowns with qb

    48. Charlie Anderson

      Weekly goal: do a hailmary inside the ten yard line and get a touchdown

    49. Josh Wagner

      Undefeated going into the playoffs for the 91 overall

    50. no 1 Cares about Evan

      Weakly goal: Get 3 int in ur own endzone and get 1 pick six or 4 safety's if u do the 4 safety's u have 3 games to get 4 safety's

    51. Willfrat8

      Who is jamarcus russel

    52. Tommy Schwarz

      For the white board, draw miles Garrett in a trash can

    53. Tommy Schwarz

      Weekly goal, not to suck, in wait, that's impossible

    54. Tommy Schwarz

      For 91 pack, get a pick six and used pick

    55. Lightning10 1 X

      Weekly goal: get two interceptions in a single quarter

    56. JohnDavid Weathers

      Do u know what Vick did to dogs


      Tom, are you doing okay? I've noticed how your energy level has dropped. If you need some time to just take a break and have sometime for yourself away from the channel and uploading. I'm sure all of us would understand.

    58. Kerry Carpenter

      White board comment pizza is the type of guy to get happy on a 87 overall cause that is all he gets

    59. Fletcher Sloas

      I know a way to usually recover a onside kick by putting the bars close to each one another

    60. Mexican Alien

      #Weeklygoal, if you can get a girl you can open 1 gold pack and if you don’t you have to pay me with ur xbox