The Problem With Video Game Movies

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Screen Rant

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    Why does Hollywood keep trying and failing to make decent movies based off of video games? Subscribe for more videos:
    10 Most Annoying Characters In Video Games:
    Video games have become a multibillion dollar industry in the past three decades. And in Hollywood, where there’s a whole other industry based on selling stories, escapism and entertainment in the form of movies, it’s tempting to want to get a piece of that pie.
    For years and years, Hollywood has been churning out movie after movie based on video game properties. We’re talking Super Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider, Sonic, Rampage, the list goes on and on. How is it possible that after 35 of these movies, not a single one has been a massive critical hit? And with the financial successes few and far between, why does Hollywood KEEP making video game movies?

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    1. Screen Rant

      Check out 10 Most Annoying Characters In Video Games:

      1. TheOnlyLegend

        I like Pokémon animated movies if that counts

      2. MonkeyKingSonGoku

        @Shady Bear it's their opinion get over it you're overreacting and I agree with them the Super Mario Bros franchise is one of the GOAT but the movie sucked. Some were ok but most people will not agree with you they really suck look.

      3. Shady Bear

        Reported. A lot that you promote is HATE. The problem with... Most annoying... etc... Why you gotta make the world worse??? I grew up with the Mario Bros movie - The first Tomb Raider movies were sick... & Warcraft was epic... So much hate in the world - stop bringing people down & lift them up instead. 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🙌💕💖💙💖💕

    2. TheStarlightKing

      The first Silent Hill movie wasn't bad. The sequel was a dumpster fire filled with literal hot garbage, but the first one wasn't bad, and bonus: Sean Bean lives.

    3. Scott King

      Do you write your own scripts .. this is amazing

    4. SteamedBunGaming

      Placing bets is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    5. Jadenm 098

      FNAF move

    6. Supermariobrown8_RBX FTW

      I wonder if Zelda would make a good film especially Breath of the wild

    7. Bre4dStix

      I think they'd need to find another game with a heavier story that isn't extremely long. More like detective pikachu because..... You know...

    8. Arief Rakhman

      I was hoping Splinter Cell movie.. but after your explanation I hope they don't make it.. 😅 Maybe they have better chance as tv series.. The Witcher is pretty good.. (but it was a novel before adapted as video game)

    9. hargarlar

      hitman 2007 is possibly the most underrated video game movie

    10. Jacob R

      I bet Amnesia the Dark Descent would make a great horror movie.

    11. Insecdroid-Games and Other Crap

      Just Cause: Directed by Michael Bay That would be the perfect adaptation for him.

    12. Use Code Yond3r

      detective pikachu was actually really good

    13. Sky Ty

      Sonic movie is good now

    14. The_Ark_King

      I can literally think of the perfect video game movie.

    15. Caio Leandro

      Of all the ones that I watched, the best ones yet are Mortal Kombat and Prince Of Persia. Sonic is looking good, though.

    16. Michael Clark

      Ryan, I'm gonna need you to get way off Mortal Kombat's back. That movie is the exception to shitty video game movies. The sequel on the other hand proves the rule.

    17. santiago perez

      What scene of captain America is that from

    18. Surreal469

      You danced all around the fact that hollywood execs often take away the part of the story we liked in the 1st place. I.e. max payne

    19. Juan Humaran

      Ryan saved Screen Rant. I'm subscribed again

    20. Seth Niccum

      Here's a novel concept; If a Video game movie wants to be successful and not awful? stick to the damn story written by actual creators of the game, and stop this god awful "Artistic interpretation" BS, that every damn film gets, because the writers of the film can't be bothered to make a direct rendition or a film based off of how the original creator envisioned it. The number one thing that kills a great story is having someone else come along and change everything because they didn't like this part or that part. When this happens, almost every time, the movie flops, or doesn't do as well as it could because the already existing audience has pre-established expectations of what they perceive will be in the film because of already existing content that was established within the story canon. The moment you get some pin head who thinks they can write a better script and story than what was pre-established, is the moment your creating a recipe for disaster that even Gordon Ramsay can't fix. Film companies need to stop giving their development team too much control over the IP content of a product they license, and work more directly with the actual original creators. This will ensure a better controlled content by the actual original creators, which will then allow the content better direction, and better focus within the main story. This also means that the content as it was written in the game, may be remade, but the story line will be more cohesive and fluid because the original creators had a more direct influence into the sequencing and story flow of the content. Thus ensuring more success in the end product.

    21. Aimee Polson

      i smiled when i heard minecraft on the movie list

    22. antwandonalds

      It's You're Opinion And It Doesn't Make It Factual Dude! Smfh!!!

    23. Alexander Harding


    24. Mighty One

      Please tell me the Tetris movie is a big budget version of the Dorkly short about the Tetris God, who bestows pieces as he sees fit, uncaring and unfeeling towards the mere mortals that have to suffer his wrath as often as they bask in his benevolence.

    25. Chris S

      They might be more popular if the protagonist was played more like most gamers play him/her/it. That would mean the protagonist would need to be a total uncaring asshole.

    26. Greg Johnson

      WAIT A SEC...Kylie Minogue was in Street Fighter?!🤣🤣🤣

    27. Critic A

      There's also other games that are gonna be movies. Like FNaF, Mario, and (one that everyone knows) Sonic.

    28. Glenn L

      watching this in October, I'm thinking: "Untitled Goose Movie"

    29. Cameron Donnell

      Overwatch would be great, as long as it’s during the Omnic crisis or before

    30. RoninXDarknight

      Bah, I loved most of these movies as a kid. Yes they're utter trash but they were fun for actual child me and still fun for adult-but-still-child me.

    31. swhawk

      Listen up: What if videogame movies were not about the actual plot that the games follow when you play them? What if they made videogame movies about the lore (be it official lore, or popular fan lore) of the world where the games take place in? That would allow for compelling stories that could fit in the run time of the film. Also, if the story is based around widely accepted fan theories or official lore, then it would definitely click with the people who are already familiar with the games, while also exposing everyone else to that side of the fandom.

    32. Samuel Roblox

      At the start Fortnite really das da bes game ever

    33. Kyle Mulkey

      First off, Mortal Kombat is fantastic

    34. Wis Dom

      As a 90's teen, we never thought that first Mortal Kombat movie was "bad". It was like the commercial that they made back then and that's all we really wanted. Although, the fights could have been better and longer. But we were previously let down by Street Fighter and Double Dragon movies (aside from the Alyssa Milano butt scene), so anything at that point remotely accurate would have been great. lol

    35. Wis Dom

      Well, that explains all the remakes.

    36. Grim Kitten

      how was warcraft bad? im pretty sure it was excatly what ya expected and kind of wanted, only thing is we would want more warcraft movies, since that one was just beginning story.

    37. Epically Awesome Gamers

      Umm how are you going to make a movie about Fruit Ninja

    38. Smash Bros Memes

      fruit ninja?

    39. Mr. Oofball {True Form}

      I found the New Super Mario Bros Movie in Area 51

    40. Because of reasons lol

      Ryan please leave screen rant You're literally the only good thing about this channel so just gooooooo to your own channel it is amazing

    41. GamingWithTLG

      Ya missed one video game movie Roblox the movie 2020

    42. Voidz

      ok but until dawn would be a great movie

    43. Adam Selvig

      Sonic is better than Mario I don’t care who says it sonic beats Mario all the way

    44. Jimmy Neutron3264

      I feel like mortal combat had a lot of potential

    45. AegisEpoch

      megaman COULD be good. dont want to be cliche but they should keep it light hearted.

    46. Hijack

      At least pixels and most of the tomb raider movies were pretty good

    47. Scorpion King

      Uncharted is an amazing game and I hope the movie is good same goes for the Last of us. The movie would be basically a zombie movie apocalypse

    48. astral fix

      I cant help but picturing you as the pitch meetings characters, so I cant take you seriusly, hahaha!

    49. Sliverersharksandwich

      I feel like Minecraft would work and call of duty would as well

    50. Joshu 51

      Maybe if filmmakers tried to mix video game 🎮 elements into their movies and then made video games based off of their movie, maybe video game movies (VGMs) would be great. 👍

    51. Brenden Dziwenka

      I honestly think Sonic could have been made into a great movie if they had actually tried to connect it to the source material outside of just "Sonic is the good guy and Eggman is the bad guy."

    52. Schwindsichtiga der Echte

      Wow, that was incredibly non-informative. Next thing you'll tell us that dairy products are made from milk.

    53. WetEgg 98

      YAY It's Ryan

    54. A. Ruiz

      Games base off movies have a much higher success rate than movies base off games.

    55. Gacha Roth The POWER MILK

      hm hello neighbor has a book series

    56. Robert J.

      I liked 10 Cloverfield Lane.

    57. Robert J.

      How is there going to be a Minecraft movie.

    58. Michael Linkovski

      Some video game cartoons aren’t as bad, like Sonic Sat Am

    59. McKein Mull

      Mortal Kombat is a fun movie

    60. Helena Fisher

      It's not gonna make 4 billion more dollars in 6 years Challange accepted I'll do it myself if that's what it takes