The New Ghostbusters Movie With Paul Rudd Is Not What You Expected

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    Paul Rudd Is Coming To The Big Screen, But not For Marvel This Time
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    So the last time the Ghostbusters franchise was seen by movie goers, was back in 2016 with the Paul Feig-helmed reboot starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. After that film wasn’t actually received well, most of us just kinda accepted that the series was done. Out of three films, we got one really good, iconic entry. A fairly decent follow up...and the other one. So on the whole, not a bad run.
    So when we heard that Jason Reitman, the son of Ivan Reitman, the director and producer of the first two films, was taking a swing at the series with a direct sequel to Ghostbusters II, seemingly ignoring Ghostbusters 2016, a lot of us fans were hesitantly optimistic.
    And now, we have finally got the first official trailer for the film, entitled Ghostbusters: Afterlife. And it looks pretty flippin’ interesting.
    So let’s go ahead and break the trailer down, seeing what kind of stuff we can expect from the long awaited third entry in the series. Or know what, let’s just get to it.
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    1. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

      Antman has entered the Quantum Realm, now he's ready for the Ghost Realm

      1. Blair McDougall

        Good vibes from the trailer not the same tone as 1984 but i have a good feelin

      2. Thomas Dixon, Jr

        @Marlon Sanchez as crazy as they may seem to some, THAT is a twist i'd gladly accept!! Seriously

      3. Marlon Sanchez

        Now we NEED to see giant Ant man vs Mr. Stay Puffed!

    2. David Rangel

      Work with the kids

    3. David Rangel

      No cause I like the girls at least the old people

    4. obi wan5j

      The size and the color of the ghost in the trailer looks a little like the first ghost you trap in the 2009 vedio game.

    5. LoganStarCraft

      What in 2016? There wasn't a trash Ghost Buster that's for sure :P

    6. N3G4T1V3

      Please stop using the word "so" to begin your commentary, it's extremely annoying.

    7. Phillip Rhoades

      Shandor Mining Co, dude ;)

    8. Phillip Rhoades

      Everyone called mulligans on that 2016 crap-pile

    9. jban642

      Its a 3rd movie, that abortion of a film in 2016 does not count.

    10. Michael Khoury

      Correction: we got one good iconic one, one equally good sequel, and have been waiting for part 3 ever since. Fembusters was clearly a terrible parody gone wrong and is no sooner a Ghostbusters film than "hot shots" is a sequel or remake to Top Gun.

    11. Russ Davis

      If people have an open mind without expectations they will probably enjoy this movie.

    12. Zero Kool

      Ok listen up Hollywood. We are all in for this movie. Its going good so far. Now we just need for the old cast to play a major role in this NOT A CAMEO. You fo this and its a GOOOOOOAAAAAL.

    13. Anthony Gratter

      How did you miss Shandor Mining!?

    14. Korrey Meehan

      I think it looks cool 😁

    15. Gary M

      0:05 - THAT is why no-one takes their movie seriously.

    16. Stan Tehee

      I lay odds that the entire town was founded by Gozer followers and made by the architect Ivo Shanders. Eagon moved there to study the phenomenons...and that’s how we got to today, and why one of the demon dogs are running around.

      1. Stan Tehee

        Hence the Shandor Mining company sign

    17. Ted Wasserman

      The preview looks horrible I’m hoping the movie is better. I live in Podunk USA and this is not a good setting for the Ghostbusters.

    18. JaceD4V1S88

      The smoke/suds ghost has 4 limbs its not slimer


      I hope they wait I want to see the old cast as I watch the movie. Not try to wait for the scene I might think there in.

    20. chadiewacker

      Looks AWESOME! GB 2016 might of been good without Melissa McCarthy. She is a one trick pony.

    21. Zediah Timmons

      You know Ghost Busters the video game was considered the entry in the series

    22. Hogtown1986

      Harold Ray-Miss, not Harold Ray-Mees. And PKE meter, not PK meter.

    23. J McGill

      Ivo Shandor owned the mine, which is shown in the trailer, which is where the mineshaft that they're sitting above is located. He's also famously known for starting the cult, and designing the apartment building in GB1. Since Gozer seems to be a main plot point again, the hell hounds would be needed to summon the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster. I think it will be a great addition to the GB universe! Great video! 🙂

    24. Un Deadly

      if the original cast doesnt play a big role in the movie then i dont care about the movie

    25. deadeye

      I don't want no ghost money!

    26. Squicx

      Jason Reitman has acquired the title of "Son of Ivan Reitman" almost everywhere I go

    27. JAY KANUCK

      Looks good, I am excited to watch it. Nostalgia Fever in Hollywood is MONSTER SQUAD Next?

    28. JAY KANUCK

      Looks good, I am excited to watch it. Nostalgia Fever in Hollywood is MONSTER SQUAD Next?

    29. Kris Komar

      OH NO YOU DENT. It's not Harold Raimes. It's Harold Rames.

    30. John Kestner

      This would be pretty flippin' interesting...if Stranger Things, Super 8, and The Goonies never existed. There isn't one funny thing in the entire teaser.

    31. John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

      The last one couldn't be worse, so the bar was set on the floor.

    32. Christian

      Is the kid with the glasses a girl? Is he sure about that?

      1. John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier

        I believe that's Mckenna Grace from Gifted. A child actor that can actually act. That's a very rare thing, considering George Lucas couldn't find one to play little Anakin Skywalker.

    33. Simon Watten

      Did you just completely miss the name of the mine, this is a huge link to the original movie

    34. nel 9

      Paul Rudd & some weird looking kids doesn't = Ghostbusters

    35. Joshua Wentz

      Towards the end of the trailer thats bill Murray doing the voice one has caught that lol

    36. InstaltechCarAudio

      There bloody best be some comady! That’s the point

    37. Elizabeth Lynch

      Egon should be a hologram to his family. Awesome homage to Star Wars and the original Ghostbusters

    38. Akira2805

      There were 3 things that peaked my interest about this movie. 1: it's a direct sequel from the original films in the same universe. 2: Gozer, Terror Dogs, and possible the Library Ghost will make a classic return. 3: the trailer depicts that so much is shrouded in mystery which raises even more questions. One mystery being The Shandor mine. AKA Ivo Shandor, the very same archetech that created the building/Gozers Gate in the first film. Meaning somewhere in that mine, there must be another such gate. All that alone, is enough to make me want to see this movie.

    39. Dan Rittenhouse

      Wasn’t Bill Murray’s voice heard during the scene with the Ghost breaking the bus windows?

    40. Vod Jarrel

      Still wont watch it

    41. Old School Uncensored

      After the last one, I'm managing my expectations, even with Paul Rudd

    42. Michael

      I've got the feeling, this movie will have a "dark fate" 😉

    43. Jonathan Grandt

      How do you know what I expected? And yet you are correct. Are you a god? PS is it less expensive to film in a random field as opposed to NYC? Haha. Is it just me or does that one chick kid look like Felicity?

    44. Jon-David Alexander

      I’m excited!!!

    45. Bert Style

      IT does look cool

    46. Duo Maxwell

      I prefer that the OG ghostbusters weren't in this trailer, this is a passing of the torch to the next generation, with Ivan to Jason directing, from the OG to Egon's grandkids. save the OG's for unveiling in the movie, don't ruin it in the trailers.

    47. Bill Lynch

      When you mispronounce Harold Ramis’ last name, you’ve failed.

      1. Word Unheard

        Stfu, Bill Lunch.

    48. Rxslinger

      I'm calling it now. Paul Rudd is baby Oscar from Ghostbusters 2.

      1. Ruth Miller

        Oh I hope it is so!

    49. Mark Halver

      Pretty sure Paul Rudd is the villain. I'm betting he is a member of the Gozer cult. The mine is likely the selenium mine that the tower in the first movie's girders was made of, as the mine is named after the guy who started the Gozer cult.

    50. PoliteWerewolf

      Did you pronounce his name as Harold "Reemis"? Also, it's not an oil well. It's a mine shaft. You can see a sign saying "Shandor Mining" in the trailer, which is interesting because Evo Shandor is mentioned in the first movie as the leader of a cult that built Dana's apartment building.

    51. Renaud Villacis

      Ray Mussssss

    52. Simon Lane

      My guess is that the original gang show to save the day.

    53. Colonel2005

      How funny would it be if the original cast confirmed to be in the movie was just a youtube clip of the original basically like the staypuffed scene

    54. Misfit Monster

      A temple of Gozer is under the farm...

    55. Misfit Monster

      Gozer is back!!! And they will contact Egons ghost i bet...

    56. Crypto Vin

      The Ghost Busters reboot was the sad leftist Hollywood scene trying to force women in lead roles on us. It failed miserably.

    57. ponokunishima1

      Yes, I can’t wait! I grew up loving the Ghostbusters movies! Too bad Igon passed, would have loved to see a third movie! Sure, the all-women one was cool and all, but not if you’re a fan of the original and I wasn’t really impressed. I love that this is a continuation and I hope that the do show the original cast.

    58. Spencer Welch

      @1:36 Not "Ray-meez" ya daft pillock it's pronounced "Ray-miss" You guyz are a fairly large channel...research name pronunciations before making a video.

    59. LARGE LIFE


    60. David

      If you think that is what an "oil well" looks like please for your safety never leave the city