The Mamas - Move - Sweden 🇸🇪 - Official Video - Eurovision 2020

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    The Mamas will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam with the song Move.

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    1. Eurovision Song Contest

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      1. The Hanpro Music

        sasse Brasse du är också svensk!

      2. Сергей Мышецкий

        I will vote for this song, thank you,❤️🇷🇺))

      3. _DRUN_ 2007

        @GARBAR слава, слава, слава

      4. _DRUN_ 2007

        Little big топ

      5. Roma Karczewska

        I'like this song

    2. Lukas Mollstätter

      The dislikes are probably from all swedish male singers. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Irmela Franjkovic

      Die singen gut

    4. Александр Зайцев

      Круто Максим

    5. Aleksandra Ola

      😄😄😄❤🤪❤😭enjoy enjoy enjoy

    6. Bacilna Brittany

      this song sounded really similar to Sweden's entry back in 2017

      1. Isa Party

        What? They’re literally almost opposites

    7. luna faolan

      Have their singin with John Lundwick? The looks same like the women last year

      1. LadyLe


    8. Jean-Marc Cousin

      En fait ça c'est ce que la France aurait dû envoyer en 2019 si une poignée d'abrutis de juifs qui avaient des intérêts financiers et commerciaux n'avaient pas réussit à faire envoyer cet abrutit (mais qui a du talent) de Bilal Hassani!!!!

    9. K-Bean Mixes

      the middle one looks kinda like Lizzo

    10. Gioele Galeone


    11. othairo

      гспд это шикарно, для меня это абсолютная победа, и не надо писать типо нет это литл биг круче всех

    12. Brian de Waard

      Again, Sweden was my favorite. Europe's most musical country. After Holland of course :).

    13. Yves P.

      Damn Sweden. I'm addicted to this song. Every freakin year actually! hahaha. great job. Perfect score for you, Zero points to Corona. hahahaha. :D

    14. Alex

      They definitely would've won had the competition gone ahead O.O. I've been singing this for weeks! XD. Such harmonies!, absolutely stunning :D x

    15. ta da

      actually ok not my music but ok I still hope for some Metal from sweden every year

      1. Isa Party

        Lmao that’s not gonna happen so don’t get your hopes up

    16. Александр Смит

      Очень красивые и голос приятный 1 место заслужено !

    17. - Doris The Duckie -

      These 3 girls gonna move to the win

    18. Paulina Kwiczala


    19. Ben Harriman

      Are these the dancers from Sweden’s Eurovision last year??

      1. LadyLe

        Yes, and singers

    20. valerio xia

      i love this song

    21. Mei

      Where Good

    22. SannAnn

      I'm so happy they are continuing to perform together after the last year😍😍😍

    23. Davit Isahakyan

      WINNER 🏆🥇🏅🎖 *corona takes away their win

    24. Maria Vallejos

      Amazing ♡

    25. Sally Pike

      Everything has been cancelled I was quite looking forward to this we all have to wait until next year's

    26. David Alvarez

      It is very similar to that of 2019

    27. tawnypelt98

      I knew that I have heard them before! They were a part of the Swedish act in 2019, I so so soooo hoped that they will get a chance to compete once as well (and on their own) and here we are unfortunately in this situation, I hope they will be able to do it next year around tho!

    28. yisil

      So sweet 💖

    29. Γιωργος Παπαδατος

      Nice sweden !!!! 12 points !!!

    30. Lynn Jacob

      If eurovision went ahead this,I think they would have won 💖💖

    31. Ibraheem Mouhab

      I hope they win

    32. hamc76

      Bonito tema... favorito igual.. mucha fuerza,,energia bkn. Saludos

    33. Gert Hess

      Super The Mamas - Move - Sweden 💖💖💖

    34. Abrahán Sáez Sánchez

      Canción muy animada con grandes voces,las más simpáticas de esta edición.

    35. Иван Иван

      Пусть похожи на м/ф Геркулес. Но по набору динамики, голоса, энергии, со мно может не согласятся остальные, но мне, чувствуется, что это настоящие победители!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Иван Иван

      они однозначно доллжны взять первое место)))))))))))

    37. Abigail Jaques

      This song is amazing!!! - love from Australia ☺️💕

    38. Laia Méndez Siurana

      OMG, I see winners😍

    39. Rico oric

      There will be a live action version of Hercules. Disney here are 3 of your Muses.

    40. pepe manolo garcia paniagua

      12 POINTS FOR SWEDEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Savvas Savva


    42. Saverio Casalino

      Mammamiaa fortissimeeee

    43. Natasha Buzdugan

      Какие они подвижные,зажигательные, шикарные вокальные данные. Мне очень понравились Мамочки!

    44. Veronica Ebeling

      First time Sweden sends something that us low key on the effects and cinematic stuff... first time a predominantly white country sends a strong ethnic trio... AND ESC IS CANCELLED.

    45. Hélio Sato

      This would be my top pick, their voices mix so well it gives me the shivers, the song also has a nice rythm and some cool lyrics. . . . too bad covid messed this years Eurovision

    46. Iván Celma

      Yo necesito esto en 2021.

    47. D. Dominik

      Soulless song ...

    48. Gefest 111

      The best song of this evrovision, mb Russia can fight with them but ....

    49. Laura Kahle

      It's very sad, that the Eurovision 2020 was cancelled. 😥

    50. Molster Playz

      I’m supposed to be supporting uk but I ended up keep listening to you

    51. יהודית ארנבייב

      it's song Amazing 😍😍 from israel

    52. Marciano Brouwer

      Why is Sweden always good?

    53. Florian Meidinger

      That’s a really great song :) Love it’s vibes, energy and happiness and positivity!! And also that picture of women that this song and especially the performance is transporting: A picture of women that are strong and happy - and not connected to some ideas and ideologies men have of women to be just kind of ”sexy things“ on stages!

    54. Dana


    55. Tommy G

      Just here getting my daily fill of the song and performance

    56. The Old Time Gamer

      All the dislikes are from jealous Americans (Ashley Haynes is from Washington District of Columbia)

    57. Niko Niko Ni

      Arent these the backsingers from john lundvick last Year??

    58. Vanya Yanakieva

      101% Sweden was going to win this year !!!

    59. Jenny Gavelin

      Sweden 🇸🇪#

    60. J Carson

      Was cheering for Iceland but these gals come in a close second! So great! Too Late For Love is awesome also!

    61. Agnieszka Sosińska

      The best song of Eurovision 2020 💞

    62. Amy Haywood

      Amazing love you girls

    63. Denis

      For once my Sweden sends a song that we just like, is fun and not as calculated and polished as usual. Then virus happened..Hope we Continue sending fun next year

    64. El ise

      Sweden does it again

    65. White Queen

      Супер песня

    66. Svetlana Gutnyk

      Io sono origine !!! Sparisci! !! E così sia !!!

    67. Thomston T


    68. Happy Avenger


    69. Jochen Sambale

      .. and no esc in 2020 .. what a waste .. 12 points from germany ..

    70. eriiik 89

      The crowd dangggg

    71. Paula Popescu

      I just love them dearly since heard last year...and the song is just amazing!

    72. Idkifimweird

      i love the song!Best song ever

    73. Ада Вернер

      Это просто любовь с первой ноты, с первого взгляда :(

    74. Botafogoplayground


    75. Noel McMahon

      I am still in love with this masterpiece and it should have won the Eurovision song contest

    76. Matteo Siefert

      Damn, they can SING!

    77. А Ф

      Толстые негритянки вместо стройных блондинок :( !!!

    78. Donellis Browne

      Douze points.

    79. Sude Craft

      It feels like a summer song

    80. HarryTMM

      Is it just me or do these gals remind me of the muses in hercules