THE JOKER BATTLE! | Heath Ledger vs. Joaquin Phoenix vs. Jared Leto (The Battle Of The Clowns)

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    The 3 versions of the iconic character "The Joker" comes face to face in an epic battle!
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    This is not a commercial but a personal project and I'm not affiliated with any company.

    Voice acting by Nik Zutshi:
    SEsels: Nik Zutshi
    TikTok: @nik_zutshi
    Joaquin Phoenix Head 3D Model by "Azzeddin Douakha"
    Soundtracks by Filip Oleyka:

    Marvel vs. DC - The Ultimate Crossover (Part I)
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    - Hello everyone my name is Saruhan Saral. Studying Graphic Design in Istanbul. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge super hero fan. Hope you enjoy my videos!

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    1. Mightyraccoon!

      Hope you enjoyed the fight! Please make sure you check my other videos and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to the channel :) (There was a little editing mistake in 3:53 I’m sorry about that!)

      1. i am egg

        HexNa 15 it really doesn’t fucking matter. Keep your opinions to yourself.

      2. i am egg

        Mightyraccoon! So what’s the mistake?

      3. Deus do Hentai

        PLEASE PART 2 with Jérôme and Jeremiah from gotham

    2. smilosuchus 2007 year of glory

      No nicholson no life

    3. Nata Y Sofi Idrobo Obando

      Ledger el mejor

    4. cole allen

      I know Jared Leto joker sucks but I want his purple coat I think it looks cool but not a joker style

    5. Nandini Dallary

      Heath ledger✌

    6. Gunslinger

      Joker : wanna hear a joke? *Show jared leto face!*

    7. ricardo gaytan

      Heat ledger el mejor

    8. Filtroph

      Spoiler alert Your mom wins


      absolutely right

    10. The nacho man Candy savage

      Well that was dumb.

    11. Ahmad Ramadani

      Masok kang

    12. Nick Imvu

      Fala negos

    13. pablio Viana


    14. HUNiK ANiMATiONS

      Not Mr. Phoenix, somewhat Jared Leto but Mr. Ledger! He is looking so real!

    15. Joker's Girl

      Heath Ledger is the King of Jokers ❤️👍😘😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    16. Jester Joseph

      Ledger: Terrorist Leto: Gangster Phoenix: Poverty-Stricken Anarchist

    17. Белый Мел

      Ledger:why did you do that? Pheonix: I though that will be fun? Ledger: NO! YOU IDIOT! Pheonix:........ hehehe. Ledger:WHAT’S SO FUNNY? Pheonix: *.....Knock knock* :) Ledger: D:

    18. Baybars Aytug Gülşen

      Real or game or animaiton ?

    19. Angel Amy

      Oh no!! Joaquin didnt win 😥😥

    20. Sam Kresil

      0:59 Bloody hell! The voice sounds EXACTLY like Ledger`s voice! It sounds brilliantly well designed! And later on with Leto`s voice. 1:04

    21. Sam Kresil

      0:20 This should be good, I can tell.

    22. Mr Cupcakes

      Joker 2019 has dead eye..that shit is really scary because you sense no emotions. Its like looking into a abyss. Atleast Ledgers joker has some life in him.

    23. sexy tube 8

      Make venom vs wolverine

    24. Retro dealer 64#

      I'm glad they pick the right Joker hahaha😆.

    25. Sudarshan .R

      The bat never uses guns


      Joaquin phoenix need to win! Dislike

    27. Erwin Geli

      Hey !! I want the new joker to win guys like if the new joker needs to win or comment if the dark knight joker win

    28. era gon

      How do you do that? I wanna do that

    29. Slowepanter 6

      Jared Leto's Joker looks like what would happen if Ace Ventura became a Mumble Rapper.

    30. Skull King OG

      u forgot about Jack's joker!! but Heath for the win! the best joker that ever shall exist god rest his soul. u should check out ERB Joker vs Pennywise. Joker kills it.



    32. Fire gaming

      Nice video

    33. Armand Ash

      I love how our winner is the one who lost his fight in real life 💯 Rest Well Heath Ledger ❤️

    34. Junior Abreu

      It would of been funny if Jared Leto joker would of said please I don’t want no beef when they surround him

    35. Uzumaki Naruto

      On a hand to hand combat ledger's joker would still win and I hate to say this but Phoenix joker would lose cuz he has no fighting experience

    36. Guachas XD


    37. Joker 2019

      I could’ve sworn the scene at 3:14 was longer before.

      1. Noatak

        I know but why not anymore why don't worry you didn't imagine it

    38. ATM Ziin

      Joker three ?

    39. Ali Raza

      rip edit 3:26

    40. Nov 5062

      Ahem.... JACK NICHOLSON?????