The Champions: Season 3, Episode 5

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    The goalkeepers need to come together to save the planet-but can Manuel Neuer and Marc-Andre ter Stegen set aside their rivalry? ☄️
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    If you enjoyed this episode of the Champions there's two more series to watch. And the season finale culminates next week: Same time, same place.

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    1. Varun Suresh

      Yes you are sacked valverde!!

    2. Majid Gholami

      you're sacked valverde

    3. Yamin Ovik

      Who's here after Velverde really got sacked?

    4. Riyadh AlSaggaf

      Yeah Valverde you’ve sacked finally after month from airing this episode 😭😭😭, it was like never happening anytime soon

    5. HADiS Bajrami

      is 2020

    6. Berk Bekir

      Yes verelard jour sacked

    7. Gustta R S Terao


    8. Пир Мышей

      I'm Андрей Пьятов, starting goalkeeper Шахтар Донецк

    9. Rory Hawkins

      2:20 Kyle walker chilling with his 100% save rate

    10. leo solis

      Yes Valverde, you have been sacked.

    11. Daniel Mekwunye

      You've been sacked

    12. MAYALAIN2114

      Me gustaría que lo tradujieran a español

    13. Abdi Lasse

      4:12 he got 6 fingers

    14. Mridul Sharma

      Valverde you are sacked.

    15. Hyper Drawer

      Notice six fingers

    16. Crusty Rims

      Valverde just letting you know yur sacked

    17. Andris Brugós

      1:52 there's Király Gábor's legendary sweat-pants on the wall! Magyarok ti is láttátok?

    18. Bind Torture Kill

      You've just sacked, Valverde.

    19. Syarifuddin Amin

      2:19 did anyone see kyle walker on the left

    20. Hisham Owadally.13

      4:12 why does he have six finger

    21. Alexandre Ferreira

      Even the Call of Duty reference was on point.

    22. Shun 123

      At 2:19 did you see Kyle walker

    23. Adil Billah

      You've been sacked

    24. daniel teo

      Sacked in the morning

      1. Striker

        @daniel teo ?

      2. daniel teo


    25. Stallone Ngassa

      valverde you have been sacked now

    26. Caleb Grant

      Valverde sacked

    27. scouse gin

      You've been sacked

    28. Cesar Requinto Flores Official

      Oh hey valverde has been sacked

    29. Messi Andres

      Valverde has finally been sacked

    30. Malusi Lubisi

      I want more of this please please please

    31. Nkosana Vidima

      Valverde asked us to inform him if he's been sacked and here i am

    32. Wagner 1506


    33. ArdhikaIdiotic

      Im here to say valverde is sacked now

    34. Moropoli Neo

      0:24 lmao Valverde you have been sacked!!!!!!

    35. Lemonations

      0:23 yeh your sacked

    36. Antonio Torres

      These are gold 😂😂

    37. Bianca Mullner

      Fired on 1/13/20

    38. Edson Ochoa

      You've been sacked today Valverde lol

    39. Meme Legend

      valverde u got sacked boiii

    40. Ya boi Skinny penis

      0:24who’s here after Valverde got sacked 😂

    41. Ketevan Okruashvili

      5:00 why this guy have a 6 fingers

      1. Noobmaster69

        Go to 4:05

    42. Halili Skender


    43. Neo Sourabh

      No u haven't been sacked yet and hopefully you'll never be sacked velverde.

    44. Filip rey Andrei


    45. Spedbboi

      Why does Atlanta United’s logo look generic but all the other logos look legit

      1. Karl

        That actually was Atalanta, they made a mistake. A bunch of people keep making wrong between Atlanta and Atalanta

    46. Prince fring

      He Was R.I.P Lev yashin

    47. Anthony Amirian

      like for Ter Stegan or reply for Neuer

    48. lucas zegarra

      Anyone else notice the meteor hit Monaco ? Maybe thats where the champions mansion is 😅

    49. ALFA

      please Subtitles in spanish please !

    50. PKthe Cartoon

      he did contract a yellow STD

    51. CroMaster OfGaming

      I've just noticed that in season 1 episode 7 intro Mourinho says that in season 3 things will go very bad. I guess he was right.

    52. Łukasz Matulis

      Ukrain Goalkeeper has 6 fingers hahaha :D

    53. Cristian Ronald

      Andre Onana:Hey! No strikers allowed! Muller:Don't worry I'm not a striker. Allison:We know,your a rubbish player

    54. BMW Bayern

      Nouer, Ter Stegen, Leno, Trap)

    55. Duy Công Phạm

      1:52 *is there someone on the left?!*

    56. mudassir awad

      the best part begins at 4:34.

    57. PoiZoN

      Best episode so far

    58. Kine Mulusa

      You guys notice Alisson has the 18/19 jersey, right?

    59. Fabian Del Toro

      4:13 why does he have 6 fingers

    60. Pestka

      Szkoda że nie ma napisów po polsku 😔