The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat



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    Pizza In A Brick Oven
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    1. Sakshi Singhvi


    2. Liz D


    3. SlightlyReal

      Out-Pizza the hut!??! Are you fucking insane!?!?! you're asking for certain death! the gods don't want you to out-pizza the hut!

    4. Jon Koch

      This should be titled "How many times can the word Like be said in a cooking video"

    5. grill

      Could you turn that music up!

    6. Rubab Healthy Cooking

      Nice recipe dear. #RubabHealthyCooking

    7. Robin D. Phillips

      Not using sugar. Sugar HATES me. Flour has enough natural occurring sugar in it to bloom the yeast. Thanks for sharing.

    8. And i oop *Blink*

      Wow! I've learned a lot, I can't wait till I try this when I turn 35.


      Ma che sto vedendo poi é stracotta

    10. Oneday App

      Recipe in grams?

    11. gazala a

      I dont like pizza.. But my husband does so its for him

    12. Ananya Sharma

      I have tried making it and worked It is sooo good

    13. Migge pigge

      Now we are adding some FRESH ricotta, some FRESH yeast ,FRESH, fresh, fresh and some FRESH pestoooo

    14. bogdaneraser

      Add the mozzarella later on in that kind of oven...

    15. Abdullah Ansari

      I love the way this lady talks. She also voiced the cast iron video and the steak one

    16. L0RD_N0VA

      It’s 4 am Should I prepare some dough

    17. L0RD_N0VA

      How much water am I supposed to add ‘~’

      1. L0RD_N0VA

        Oh I just noticed they put Never mind

    18. L0RD_N0VA

      Your voice is Super nice and soothing It makes my day

    19. Simone Marzullo

      I made a few of my pizzas in this oven! Sometimes I use it for private catering too Check it out on my Instagram @PizzaSinner

      1. Max Mustermann

        fck off sellout btch

    20. Mahmoud Albiomy

      9:39 let it rise 24 h in room temperature or in the fridge?

    21. Dildo Baggins

      No mention of what type of tomato to use? Fucking useless recipe. San Marzano is what you want. Nothing else

    22. kim kurtz

      Why the annoying music drowning out the video?

    23. RG

      Tell me Who’s has made it ? How did it turn out? I don’t want to scroll forever to find out?

    24. Luna Gomes

      *makes enough dough for 4 pizza’s* Producer: You can share them, with your family, or at a party! Me: Uhm excuse me, my fat ass is gonna eat all of these, like tf-

    25. upasana singh

      I ate dominoes while watching this

    26. Polar Apple

      No offense but that cheese looks burnt and the symmetry is wonky. Other then that useful!

    27. Cuz Gaming

      Me: Tries to make the pizza Also me: Makes a burnt "brownie"

    28. Zehra F

      "Im A pErFeCt BiTeR"

    29. • Gacha Marelle •

      5:48 ÒoÓ A Pizza Slime!!

    30. Dr Acklebrut

      Such a wanky hipster video. So much good will. Makes me want to puke!!

    31. Mohammed Moeez

      where is Chicken / Mutton / Beef ? Sausages ? Olives ? Mushrooms ? 🤦‍♂️🙄 this pizza looks so empty that way😐

      1. Marais fan 4 life

        It was a margarita 🤦‍♀️

    32. yt - M

      You know what I mean like YUM!!!

    33. sakuL

      Made my dough today, letting it sit for 24 hours. Can’t wait to try it!

    34. Bruce Chehadi

      She sucks

      1. Pharaoh Gaming

        @Bruce Chehadi Does your opinion matter though? Didn't think so lol. You suck, get over it.

      2. Bruce Chehadi

        Pharaoh Gaming if I reply its not because your opinion matters it’s because my opinion matters. She sucks bro get over it.

      3. Pharaoh Gaming

        @Bruce Chehadi I'm sure you would know all about goo pizza lol. Everyone is a professional in the SEsels comments. Except you. And if my opinion didn't matter you wouldn't have replied. And don't give me some lame excuse to that.

      4. Bruce Chehadi

        Pharaoh Gaming how do you know what i can do? I mean yoir opinion doesn’t matter to me go ahead and make her crappy pizza.

      5. Pharaoh Gaming

        @Bruce Chehadi And yet she still manages to be better than you. But that's still not impressive tbh. Seeing on how you only have to boil a pot of noodles to achieve that.

    35. binqsu

      *Gets $1.98 frozen pizza from Aldi*

    36. Benjamin Maynard

      Didnt work.

      1. Marais fan 4 life

        It does work

    37. Benjamin Perry

      She needs to say the word "like" like, like a lot of like more times like :D Good tips for the dough!

    38. Barath Balakrishnan

      My mind: Let's do it.. A MINUTE later: Me: Hello Dominos, 1 large pizza with extra pepperoni..

      1. 「Lucky Duck」

        Underrated comment alert

      2. Marais fan 4 life

        Unpopular opinion: I love Pizza Hut better

      3. •Nightcore Wolfie•

        Barath Balakrishnan lol 😂

    39. Pals P

      A youtube channel that goes straight to recipe. Wtf

      1. Pals P

        @Marais fan 4 life I think so

      2. Marais fan 4 life

        Pals P this is a food channel??

    40. peeeons

      8:30 pizza looked like one of Floops Flooglies from Spy Kids

    41. Tristan Indrayanto

      This is for 4 pizzas, but how about only 1 or 2? If anyone knows a recipe pls reply. Thanks...

    42. Troy Padilla

      8:01 omg is that recycled pizza because its uneven?!?!!?!😱

      1. FAZMI SAJID

        ugb llll0

    43. do kyungsoo

      muted this cuz its so annoying

    44. Donald Trump 2020


    45. Lenny F

      I'm just loving that annoying loud music that drowns out her dialogue.

      1. Miguel the musician Torres

        Its not even that loud, yall are seriously overreacting

      2. Wotdermatter

        I have turned many videos off after a minute or two because of the overly loud music. This one holds the record for the shortest time ever - 10 seconds. Turned off the sound, wrote this screed then changed the video. 'nuf sed.

      3. Salvadori Popadillo

        Same I'm just here for the Muzak.


      I tried this step by step and the doe was horrible and it was not brown when cooked

      1. Marais fan 4 life

        THE ENDERDEMON check out David Seymour’s vid

    47. Benjamin Maynard

      Can I use a stainless bowl to rest the dough?

    48. Vispen Yo

      I dont like pizza. And she dont want to be friends with me... fine then i dont wanna be friend with her... :(

      1. aishah zakariyah

        U remind me of one od my friends

    49. Death Roid TV

      Title: The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat Me Being Me: But i Didnt Even Eat It

      1. Galaxy Smoothie


    50. Eric Liestoh

      Pretty nice looking dough there, but why so little salt in the formulation? And ricotta is OK, but there’s nothing light about it. Try buratta instead if you want a nice creamy cheese on your pizza. Just my two cents’ worth.

    51. Ayyy ItsAaryn

      And I’m here with my sad hot pocket

    52. Henry Fergusson

      Seriously voice

    53. William Grant

      Spiritual food shepherdschapelcom theseasonorg Explains whole bible God bless

    54. Bendude 21

      What type of flour

      1. Bendude 21

        DaRealist MyNizzle thank you sooo much

      2. DaRealist MyNizzle

        All Purpose Flour or Bread Flour

    55. Vertigo heister

      Would this work gluten free

    56. EJ 2027Chen

      The dough looks like play dough slime that when u add heat it turns in to food 😋

    57. adhish eswaran

      Amy adams ? 🤔

    58. Sloppy Toppy

      The narration is so bad! “Sciencey” really?! Yuck!

    59. حبيب الكل الممتاز

      Annoying music

    60. MonsieurCoinCoin

      Nice shirt