The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade

Critical Role

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    Live from the Bass Concert Hall in Austin, TX, Taryon Darrington leads a troupe of unlikely miscreants through a dangerous journey in search of glory!
    This one-shot takes place 10 years following the end of Campaign 1 and includes some Vox Machina spoilers.
    Original character art by Aviv Or:
    - Taryon Darrington and Doty miniatures by Steamforged Games:
    - Darrington Brigade miniatures provided by Eldritch Foundry:
    - Miniatures painted by Iron Tusk Painting:
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    1. Flando Maltrizian

      HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 2:55 Slash 5:30 Cast intro 7:15 Sam intro 10:05 Sam pledges loyalty 12:10 Karaoke intro cinematic 14:00 Episode Starts 18:10 Recap Ends, and everyone stares at eachother 19:00 Tary’s intro 22:00 The Owlbear intro 23:30 Farriwen Breeze intro 25:55 Hazel Copperpot intro 27:30 Tary’s new books 28:45 Hazel’s radio play (Marisha came prepared) 31:40 Doty is obsolete 32:55 Damion Vadoma’s intro 35:20 Buddy’s intro 36:20 Macaroni Samsonite’s intro 38:20 Lionel’s reintroduction 39:30 Engagement survey 41:20 Tary is pretty 44:20 Vox Machina’s initiation ceremony 45:10 Owlbear vs. Farriwen 47:40 F’rank Myller 51:50 Owlbear is so gritty 56:35 Should’ve seen Bear totem coming 58:25 Copperpot vs. Buddy 1:00:50 Buddy’s first experience with color 1:13:30 This was so poorly organized 1:14:30 Owlbear doesn’t need your heals 1:15:50 Hazel tries to network 1:16:55 Mac vs. Damion 1:18:25 Mac starts things off right 1:23:25 Bye, Ashley 1:25:25 Tary comes clean 1:27:35 Dog names 1:29:05 Owlbear figures out his new cave 1:31:10 Damion appreciates Tary’s mom 1:32:15 Owlbear preaches justice 1:33:00 Preview 1:34:40 Owlbear hides 1:38:15 Damion doesn’t actually know anything 1:39:15 Mac knows how to write up the contract 1:41:50 Tary does free signatures 1:43:40 Lionel’s dreams 1:44:40 Adventure for brunch 1:45:30 An unnecessary whisper 1:48:35 Competing recorder 1:50:05 Owlbear stealth 1:54:30 Owlsight (think about it) 1:56:55 Buddy the telepath 1:58:00 Farriwen is a portable fan 1:59:35 Owlbear lowkey hates geese, and advocates vengeance 2:01:05 Hazel the meat shield 2:02:05 Owlbear is always hidden 2:07:35 Hazel takes poetic license 2:08:40 Break Starts 2:19:50 Break Ends 2:20:45 Map is out (you can snort a lot of things) 2:23:40 Hazel holds up that rear 2:25:20 Dire McGruff 2:27:50 Taliesin suits up 2:29:55 Macaroni on deck 2:33:30 Micro-celebration 2:34:50 Afterparty 2:39:55 Inevitable 300 reference 2:43:15 DM privileges 2:44:05 Pyrotechnyics 2:51:00 Best bear pun 2:52:15 Ohana 2:56:35 Average monking 2:59:40 Matt lays down a rule judgement (he is correct) 3:01:00 Batman 3:02:25 Hazel makes it clap 3:07:45 SWEAR TO ME 3:08:10 HDYWTDT 3:08:55 Rewriting history 3:11:00 Duck senses 3:13:30 The Brigadines 3:16:40 Pipe of the Sewers is not very good 3:21:40 Cavern map out 3:24:10 Duckhemoth 3:26:30 Battle begins 3:30:35 Marisha has hit Liam many times 3:31:35 Evil most foul 3:40:45 Syllable inspiration 3:51:15 DuckTentacles 3:52:55 DuckTales jokes > bear jokes 3:55:10 Can confirm: it is not 3:58:00 Matt was hiding his duck noises the whole time 4:01:00 Sam asks what we’ve all been wondering 4:10:35 Damion is all about family 4:11:10 Sentinel frustration 4:13:35 Unconscious haste 4:15:35 The first Foley artist, canon 4:26:35 HDYWTDT 4:29:25 Stone has passed 4:30:10 Tary’s rights are unclear 4:32:05 Honoring the fallen 4:33:55 That concludes this adventure The in-game start date for the episode was some point in 826. Sam’s jersey says “69” Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

      1. Cookie Merrick


      2. kath E.S.

        So that initiation was basically... 45:10 Percival vs. Vex'ahlia 58:25 Keyleth vs. Vax'ildan 1:16:55 Grog vs. Pike

      3. Junk Name

        I'm the tank! at 4:19--ish

      4. Karma Dollie

        Are we just gonna act like we FINALLY encountered Doolen Traversky?

      5. Gaspar Díaz

        1:36:40 "Darrington Brigade! Form-UP!!!"

    2. Cj T

      Great show. Lots of fun. They probably should subtract the character’s Dex from her AC when paralyzed to avoid another situation where a pretty good attack roll misses.

    3. Neshio OW

      It's a shame to see how many people forget to like the video! Come one people hit the Thumbs-Up!

    4. Russell StarLack

      Can’t believe they didn’t go with “The Quack-en” for the duck’s name.

    5. Brody Woelke

      This one-shot makes me laugh too damn much I’ve seen this episode 3 times with different friends.

    6. Wiccan Assassin

      Liam's Ogre reminds me of Nappa in the abridged.

    7. Scotts3Dart

      This was the best one shot ever!

    8. Snakewind

      "Cool preview." OMG TAL 😂

    9. Nitro

      leam and travis charicter introductions made me laugh so hard i had to pause it for a wile and wipe the tears... AMAZING! now 1:35 in and im hurting from the laughter! this NEEEEEDS TO CONTINUE!

    10. Barnes falcon

      Need more "The Owlbear" This was a solid group of characters for a one shot.

    11. Snakewind

      1:37:32 lol Sam

    12. Panta Rei 83

      Wtf is this???

    13. Snakewind

      1:22:23 CUTE COUPLE MOMENT

    14. Crazy Fangirl Reviews

      13:46 OMG that roar of the entire crowd. Hope to go to one of these live shows 😋

    15. Sea Weed

      The ad under this video is Try DuckDuck Go

    16. Sentrygun84

      Release the Quacken!

    17. Robbie Esson

      Can the Owlbear show up for Honey Heist?

    18. Tomasz Skowroński

      Quackthulu. I was dying through the entire show. Now i'm dead. Full on dead. I died.

    19. RavenStorm31

      Love this oneshot and I just realized mercer is wearing sparkly eyeshadow!! Yes man!!!

    20. Shannon Brunt

      Hazel and the Owlbear were both brilliant characters! This was such a fun show to watch. Wish I could have attended the live show!

    21. Marella Antiporda

      The amount of puns in this one-shot HAHAHA

    22. Peter Ouwinga

      I need more of this. So much more of this. Please continue the Brigade!

    23. BboyDfault

      critical karaoke!!!!!

    24. Ocelot Revolver

      Am I gonna get spoiled as fuck if I didn't watch campaign 1?

      1. CR Fan

        Do you know who Tary is? Do you know who the final big bad of the campaign was? Those are the most obvious spoilers. There are some more subtle ones, as well, but pretty much all of them are towards the beginning.

      2. Hannah Black

        I don't think there is too much about VM. Maybe Marishas Audiopart where she talks about their adventures but you'll notice when it begins and can skip it

    25. Azure the Lucario

      Quakthulu looks like a fuckin Gigantamax Pokemon XD

    26. Jacko77

      *Buddy voice* “Okay”

    27. Mitchell Harder

      This is the "Guardians of the Galaxy" of the Critical Role universe

    28. Josh ATX

      I cant believe I missed this live. Im so so so very sad.

    29. Placebo

      Ashley was extra awesome this episode.

    30. UnbreakableLAG

      I was really hoping it’d be Dotty v1, back from hell and seeking revenge as a hell forged monster.

    31. Jackie_ IAmMe

      OMG THAT SING ALONG!!!!! *chills * =D

    32. David Schwarzberg

      Marisha, you are so great Truly, a national damn treasure

    33. SleepSmithASMR

      As someone who's been with critical role since early in their first campaign and still love all their stuff, listening to the crowd sing along to the CR opening song was chilling. I've watched them go from like 1000 subs on twitch, to THIS. I'm so happy for all of them and for the DND community as a whole.

    34. G60J60F80

      I love these characters so much!

    35. G60J60F80

      Thirty minutes in and I'm already loving Marisha's character. Brilliant!

    36. Kris Brown

      This is my favorite Taliesin character ever.

    37. Leny Marie Cruz

      "9 plus 7 is not 11" - Marisha Ray 2019

    38. Kelly Parish

      DnD - it’s so much fun watching Adults get excited about cool imagined stuff.🥰

    39. Camden Murfin

      I feel a disturbance in the duck force, as if thousands of ducks quacked in terror and we’re suddenly silenced

    40. Jear Gentry

      I wouldn't mind this group for Campaign 3.. Sooo funny.