Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs


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    The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.
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    1. Ahmad Abdullah

      If Patty Mahomes is gonna start running like this, the opponents will have virtually no chance!. This is what Dak Prescott fails to do in crucial game situation. The difference between getting off the field with an in completion or moving the chains

    2. nope not today

      1st quarter: When you realize the batteries are dead in your controller.... 2nd quarter: New batteries

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    4. Demark Steel

      This would of been hard to watch if i was a Texan fan. dam

    5. Sean Chaney

      Bye-Bye Texans!! 🤭🤫😂

    6. Kk Elepha


    7. Steven M

      Get ready for an exciting high scoring 49ers/Chiefs SuperBowl...a vast improvement over the pathetic Patriots/Rams snoozefest that was Super Bowl 53.

    8. Nosy Rosie

      Wow! The chiefs are unstoppable!?🥳👍❤️🇺🇸

    9. Nosy Rosie

      Alright! Mahomes! 👍🥳

    10. Nosy Rosie

      Get on strong 💪 on defense, KC!

    11. Nosy Rosie

      Whoo! ❤️🇺🇸👍

    12. Nosy Rosie

      Keep going! 😊 Good job 👏!

    13. Nosy Rosie

      Aww! The crowd goes wild 😜!

    14. Nosy Rosie

      I ❤️ football 🏈 🦶🏽!

    15. Justin Nguyen


    16. bill jackson

      I love Patrick maoams

    17. foopyu nooui

      Texans: scores 24 points in a quarter Chiefs: Are you challenging me?

    18. HaveFood WillEat

      Not gonna lie that Titans team scares me. Go Chiefs!

    19. Sumit Roy

      a start they were faking! was it a part of the plan?

    20. Kristin Spencer

      Go texans

    21. TimeItza

      Chiefs: Let's let them get to 24 and then we'll actually start trying

      1. foopyu nooui

        kept the ball away from Mahomes as much as possible where my NFL head coaching position

    22. Trevor Scott

      Stopped watching at 4:34😭😂

    23. Life

      Add me on snapchat and let's start a streak 🙂 orion_509

    24. snakevp

      For chiefs fan.. the good part starts at 4:18

    25. Thom Yorke

      13:39 Watch #72 smash that guy's beers

    26. Money Minded

      Ikelce was legit going beast mode out there

    27. Timothy K

      Coach Bill O’Brien was exposed as a poor example of playoff football. Many records were set that day against his team. Garbage hire.

    28. Ethan G


    29. Nathan Playz

      How does deshaun avoid all of them linebackers

    30. Nathan Playz

      7:31 how the heck did tyreek get up so fast

    31. Julian _7

      Touchdown: *exists* Patrick Mahomes: It’s free real estate

    32. Third Herd

      Play at 8:10....Left Tackle #72 Wilson.....is that *not* ineligible receiver downfield?

    33. B- Head

      Lol rewatching this the chiefs probably would have scored on their earlier drives if receivers had caught the ball

    34. Ky Baker

      The fake punt by the Texans up 24-7 had nothing to do with the change of the momentum of the game.

    35. The Masoko

      Looking back probably should have given the ball to Carlos hyde more. His second best game was versus the chiefs when he went for 120 on 26 carries we should have just kept the ball away from Mahomes as much as possible where my NFL head coaching position

    36. mrgpc333

      What a terrible idea on that fake punt... momentum changed and that was game


      7:28 thanks tony 😂

    38. John Crawford

      I was 10-1-1 last week , see who i picked this week, John Crawford's sports talk on youtube now

    39. Ima Doll

      50 years since they've been to a super bowl. How pathetic.


      Cam Newton is the next Tom Brady 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 of my generation

      1. Ekquizit Sounds

        Hahahahahahaha. Mahomes eyes glowing red: PATHETIC


      If you like Deshawn Watson like I do stop watching at 4:16 😂 This game proves is not how start 🛫 is how you finish 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Respect ✊ to Mahomes and his boys even though I don’t like them but they play better gotta give them that

    42. The Flamboyant one

      1:48 that comment didnt age well at all Like second quarter aged badly-like .. lol

    43. Anthony Hamilton

      Texans: *chokes* Mahomes: StAtE fArM hOmE aNd CaR iNsUrAnCe AcTiVate!

    44. Levi Kelly

      pat Mahomes ran all over the Texans with 6 more yards than Damien Williams


      Sorenson’s 4th and 4 Stop was CRUCIAL

    46. John Cat

      I don’t even know who to root for, lol

    47. beedsj roiue

      12:13 Tony Romo : They want them to think everyone is coming here .. and they are . Chiefs : rush 4

    48. Basically Bros

      When your only good players are defensive ends and you expect them to carry the team


      It seems inconceivable at first that any team this far into the playoffs would blow a 24-0 lead. Then you look at how Houston got those 24 pts. Aside from the stupid blown coverage that left Stills WIDE open in the 1st qtr., the rest of those points were cheap and not earned with long drives down the field. The Texans offense didn't have to work for those. Once KC settled down and stopped dropping passes, it was all over!

      1. beedsj roiue

        sucks to be you Texans

    50. island minamino

      Nice battle👏

    51. Elijah Reid

      When your little sibling is roasting you, so you actually start trying in the game...

    52. Eric Hansen

      Assuming no catastrophic injuries.. this chiefs era will one day be regarded as the greatest offense ever.

    53. Zack McKinley

      what a choke job by houston

    54. ugrath

      Imagine not covering the +10 spread as Texans after being up 24-0. Unreal

    55. Gaming with 69

      I’m gonna create a player just like Mahomes on madden 20 career mode

    56. Mr. Nice Guy

      I still dont think Mahomes gets enough credit

    57. Coolhigh6000

      Chiefs went in and I’m not a Texans fan but the MVPS were the refs no lie 🔥🔥🔥

      1. BigChiefer

        L refs didnt make a bad call all game.

    58. Jack Wemply

      We take Mahomes for granted. He threw 4 tds in one quarter. He's done that twice in one season Raiders Texans Need Superbowls while we have him. Will miss him once he's gone

      1. Breakglass Dawkins


    59. Blain Davis

      The game was over at the 10:58 mark of the second quarter...smh. My stomach still hurts.

    60. Harry Sachs

      I guess starting off atrociously is a great strategy.