$teven Cannon - InXanity (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    $teven Cannon - Inxanity (Prod. Hollow)
    Shot + Edited by Cole Bennett
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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade
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    2. that one guy 500

      This song fucking sucks ass

    3. Juan F

      Still fireee🔥

    4. jinsoo park

      썸내일 점천수 닮았음

    5. Mosuss

      From <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> That melody sound exactly like the race.

    6. TheFlemster 818

      Forgot about this legendary beat for a fat minute just popped back in my head

    7. Kid Xero

      Watched this when I was young Now I’m older and I’m glad I remembered it

    8. experi100 Alexander

      Bro is a crazy

    9. farid khosravi

      get nostalgia when i listen to this now man wtf

      1. offwhite jay

        i swear bro it just takes me back to 2017

    10. Unleashed Gaming


    11. K Edwards

      With the edits it looks like speed racer song

      1. Unleashed Gaming

        K Edwards speed racer uh 🔥

    12. Young Bad

      R.I.P Cole Bennett 😫😥

    13. lacednugget

      Nobody: $teve: poors literal gasoline into his lean

    14. Alejandro Alvarado


    15. Snax

      Fuuuuckkkk yeahhhh BANG THISSS

    16. Knowledge of the highest

      Dude sold his soul with that drink

    17. intoxicasion

      *anybody quarantine*

    18. Ethan Denis

      Thought it was designer in the thumbnail 😂😂

    19. RAINY_ acidzz

      I listen to this shit erryday since it dropped

    20. I Am Marah

      His mom: where are all the cleaning products I bought

    21. chent 3030

      i hate lil xan buh cannon so hard

    22. Shantell Powell

      Goes Hard always

    23. KEINU S


    24. Smackyboi

      I prefer this way more over The Race

    25. OTF OnlyVirus

      ffs how tf he didn't blow up

    26. lol

      why i hear the race on the background

      1. Unleashed Gaming

        lol Remix my g

    27. Halsey Lumen

      2020: $teve Cannons eyes are White

    28. Сергей Дрючков


    29. Ice-S

      xanarchy [Verse] Really fuckin' wonder why these bitches think I'm dumb Bitch I'm too important, my account be lookin' dumb This extended clip is long, yeah I bang it, then I run Nigga, I be trappin', oh my god, I got my home Yeah I pull up in the Masi, I get money, not no crumbs My bitch is so important, she came straight from London Yeah, I'm on a cart, like when I'm shoppin' for my mom These niggas act like characters, these niggas Comic-con In the Benzo pushin' buttons, And it's got me out my mind I gotta watch my weight, because the lean'll make me slide So, dog I got the pounds, I'm fuckin' bitches off of Vine And I know, my wrist is sloppy, Everything I got design Don't get too excited, You ain't coming to my home I barely understand why my bitch leave me alone There ain't no other Steve, All these bitchs want a clone I'm higher than a kite, Nah, I'm higher than a drone Smoking haze, I'm in a daze, Chocolate paint look like my face These bitches chase, I did the race, still caught a case I did some days, sent me to the state, feel like a maze, I lost my mind, I need a change Bitch, I do Xans I don't do Percs Ho, it ain't the same Sailor Moon, I get in bulks Hoes from Ukraine This lyin' bitch Why she runinn' game? In the Bay, this Xanarchy Bitch, we don't bang [Pre-Chorus] This time last year I was still getting money Ain't shit changed Still got the thang on me Got the 30-round clips Holster stickin' to my stomach Just because, I'm ridin' hot doesn't mean a nigga dummy [Pre-Chorus] This time last year I was still getting money Ain't shit changed Still got the thang on me Got the 30-round clips Holster stickin' to my stomach Just because, I'm ridin' hot doesn't mean a nigga dummy [Chorus] (Ayy) Inxanity Inxanity No, I'm not your man to be I got dark shit, big shit like a manatee You can send a band on me, But I'll take it You can send a band on me, Ayy but I'll take it bitch [Chorus] (Ayy) Inxanity Inxanity No, I'm not your man to be I got dark shit, big shit like a manatee You can send a band on me, But I'll take it You can send a band on me, Ayy but I'll take it bitch btw, i love this song, in 2020 i still listening to it

    30. Impulse

      Hold up did this dude drink Tide

    31. Tumeg

      i do both

    32. percafterperc

      he cooked up the cure to coronavirus

    33. Blazinn mack


    34. Blazinn mack


    35. ImUnlucky

      the race

    36. ابراهيم علي محمد سعيد

      Cole Bennet please re-shoot beijing music video by $teven Cannon That shit needs to blow up

    37. DN1 hazy

      Such a tune

    38. Josue Zavala

      This time last year I was still getting money 🔥

    39. Starship Architect

      Production rock solid!

    40. Chris Jonata

      Damn son.. dis slaps!!

    41. Kyler Summers

      🔥 Who is listening this in march This voice is Wonderful <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> 💟💙❣ 👇👇🔥

    42. HizboiElroy


    43. Alicia

      Song hits diff in da morning.

    44. choppa holds double ds

      Xanarchy takeover 🔥🔥🔥💯🔫💸

    45. 1XC

      If someone drank that shit they would fr die

    46. Francesco ***

      dio cane

    47. Daniel Crosbie

      Where the 2020 squad🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love you:)

      1. JDM FOR LIFE

        Daniel Crosbie here it is !!!

    48. Halsey Lumen

      All Around Vibe Forever, Make Forever Last As Long As..

    49. Sameol

      Still jamn out 2 this in 2020 💯💯

    50. King 101

      this dude drinks gas wit his drink jhit calls it gas shit ahzahahaha

    51. Trippie Blue

      "Why these bitches think im dumb?" Proceeds to pour House cleaner, Gasoline and Laundry soap in a cup and takes a drink

    52. ʀᴇᴅ ʙᴜʟʟ


    53. Soapxx y


    54. jerry Muñiz

      Everytime my mom gave me the aux I'll put this 🔥 track

    55. Big Gucci Sosa

      I do xans i dont do percs ho it's not the same!

    56. Trystan J Olson

      anyone else think this song underrated af ?😂

    57. Kayn The Shadow Reaper

      He is way better than lil tecca

    58. B.P. A.W.P.

      Interesting fact: the song shoot me by: comethazine music video was posted on the same day as this music video

    59. mini music

      Trump impeachment trial is *inXanity*

    60. Shoes 805


    61. ignat nagu


    62. ignat nagu

      IM GAY

    63. Halsey Lumen

      Underrated .-.

    64. Halsey Lumen

      Lyrics are ok The Beat Tho 👌 This 1 of.them beat songs

    65. xvjm bubs


    66. SpaceJam Gaming

      The race beat

    67. Tyrone Harris

      Definitely gotta bang this at a mixing party in Detroit!

    68. k_alle_

      Go to listen only us because $teven cannon

    69. Fred Perie

      Just came back to this banger 2 years later I remember used to listen to his in high school

    70. Moe

      Used to listen to this back in high school everyday shits fire

      1. jdm- usdm

        @toolittoquit lol forreals .fukin kids

      2. vxsqxez •

        @toolittoquit I listened to this in high school too times changin get used to it

      3. toolittoquit

        Bruh, this video is only two years old. You act like this shit came out in 92' 😅

      4. Jon Ross

        Every. Single. Day.


        No cap

    71. polaco

      Cuando le pones texturas insanity al GTA

    72. Lo Go

      2019 vibes

    73. WidmoCiała

      December 2019🔥🔥🔥

    74. Antony Elio Ayansi Huisa


    75. Yuteman

      If your reading this God Loves you I Love you please be careful of what's being promoted in this song this isn't a Godly lifestyle talking about drugs and guns pslams <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="664">11:4</a> says "The Lord tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence." Juice Wrld R. I. P Just died from seizures due to his complications with drug use from codiene and percocets. Xanax is just as bad. It's sad that the music industry is promoting drug use that is causing premature deaths especially with the youth who are easily influenced. I've done lots of drugs which I now realise is sin that has caused me problems in the long run and it's not worth it. Repent and ask Jesus/Yahshua for forgiveness accept him as your Lord and saviour ask for the Holy spirit to guide you and life will get better John <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">3:16</a> and God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Please listen to Sevin - Somebody Lied To Us sesels.info/video/video/fG-bnmW6vXBtm7o.html

    76. boomgoesblitzhound

      Yah I bang it then I run //

    77. jdm- usdm

      That blue tho

    78. Sean Rambo


    79. Kristyan Gaming

      What the fuck I'm watching

    80. Scyyth RbL

      This beat sounds like Tay k the race

      1. CaVann

        Its the same flute melody as The Race

      2. Anime's Best