Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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    Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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    1. Kyle Bartley

      Love it!

    2. Rion Klick

      Was billie ellish in the crowd????

    3. Gaming with Zack

      1:00 lol beleelishhh

    4. zi li


    5. patricia griffin

      Wonderful.youbg woman such character

    6. Candra W

      I want to be hugged by Taylor swift although it is impossible

    7. María Fernanda Bustos

      LA AMOOOO 🥰

    8. Melissa Bowers

      She should have done something with Brendon or Ed as well but this was so amazing!

    9. Jakaŭ ישראל

      5:12 Is that the waitress from Schitt's Creek?

    10. Si Supremo

      She ain’t called Artist of the Decade for no reason

    11. Khánh Ngọc Dương

      Friend: what r u watching?? Me: my childhood

    12. slynnc kitty

      A heart wrenching rendition of Cher’s , “Believe” by Adam Lambert is finally available on ITunes.

    13. ari i

      dua lipa 😍😍😍

    14. Juana ocampo

      No podes tener mas talento hace años te sigo y nunca me dejas de decepcionar . Siempre me alegras los momentos más tristes ❤️😍🇦🇷

    15. Pretty Lyric

      i guess she invited AMA's at her own concert

    16. nayara teixeira assuy

      Blank space Genial 😗😍😍

    17. Freshstart Famm

      Legs 🤪👌💯👀

    18. Otis Jackson

      kesha was feeling herself lmao

    19. Ricardo Oliveira


    20. Zelo Mcswell

      Is this really an awarding or taylor's concert? Hahaha she performs likes it's her own show. Love you Taylor

    21. cliff Dayton

      Clear as diamond performance👏. Everyone can jam to her song even if you are not a fan. Its nice to listen theres something meaning which is relaxing an invigorating but powerful

    22. Love & Light

      I like some of her songs I'm not a huge fan but I do seem to know all the songs apparently. But it's always nice to see an artist come full circle. She's accomplished a lot in her young life.

    23. More Nore

      this is tragic ...

    24. Tania Isabel García Laitón

      Queen🤷‍♀️🎉 A queen does not need permission from those music thefts to perform.

    25. Maria B

      Am I the only one obsessed with her outfit??

    26. Kt M

      Taylor, Halsey, and Camilla all in one performance. Name a better trio.... ill wait.

    27. Kayla McDerment

      Every person in that room was singing with her. Very cool! She is a very talented young woman

    28. Zos Josewe223




    30. bilma reyes

      5:13 omg

    31. TV JanLaagsTreepJjeTTV

      i think shake it of is a tank of song

    32. linuta8

      She's so pretty and cool 😍

    33. Emilie

      I find it interesting that she made a huge deal about her old label not letting her use her own music and everyone fought for her to have the rights to it and then she only used 3 minuets of one of her old songs..... makes it seem way more like a publicity stunt than anything else

      1. donna easty

        They only allowed her 11 minutes to perform and if Taylor played all her greatest hits she would need a couple of days.

    34. Breanne Thomas

      are we not going to talk about the black excellence that is Misty Copeland 😩💕

    35. 1 O

      Sing live 😑

    36. Risky Nights

      Well... it's definitely sung live

    37. Welder Alves


    38. anybody else

      pretty girl, pretty voice...beyond that, yea, I've yet to hear a song of hers and be like wow that's great!! but I guess, if you're young and this is your first exposure to music, we're all malleable when we're young...

    39. Daniel Lykke Holm

      LOVE YOU!

    40. Ruben Terreros

      a legendddd