Taylor Bennett - Minimum Wage (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    “Minimum Wage” Taylor Bennett’s new Single
    Listen on Spotify: i.taylorbennett.io/vsbQVt
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    Produced by Alex Lustig
    Executive Prod. by Tay Bennett Entertainment
    Video Directed by Cole Bennett
    DoP: Parker Foster of VSZN
    Released 3 March 2018
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    1. K Edwards

      Bennett what’s with the Bennett

    2. Dominic Farrell

      was doing "'homework" about minimum wage and it sparked my memory to this song

    3. DopeCricket

      Jejejej Bennett Cole Bennett Taylor Bennett heheheg

    4. Steshan Johnson

      Where is his clout bro he so good


      Ice cube?

      1. ice

        chance the rapper??? lmao

    6. Mack Philens Estiverne

      Ladies and gentlemen give it up for the Bennetts 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    7. Ethan Playz


    8. Aura1

      Fuck this is underrated

      1. Maksymilian Marcinkowski

        fr tho, he deserves more views

    9. Mikey Mittens

      bacc on diss

    10. Luka Nieminen

      This looks like chance the rapper

      1. syco

        Luka Nieminen they are brothers

    11. Gaden Bleuler

      Where did this guy go dropped fire ass song and disappears?

    12. el slime


    13. jordan hernandez

      Ice cube

    14. Jordan Munoz

      Chance gained a lot of weight

    15. MIKE

      yo Taylor if ur hearing this, you gotta keep things more catchy like you do in this song- ur biggest fan

    16. Margaret Newborn

      I see you Craig. Great job!

    17. Stephen Ackart

      Fat Chance isnt too bad...

    18. Gulden


    19. Angkang Tube

      Fat version of chance the rapper

      1. syco

        Angkang Tube they are brothers

    20. Yearly Weather

      Can we stop comparing him to chance.He out here spitting 🔥

    21. Riff Blood

      Love This Peace .... i just runing wit Minimum wage 💪🏽🤯

    22. Yvng Bowles


    23. 开明HoodedWon

      Still Heat🔥🔥

    24. Mr. Popohere

      If chance the rapper and ice cube had a baby

      1. syco

        Mr. Popohere chance the rapper and him are brothers

    25. Just a Slave Owner

      Chance quit rap and became an overweight McDonald’s employee

    26. Rickyymf

      Chance the rapper

    27. princess레짐

      Kyle, Taylor, and Chance have the exact same voice and I love them all😂

    28. A megalodon with internet access

      Arnt they rich already

    29. toxic

      the thicc chance the rapper

    30. MR CEO Manyama

      😁😁😁😁😄 what a hit ,l love the beat

    31. Garrett Nathan

      Uhhhhhh pretty sure he stole bars from fitz

    32. Jeff Green

      Why he look like a overweight version of chance

    33. Wasylek

      polscy nauczyciele w strajk

    34. Joe DidIt

      if they do a song with chance and taylor filmed by cole bennett that would be the bennett 3s or some

    35. Zakariye Warsame

      Seth curry is going through the same thing bro... big bros are always in charge

    36. DarkWeb

      Why tf he look like ice cube

    37. Lunar Aspect

      shut up dcanhce

    38. M3RCURY:- X

      Opportunity the Singer

    39. elijah


    40. WoahDashio

      Why he look like change the rapper

    41. Jim Bob

      Oh shit its *great value* chance the rapper!

    42. shmandall FX

      Good video. 👍

    43. Gabriel Florez

      Sound like change the rapper kinda look like him too

    44. Gabriel Florez

      Shit slap

    45. juul

      Chances brother is someday gonna be bigger than him

    46. Salvador Villanueva

      Man if this chance’s little brother he ain’t no a damn thing about minimum wage...his family got money just a trust fund baby

    47. Fernando Escobedo

      Chance long lost brother lol

    48. The Big G

      Almost thought this was ice cube

    49. Yike Clan

      This rapper look like Michael B Jordan and chance the rapper combine together

    50. Potato Juice

      taylor bennett is honestly underrated

    51. Thomas Brady


    52. MrTStylahRemixKingx

      Chance the rapper?

    53. PathologicalLiar ASMR

      Closed captions had me deadddd💀💀

    54. illlestjay

      that spongebob reference tho 😂😂😂😂😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a>

    55. Mei-Ching Huang

      fuckkkkkk i hate asians

    56. A N T

      Chance The Wrapper

    57. Lee Choctaw

      Should have way more views

    58. Ahmed Harare

      Thicc chance

    59. Parris McQueen

      Fire 🔥 and fine

    60. UnlawfulSpoon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> *Order was correct, we dont know why shes upset* 💀💀

    61. kawhi Leonard

      This that dude that's always in sound cloud ads

    62. Xanadu

      Give this man his clout already. Like fr

    63. Jeff Hollaway


    64. Elias Cv

      Still fire!!

    65. Reez Double00

      This shit ABSOLUTE trash 🗑

      1. imvge


    66. jean pool mansilla


    67. Kellen Anderson


    68. bigtyrone

      This boi looks like Ice Cube and Chance The Rapper

    69. Germs.io

      Didn’t know he was gay

    70. Wa Doe Productions

      do you want to work with me zaydubs

    71. Griselda Holmes

      He sooo Cutee. Thank God he Bisexual

    72. Kenn X

      He's cute ❤, like chance

    73. vrajxo

      He look like a chubby chance the rapper

    74. Edgar Lopez

      Man came to my school and played live. Dumb lit

    75. amalia :c


    76. De'Andre Jones

      Da dice soho in this ig he don’t fuck with trill Sammy

    77. dav x549

      Song's dope but I cant stand the fuckin audio quality.. sounds fucked up

    78. Kervin Rollan

      Chance the Rapper + Ice Cube

    79. uera khunt

      Nigga looks like ice cube grandson

    80. RF CXSKOE

      Chance the rapper to chance got fatter