Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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    1. Coleman Philbrick

      I want to grow up to be you guys :0

    2. Claire Neilson

      white chicks

    3. jessica roos

      I like Barbie lizard 😂😂 good taste

    4. LegitOneJC

      Nate was tryna smash all 3!😂

    5. LegitOneJC

      Idk which one it is but, one of them liked being like that!

    6. DudeDi Va

      You guys done a GREAT job.... Fun TIMES!

    7. ishitha rehan

      Jeffree is so beautiful 😍 he kinda looks like bella Thorne

    8. Lexie G

      15:08 mood

    9. Martyn Grennan

      Imagine him being your dad and its your first day of year 11 in school and he makes you wear a pink handbag

    10. Idc

      Humble kings

    11. Idc

      10:00 wait where’d they go? Did they purge it...?

    12. zephurus tulabing

      Grayson is handsome/cute😫💓 but he also looks pretty as a woman❤

    13. Kari

      It kills be 10000000000000m times to see HOW MUCH MONEY IT IS i really wanna know

    14. Kari

      Thats all like 1000202003p394885858588u69696969606060699999888777738383939303002020991818182929929293999999995955566667778888444455553332220098776544311533753582123853768521232733500988777601e34556678800999291929929288838374u664545646373829290101010101p19229983 m dollars

    15. Lizzy L

      I don't know very much about the Dolan twins but they seem like some solid and good-natured guys. They were so polite through the whole video and respectful.

    16. Jordan Looper

      The dresses honestly looked sooo amazing on them😂

    17. Jai-Lyn Norwood

      Jeffballs is racist.

    18. Meadow Kreiser

      Why do they look like women

    19. Euan Mackinson

      I swear Jeffrey must have diabetes

    20. Danish Juraidi

      Peasants knowing their place at 17:40 *colourised*

    21. Essentially Retro

      I've been to rodeo like a million times in GTA

    22. Essentially Retro

      At 2:29 when they said good morning they sounded like that guy who says goodmorning yall in some video

    23. Mia Lol

      bruh why do they kinda look like Antonio Garza😂

    24. Kiara Haislip

      my sister lowkey said they look like antonio garza lol and omg nate

    25. Dizzle47 Daking

      Why do Dolan twins act like they don’t got money lmao

    26. Casey Keith

      mean girls but on another level

    27. Risso melany


    28. Fun Toys

      Jeffree - "oh look at the cute Ferrari! *opens window* Hey girlll"

    29. Celine Ida Schou

      i mean i dont like that you kill animals like crocodiles and others just to get bags and clothes..:(

    30. Imad Laarousssi

      Jeffrey is litteraly a walking trap lmao

    31. FaZe Jug

      If that was me I would be nervous with everyone look'in at me no offense jeffree

    32. Ashley Ecker

      Jeffree 😂 if it is not cookies what is it... “depression “ 😂😂🥰

    33. Sarah Dent

      I was shook when i saw y’all. YOU LOOK GOOOD!!!!!

    34. Telly

      10:33 the twins looks so weird

    35. Pau Mel

      Damn, i've never laughed so hard with a videoooo😂

    36. Carolina Masnu

      No usen popotes q contaminan

    37. Sophia Montoya

      Jeffree:ohh hiii Random guy: *starts dancing* Jeffree: oh that's enough to sexuall Alamo jeffree: he like humping the glass 😂😂😂

    38. TJ Studios

      I hate watching this video knowing that Nate and Jeffree broke up this iconic couple is gone!!

    39. Ana Zelaya

      That was hilarious 😂 loved it and didn’t think I would laugh so much, good times ✌🏻

    40. TEE HEE

      I would have felt bad just spending 100 dollars

    41. TEE HEE

      i was dying on the reveal

    42. Fly Ray Rozay

      Guaranteed a $25 signup no scam no bulshit

    43. Angelina Marie

      ethan lowkey looks like nikki minaj

    44. Mia Mia

      Jeffree: the cheapest bag I have is like 20,000 Me seeing a bag for 60 bucks: what the fuc-

    45. Taylor Kohl

      When they came outta the dressing room 👀👀👀 whew lmao

    46. TheCrazy A's

      no one: Ethan: *licking a jawbreaker*

    47. gamora

      **the Dolan twins pretending they’re not rich for 40 minutes straight**

    48. RedCrypticness

      They kinda looked like Gordon Ramsey with make up on

    49. StormyBoiii

      16:43 Is it just me or does the camera guy somewhat look like cole sprouse

    50. Hplekk18

      Someone tell me what “she’s serving h’s miss thing” means

      1. Kelsey Roxanne Davis

        serving inches. like the long ass wig. serving looks. looking fly.

    51. misho neev


    52. bones

      Why can’t they have dairy? Lactose intolerant or diet?

      1. bones

        Taylor Rimmer They literally ate burgers

      2. Taylor Rimmer

        bones They’re vegan.

    53. Kaleb Pereira

      I am in 2020

    54. Isabella Nguy

      “$54,000, but you can’t put a price on happiness.” “Alright ring her up!” The twins: WAIT WHAT

    55. firixx

      the dolan twins looked like tan asians.

    56. dginyard6

      Jeffree looks like an emaciated Engineer.

    57. Emibeebe:3

      i want to be jeffery stars bff like not because of what she has but because i feel like she would be so much fn fun to be around 😍😍😍

    58. Jon Fanis Kousouris

      I like switching too ;)

    59. Jelly

      They look like khloe kardashian before surgery

    60. Lena Jessen

      36:21 I’m fucking dead