Supa Bwe - I Hate Being Alive (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    1. Supa Bwe

      ANDELE ANDELE BRUJA BRUJA! Thanks for watching yall.

      1. Paulie the meme king

        Dog this mindless rambling

      2. mortezz fifa

        So andele bruja means "Walk witch" in Spanish and "percentages of bridges" in Danish, both quite unsettling

      3. SLEEPY

        Bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      4. Meshia Gunnels


      5. Cassie cidin

        I am supa aidin

    2. K Edwards


    3. Joe Rooney


    4. Kuzenbo

      I also need an extended break from the brujeria (magic) of our celebs... These gender-reversos channel way too many alchemistic Ishtar demons these days. We need new witch trials! Supa speaking out is a relief, even though he also has a trans skull...

    5. Mathew V

      Suuuuuupa underated song!

    6. Kuzenbo

      He knows Victorias Secret! I need a break with the magic and the witches too man. Mad props. FML!

    7. Evan Witham

      Did it before anyone else

    8. Lonnie Brewer

      I Hate Life

    9. Darío

      Andele andele bruja bruja 🔥🔥🔥wea bakan

    10. Darrell Mackinnon

      Still not at a mil, views...sickening. I still fuck wit this heavy.

    11. Captainkush X710

      A whorebag showed me this song🤷🏻‍♂️

    12. Lauren Finney

      Terrible song.

    13. Cameron Wilson

      Dis shit smack tho

    14. Biggie_Cheese 49

      Michael Jackson if he was a rapper

    15. BlockisHot

      terrible, what is wrong with you people?

    16. Bass Unleashed

      Is wanting to die demonic? I searched "I hate being alive" and this showed up I feel living is pointless but I do love God.

    17. Steve Herrera

      Cole Bennett is the reason why new artists go big

    18. Lil Slobby - Topic

      Not even this one has a mill 😭😭



    20. Viktor Vaughn

      Lmao.. trash ass rapper

    21. Razi Redding

      michael jackson trap music if you close yo eyes

    22. SSJ Steezy

      Who’s here from “Look”?

      1. Galactic Waves


      2. TsG Boo

        Me lmao I was here when lyrical lemonade started so I know all the OG's

    23. sante -1

      Tekashi is that u?

    24. Mister Wizard

      Wow this song sucks

    25. Sebastian Rosales

      Bro I love this song live! Summer smash was crazy when u leaped off stage nd moshed with ussss

    26. Young Savage


    27. EVIGT IMMXRTALISERADE • 7,000 years ago

      Wow...dead song.

    28. Joy One

      Most millennials can relate to this

    29. WOCK STAR

      Fuck this @ my funeral

    30. Scum Glock

      Shitttt 🔥

    31. gh0s1

      Fire as hell

    32. Mr Help

      Never knew this guy was Uchiha.

    33. niedobrywojek

      Who’s listening in 1999?

    34. destin ysl

      Um ok 😂

    35. nestheginge

      Yall ever heard fool wit it it’s pretty different

    36. Nickrxd1122 hehe

      Goes hard

    37. tom haupt

      how can anyone listen to this unbearable shitty noise??? FFS utter crap this noise

    38. Bob Does World

      as yall can see....21k views.... LOL. WACKNESS

    39. Bob Does World

      destruction of the real. This Str8 WACK!

    40. Noah Casey

      It’s about time supa bwe gets the recognition he deserves

    41. Noah Casey


    42. Noah Casey

      Just coming out with a music video now?

    43. DragonKing3564

      Saw this guy at ACL and he was a beast

    44. aaron grisham

      Too bad he’s 37 and career never got big

    45. PokeGirlMew

      Idk why Freddy ain't more famous yet the nigga been at it for years wtf

    46. Ihate People


    47. Salvador Ramirez

      I feel The same

    48. Monster Madness

      that nigga ass

    49. brett Sharpe

      shit is hard

    50. charlie rivera

      The cover picture a sloth on lean

    51. Janice Winston

      I love it make a Kari show in Kansas City

    52. Joel Viramontes

      Andele andale bruja bruja😂

    53. Justin G

      i saw Supa perform this last night in the middle of a mosh pit & I haven't been able to get the track outta my head

    54. dabdaddy music

      fool wit it with chance the rapper to this 🤣

    55. Koko Variety

      Been listening to Supa since the chance colab and I have stopped since!

    56. BRIAN Fernandez

      Y he keep saying lets go lets go witch

    57. Smalls


    58. DRG automotive


    59. DRG automotive

      Xxxtencion fealt the same way

    60. Ginger Ninja

      This is fucking bullshit

    61. give will sheerin mod

      rip in char


      Swae Lee's Older Brother?

    63. C0dyy

      Wtf is thsi

    64. Brandon Jefferson

      this song is hard af but he said the same thing over and over damn ed least spit some bars about suicide !! fuck this life

    65. Curt Delia


    66. x o

      Them 1k dislikes love being alive 🙄

    67. Dustin Young


    68. chris R

      Yo whats that sample or audio clip in the beginning it’s weird, where the guy is saying don’t do it

    69. Die Solum

      underrated af

    70. Darn It All

      @_ColeBennett_THAT'S WEIRD! He said my name "Tara Cotta" and I don't even know does he know how hard I am??

      1. D'angelo JacobHymenShits

        He talking about the Terra Cota shoulders in China

    71. Isaiah

      the juice wrld before juice wrld

    72. judopathoftruth

      This song is very #accurate

    73. judopathoftruth

      I feel like this all the time

    74. Random Ray

      heard this song like 50 times in a day one time..... js

    75. Mc John RS

      Que chave esse som ✌

    76. JustSimba EQ

      SUPE SUPAAA!!!!!!!!

    77. Owen Patti

      Supa a underground legend

    78. YunGGin Music

      Depressed the new hip tf this nigga on lol

    79. lil Juzou

      This is fucking fire

    80. Corinthian Stennis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="88">1:28</a> brooo 🔥