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    Video By Kaylum - @kaylumdennis
    Co-Directed by Kalvadour - @klvdr
    DOP Stefan Yap - @stefanyapdop
    Assisted by Zebie - @_zebie
    FACEBOOK: stormzyoffic...
    INSTAGRAM: stormzy
    TWITTER: Stormzy

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    1. Theo ‘Freestyler

      I adicted to this song

    2. A P

      What a load of shite.

    3. Jamie Stopp

      Still disappointed

    4. Mel Prout

      this song is fire Stormzy

    5. shay murphy


    6. Ollie Williams

      Sounds like a nursery rhyme talking about being nice to your mummy LMAO. "King of grime" Limescale, grime, and ground in dirt? Cillit bang be in touch!

    7. One Man

      Nobody: English teachers: Stormzy had the lights flashing on and off to show that wiley can't pay his electric bill

    8. Sidney Ijenyo

      Never diss anyone that dances in a diss track

    9. Ryan Wiggins

      Didn’t spill his tea once

    10. Adam Ahmed

      English teachers ??

    11. Jams Handosaur

      Nobody: Me: how is Stormzy's mental health?

    12. Adrian Jr

      Oi bruv god save the queen

    13. Eamonn 06

      Nobody: Absolutely no one: English teachers: Who is stormzy?

    14. precut

      Why so many nobody: english teachers:

      1. chding zuure

        lmao i did a stupid cover with my phone if anyone is interested its in my channel

    15. Sultan S

      Grown men talking about mums.....

      1. chding zuure


    16. Venom Ygc


    17. 「Honey Boba」

      My class was looking at pictures at my teacher’s son and the boys were like “he looks like stormzy lol” and then my teacher said that her son was cute Sorry my guy

    18. Saeed Osman

      1:16 must've got him mad lol.


      The last person to like this will most likely be a Millionaire...

    20. YaBoyDonut

      Nobody: Asked

    21. yung sav

      That sit at the end definitely got to wiley

      1. yung sav


    22. J B

      He can handle a mug

    23. Matthew Rattigan

      In Our Own Time

    24. Choco_ Mel

      I felt dat hate, *nice*

    25. That's Savvy

      Oi this slaps hella hard!

    26. Kylirr

      jus witnessed a murder bruh

    27. Dagz Boss

      Get off stormzys leng, Wiley the real GOAT here, just cause stormzy is in the lime light atm he won with a mum cuss song? Bro done this back when I was 13yrs old... Go back n listen to wiley lyrics and rest easy...

    28. Leanne Porter

      Yes please let him know if you wanna this is that I tam wor etowiriroroworw has eotowore

    29. Leanne Porter


    30. sam Kerit

      lmao i did a stupid cover with my phone if anyone is interested its in my channel

    31. david Wright2017

      OMG 😮 this is good

    32. G White

      Stormzy Vs Wiley charity boxing match?


      follow my ig @theblessedicon for good luck

    34. Wayne Thompson

      Fuck me!!! Night night Wiley

    35. rambololal

      Holding a cup of tea is the greatest disrespect. Love it! hahahaha

    36. Sey Ley2

      yet in someone's bedroom, they do this...

    37. Mohamed Cisse

      If Stormzy was from America , he’d be considered in the tier right below Drake,Kendrick,Cole . But there will always be an overseas bias, this man is amazing . I wish him the best

    38. Shaun Twed

      7.5m Racists have watched this Video. You all FOOLS!!!!!

    39. Sam Adams

      Mic Check 1-2

    40. Edgar Reyes

      Dr. Wiley vs Mega Stormzy

    41. Mint

      UK Diss-tracks go DUMB

    42. obscuresoul

      Ngl after listening to wiley's responses the only thing disappointing is stormzy

    43. Swish Media UK


      1. yaliso gioouy

        To test rapping

    44. Killcycle

      Sorry Michael but really? Wiley can end you at any eta. And you really think you're the king of grime? Pff over fucking gassed.. Need to step back and remember who gave you the foundations to grow from. Disrespectful af

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Jhhhheeez chillax with these Nobody: English teacher jokes They're too relatable and it is giving me way too knowledge

    45. Omar Peters

      Where's your mom fam 👪 lol

    46. Ben Sutton

      Ayy Wiley got put ina spliff

    47. A U M


    48. Quinn Quinn

      Nobody: English Teachers: Stormzy is burning items to imply that Wiley can get this heat.

    49. Sharon Shaw

      Get a fecking grip.

      1. chding zuure

        War crimes are being committed here 🤣😏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 stormzy went in to much dont think wiley expected this 😥🙄🙄🙄🤣🤣👍

    50. Scott Henderson

      Lukaku is doing alright for himself these days is he not🤔

      1. chding zuure

        Like for team STORMZY

    51. Ryan Rodney

      Lol the fake beef didn’t last long

    52. Jenna Mellor

      ...anyone tell me which Kano track this beat came off??

    53. Hashim A345

      Nobody: Teachers be in this comments

    54. Adam Morton

      Follow for follow on spotify

    55. Adam Morton

      Hes still disppointed after 2 weeks 🤣🤣

    56. chunky asian

      Nobody: The comments: EnGlIsH TeAcHeRs

    57. godly GamerAsaf

      Why would Wiley try anymore

    58. AlixxxX _

      Jhhhheeez chillax with these Nobody: English teacher jokes They're too relatable and it is giving me way too knowledge

    59. Diamond Jord 09

      To test rapping