StarTalk x The Film Theorists: Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Science of Rick and Morty



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    Wubba lubba dub dub! On this very special video of StarTalk Radio we’re teaming up with @The Film Theorists to explore the science of Rick and Morty! Neil deGrasse Tyson is joined by comic co-host Chuck Nice and MatPat of The Film Theorists to dive into some iconic science portrayed on one of the most popular animated shows in recent years.
    Discover more about dark matter. Rick uses dark matter to power his spaceship but MatPat wants to know if that’s actually scientifically possible. Neil tells us why the show might say dark matter but actually mean dark energy. You’ll learn more about the differences between the two and why dark energy would be more capable of being used over dark matter.
    We also dive into antimatter. On Season 2, Episode 2, Rick and Morty of have to destroy a gaseous being named Fart and they do so by using an antimatter gun. So, what exactly is antimatter? Neil explains why antimatter is the “favorite fuel of science fiction” and just how antimatter works in real life.
    All that, plus, we explore the multiverse of Rick and Morty with The Film Theorists right here:
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    1. Matthew Geiger

      How would you store anti matter if it reacts and destroys matter.

    2. Alice


    3. onefalcon

      Neil: I never seen a church basement with anti-matter Steel Ball Run: Am I a joke to you?

    4. Batman's Shadow

      when neil said dark matter did anyone else think about the arrowverse

    5. amaizing

      Subbed (from Film Theory)!

    6. moosy fate

    7. rainynight02

      Wait, I read somewhere that a collision of matter and antimatter left a 1% (or something of the like) of matter left, and that was why our reality is made up of matter, Because everything we have is what's left over from the annihilation that occurred at the beginning of the universe.

    8. DPSFSU

      This was hard to watch. First off, NDT should have watched the episodes in question before talking about them. Basic research while preparing for a planned out conversation (Especially when your guest was pre-recorded). 2nd is the fact that it took 17 min and 7 sec to, kind of, answer 2.. TWO!.. questions from Matpat. Instead of answering another question or showing images or even cutting the video shorter, they vamp, talk about "cartoon physics" and church basements. 3rd is that NDT acts like he is better than these silly questions and all Tysons in the multiverse would answer the same way. That is so narcissistic. Last but definitely not least was Chuck's impression of Rick and NDT giving it a B+?!?!? Watch the friggin show first!!! C- at the very most. Hard. To. Watch.

    9. rainynight02

      You're talking about dimensions as though they're no different from different universes. That's not what a dimension is! You have a universe, and in that universe there are different dimensions. Different "levels" so to speak, but they are all part of that universe. Traveling dimensions is like going to different floors in a building, where as going to a different universe is you going to a different building all together. But people constantly conflated the two!

    10. Ask to seduce Miss

      I would’ve loved to see Neil deGrasse Tyson in a Rick and Morty episode

    11. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      The problem with an antimatter gun in my opinion is that air exist, so unless you have a way for it to not come into contact with/react to the air then you can’t use it as a ranged weapon

    12. Alan Tennant

      "We are prediction machines, and our predictions include ourselves, then that's what we do." Children's animated shows typically have really strong narrative causality. Strongly weighted towards each characters expectations/(inner narrative) regarding events that effect them. Even more so for the character the camera is watching. This causes a vicious cycle reinforcing the prediction machines as they keep being proved right.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        what kind of native american art is that behind Nelly De Tys? almost looks like the formline from our Pacific North Coast steez

    13. Peter Brazeal

      I could really do without Chuck on the program. Hard to focus on what the conversation is actually about with the constant nonsensical interjections.

    14. Peter Brazeal

      I could really do without Chuck on the program. Hard to focus on what the conversation is actually about with the constant nonsensical interjections.

    15. Andrew Wenner

      Can you make a video where you just trash Trump? That would make me happy even if I didn’t learn any new reasons to hate on Trump...

    16. Adrian Ortiz

      If I knew you had a SEsels channel I would have subscribed years ago

    17. Andrew Wenner

      I want to hear this stuff with Morgan Freeman narrating the entire thing, brains and the perfect voice...

    18. Andrew Wenner

      And maybe will inspire some 10 year old from any country but ours to make a space ship of garbage and explore the cosmos’s

    19. Andrew Wenner

      Great panel to discuss such important media! Come on Neil and Chuck let us see ur inner Ricks!!!

    20. AmiR UniQuE

      I can see this man's brain through his nose

    21. Dark Side Boss

      Hello Internet ! Rick: What...What are Looking for ?

    22. sternis1

      "We have excerised the particle-a. I cast you out Boson. Belzeboson, be gone-a!".

    23. Pure Americana TV

      Anyone else think this guy should blow his nose and stop acting so fake?

    24. Ronnie Anne Fan

      This is my first time watching anything from this channel and I think subscribing was the best thing I did, can't wait to watch more 😄

    25. Hydro Homie

      Guy on the right side overused the smoothness config on his camera

    26. Xhara

      "Gravity only works when you look down" Gee, im really that old

    27. Lucas B

      OOOOOOOOOO have a question I wanna ask. Sweet Christmas, it'd be fun to chat on StarTalk. Chuck's freakin fun, and NDT inspires the ole brain box. I THINK I may have an interesting query-hypothesis that might be fun to play with. Much love, and stay safe!

    28. cross gordon

      what kind of native american art is that behind Nelly De Tys? almost looks like the formline from our Pacific North Coast steez

    29. Garrett Poppell

      I’m subscribed and I didn’t even get this notification and the bell is on all

    30. Charles Bronson

      Is it me or does it seem like Chuck is using a filter or a bright light and makeup? His head looks like its animated. Neil looks normal. Like some weird camera affect or something. Just wondering.

    31. 4F Keeks

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="416">6:56</a> But is interaction of dark matter with itself really necessary to concentrate it? If it does not interact, aren't you still able to increase the amount of dark matter elements per, let's say, m^3? Solving how it helps you with acceleration then is another problem, but my point is if it doesn't interact then you can force it to be everywhere you want it to be. But I don't know anything about physics, so... :-)

    32. benjamin bruce

      gratz on 1 mill

    33. Gamer Tag Boakan

      I mean, on the topic of Dark Matter/Energy. If Rick's ship was like Farnsworth, you just move the entire universe INSTEAD of moving your own ship then in a way it could make sense. If they could just lap space a few times and triple up the dark matter and keep it in certain ways to move certain ways.

    34. Aamir Razzak

      the dude: “Hey Matpat, how are you buddy?” Matpat: .............. i am gonna ignore this guy because..................... i dont know his name. And thats just a thoery a Mathew Theory thanks for reading....

    35. GoldGamerXD // Daily Gaming Videos

      Starts video: gets ad with Neil Degrasse Tyson Me: Tf SEsels: WE ARE WATCHING YOU ALWAYS :)

    36. James W

      Thought your reference to angels and demons movie to be insterestong, I rewatched it weeks ago as wel. It’s interesting.

    37. Sirous

      I love the fact that Dr. Tyson doesn't condescend, or talk down to anyone. Had I had him as a teacher, I would have made something of myself.

    38. Carl Z

      Neil is the coolest person in the universe besides MatPat

    39. Golden Star

      Science says that the speed of light is the maximum speed. I wonder, if the photons can not escape from a black hole because even with the speed of light you can not escape the gravity of a black hole, and yet from black holes there is some kind of matter and energy expelled or escaping the gravity which means it takes more than speed of light to get out from a black hole. So it is possible that the speed of light we know is not the maximum speed. I think it is possible that some matter can travel ten times the known speed of light.

    40. VendettaCalls

      Is a B+ the universal equivalent of failure?


      So my spray can of deodorant is really a can of anti-matter. Lol

    42. rainer baker

      Dr Tysons background at the start looks jazzy

    43. soinu foig

      3 hours later.... "Send him the gold, MatPat convinced them."

    44. Lewis Goodbourn

      If antimatter becomes energy then is it getting rid of the rest as energy cannot be created or destroyed

    45. Fox Faunce

      What if Rick was a creature born in a different multiverse, who had a different level, perspective, and understanding of science and the way things interact and because he was born in a different multiverse. Using the multiverse theory proposed in the previous R&M episode stating that multiple big bangs could have happened and that each multiverse had different starting points and that each multiverse could have different laws of physics. So because Rick was born into a different multiverse and because physics works different in his multiverse he is able to interact with dark matter differently because the laws of physics act differently there. This could also make sense because of Rick's constant toying with the word human, he's a different creature born in a different multiverse who happens to look like a 'human'.

      1. soinu foig

        6:27 we thought the same thing with photons. Look where that went.

    46. Reagan Cravens

      love how they took 8 minutes to explain its a cartoon

    47. maloc1824

      As of my comment you have 1.1M. Also just watched Matt Patt. Can both Multi World and the Infinite Universe theory both be true at the same time?

    48. Aleph Zero

      the whole time they look like they're laughing at MatPat's for overthinking cartoon science XD

    49. Aleph Zero

      if anti-matter destroys matter, how can it be contained? shouldn't it destroy the recipient where it is contained? and even if the recipient is anti-matter too, shouldn't it be destroyed with the air particles? or anything that touches it?

    50. Elecktra abundance

      Please bring this backkkkkkkkkk again 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😉 this was everything I ever wanted

    51. Rct

      I wan'y Neil to read to Rick and Morty copypasta.

    52. AntiqueAshes

      So dark matter is just on spectator mode

    53. Hassan Jaber


    54. Big Terk

      What about the dimension he is from ?! Rick is from C-137 -> the Fine-Structure Constant (Alpha) in Physics is ~ 1/137. So, Neal what is C (speed of light constant) - Alpha^(-1). WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

    55. grownuptrunks

      You also have to know the laws of physics.

    56. HÓRUS εξοργισμένοι

      add subtitles in other languages, specifically Portuguese! please i love this kind of content.

    57. Michael Gradinaru

      This Neil guys is just jealous that rick is smarter than him 😒

    58. Odis Clemons

      You know Matpat was a recording because there's no way Neil would allow you to ask a question that long without interrupting you. Still love you Neil, its just one of those things you do tho.

    59. NICKPE

      Fun fact : Neil deGrasse Tyson is related to Mike Tyson

    60. Pratyush Rajaure

      How Captain America became old in Avengers: Endgame? He goes into the past through quantum tunnel platform but comes back sitting on bench instead of that tunnel. If he went to past, he should have gone to another reality according to the movie. Then, how he returned to the same reality without tunnel?

    61. z frank

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="387">6:27</a> we thought the same thing with photons. Look where that went.

    62. XplodingLarsen

      Only thing I got from this is Neil colors his mustach

    63. Marcus Mattson

      Theoreticly, could we make a miniature arteficial sun out of anti-matter and matter? Just curios I know it would probably be inpractical and probably not that usefull. But could we? (ps. Engliesh is not my first launguage)

    64. wippity wine

      if dark mater does not exist then how do u know it exist

    65. Babylon Gate

      Morty , it’s time to collect the seeds buddy, Rick alright

    66. Babylon Gate

      What a great men Neil and Chuck

    67. Murph the Kenzo

      NDT is a messin wit time travel. He's aging too rapidly

    68. paulscott88

      The garbage can engines make sense, if it's a joke on FTL travel in science fiction being garbage.

    69. Ruth Melendez

      I love these

    70. Marichu Lucaban


    71. william jackson

      Mat always made a sort of L shape with his hand whenever he waves. Edit: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a>

    72. Bill Bill


    73. Aydin White

      Tysons breathing sounds like an RCS thruster.

    74. TheBodyguard13

      For a moment there I swear Mr. deGrasse Tyson was seething regarding the idea of concentrating dark matter but he reined it back and acknowledged "hey this is a cartoon still with sci-fi".

    75. Finn c:

      This whole foil between Tyson & Chuck doesnt work that well because any input from Chuck is humorless.

    76. Michael K.

      Oh yeah, but in Project E dark matter makes unbreakable tools

    77. Joanna

      MatPat: Ask if cartoon science is possible Neil and Chuck: Laugh in science

    78. Blaze

      I have an idea of what dark matter could be, essentially it is particles from other universes intertwined with our own. We can't see or touch them but their gravitational pull is still there. Just like how Gravity warps time it might also pass through to other dimensions that are intertwined.

    79. Cheryl Evans

      Bless all of you guys, you make life smarter and funnier!

      1. seigeengine

        I thought you wrote shorter instead of smarter and I was concerned for a moment.

    80. Skulky Wraith

      Citadel of Tysons 🙄

      1. Joanna

        Congratulations on over a million subscribers! 🎉🎆🎊