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    Song used: Rameses B - Star Wars
    Angering my friend in a Star Wars game

    Publicerades den 2 år sedan


    1. Jawsh

      bad game

      1. Christian Sonic

        This is history

      2. Tidalwave5t5

        Le baby rage

      3. Admiral Adam

        The fact that you commented shows that you're a good sport about the whole thing and I respect that.

      4. Terrian Spears

        @Seth Stephens That reference, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

      5. Seth Stephens

        Lol josh don't worry not all of us get the high ground

    2. Handmade Stick

      how you do the get the red stormpooper?

    3. elian lj

      lmao carson mentioned this vid in his latest jedi fallen order stream

    4. f Didn't laugh

      This is so weird now

    5. fe geimeprays

      Ok Carson

    6. Treborx4

      Carson is a doink!

    7. Viridi

      We NEED more QUALITY content like this.

    8. Encoded

      I dont know about you. But that sounds like a broken man

    9. HauntedDragonGaming _

      I thought that said porn rage

    10. UnitStorm

      this is my favorite callmecarson video

    11. Tidalwave5t5

      The roots of a champion

    12. Tidalwave5t5

      Le mad

    13. diamondclone

      What is the mod

    14. ProjeX Official

      I’m gonna is the summer day to be summer for a year or a half day and then a year of playing this summer and enjoy the day with the carnival or a girl who can be the full version and subscribe to a channel channel and enjoy the day of summer summer days 😂 I don’t even kno

    15. GodDammitCraig

      This is torture

    16. GodDammitCraig

      This is torture

    17. Flying Pants

      Oh the poor baby child

    18. Taliesin Trzell

      Yep, about how it feels to even try multiplayer on these games

    19. davante barbain

      I just bought this on Xbox one lol this shit is a rage fest

    20. MonkeyNamedZam


    21. Colin B

      Hey! CallMeCarson! I now know you have JKA due to this video, so I would like to suggest you get the MovieBattles 2 Mod. Its alot more fun than base JKA and can suit alot of your troll antics ;). It has a dueling mode which is saber vs saber combat, and “open” mode which allows all classes, saber, and gunner. I would really like to see you screw with these guys, its a salt haven for trolls like yourself. Please give it a go! Thanks!

    22. Omicron Lyrae

      Ahh man I love this game!! I used to be super competitive when the multi-player was still a thing. I know that mb2 is still keeping it alive but I'm talking about vanilla too. What I wouldn't give to have just one more match against real people instead of bots...

    23. Spencer Rutter

      Awww poor josh

    24. Johnny_Suspicious

      Play Star Wars Battlefront 2 classic 2005

    25. RJRacers

      Is this fortnite?

    26. Obi Dobi Wan Kenobi The Son Of Kenobi

      Rage leads to the dark side. Don't feed that emot...wait...oh..

    27. rustygroceries

      josh is actually rosh

      1. Rubu Love


      2. TalentZ

        rustygroceries lmao

    28. Calvin

      This deserves way more views. It's only got 5k

    29. Jokesly

      rip in peace controller

      1. Young but Retro

        Jokesly you mean keyboard and mouse

    30. Ramiere

      your a dick

      1. CallMeCarson

        oh gotcha

      2. CallMeCarson

        nah, it's one of my best friends, all in good fun

    31. XShadow822

      Rip Josh

    32. Oliver Cuello

      I can smell the Broken keys on his keyboard

    33. Powwwerr


    34. Big Balls

      Hey what would it take for you to comment on this comment

      1. Frog Redstar

        not much

    35. Teo Bazan

      How can you play online?

      1. davante barbain

        On Xbox one too

      2. Young but Retro

        teooman _23 the servers are still up

    36. Nazi zombie Princess Kenny 27.

      Josh Disliked this video :D

    37. EliTehGhoul

      I like how your version of amazing opportunity is recording a decade old Star Wars game and fucking over a fat white man

      1. EliTehGhoul

        JAwsh so you down to have safe sexual intercourse in my Toyota hatchback

      2. Jawsh

        my mom says i am

      3. EliTehGhoul

        JAwsh but are you cute?

      4. Jawsh

        EliTehGhoul im not fat

    38. Maxwell MacDonald

      easiest man to anger in existance

    39. ExciVous

      poor josh

    40. HeyItsRitzy

      if carson pins this then everybody gets a special smooch

      1. OCTAVIAN420

        HeyItsRitzy it’s been 2 years just give me a smooch

      2. Smol Fluff

        lord it's been a year please pin it i need love and smonches

    41. Krimxin

      nut on the haters

    42. JaybrainZ

      cool vid i luv it

    43. Humaam Said

      Into the land of salt and dreams he goes

    44. Execurr

      haha good video

    45. The Narrator

      The wars in the skies

      1. Tidalwave5t5

        @Gamer epic style Just gone

      2. Tidalwave5t5