SNEAKING Into Jake Paul Vs AnEsonGib FIGHT

Niko Omilana

Niko Omilana

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    Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib both had a huge boxing match, im going to be sneaking in to see KSI, the sidemen and maybe Shannon Briggs? SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE NDL.
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    1. Charles Tang

      10:065 Knowledge Strength and Integers

    2. Rice Krispies

      They only threw him out because they thought he had a bomb

    3. L L

      12:00 did my man just say he wants him locked up for not having ID America is so gay and y do they care so much about their fucking jobs and rules they act as if it’s a personal offence against them

    4. Whiplash

      George is memelous

    5. Killer brother 102

      Me too love your vids

    6. Killer brother 102

      KSI said that he loves the NDL and your vids are the best the vid he said it in(reacting to Logan paul distracts)

    7. The Beast From The Middle East

      he dressed like a muslim he dressed like a muslim.. what a g get him 200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 subs pls

    8. patricia

      Security suck they take a lot of time

    9. ZackAttack

      Is it me or does he look like Alex Lacazette

    10. Luke DjProducer


    11. xSoporific


    12. jeb_


    13. Raven Queen

      Reng sayeed is an absolute legend

    14. Jab Bond

      You're a fucking genius 😂😂😂

    15. One punch Man dude

      😡😡 why did he use my name without permission 😤

    16. FiFa gAmErZ

      Ive watched this 4 times 😂

    17. Mogli


    18. Secret

      when does the competition end

    19. BANDO 99

      Ksi watches all of your vids.He said it in his 2nd channel!

    20. G0T YAツ

      GUYS i just noticed something he was banned from *ring side* And he named himself *reng sayeed. reng as ring sayeed as side* So basically he named himself ring side

      1. G0T YAツ


      2. bouytt guyt

        This. Deserves a sub.

    21. Nitrogen_Plays

      If you die put a will which says you will give me your money.

      1. bouytt guyt

        Who’s here since the Morgan Freeman song ages agooo 😂😂😂

    22. Kausar Ali

      Beta squad DISS TRACKS!!🔥🔥

    23. XxAwesomeP77 xX

      Am i the only one who looked up the guy who put him on the guest list and was suprised when he didnt show up

    24. Ben Collins

      Niko should partner with some company and make a tv shoe spread the word

    25. PC Brownie :

      Imagine a legit company giving away NDL hoodies😂😂

    26. aausstin

      Lets go champ!

    27. M2 Wavy

      Last time the challenge was the ring now it a challenge to get though the arena door with millions

    28. SG Destroy

      I just came back from Saudia Arabia yesterday 18 of February 2020

    29. Kevin Oboch

      Oh I get it. Ringside id dead, but Reng Sayeed is very much alive. HAHAHA I'm so slow

    30. Alex Kozlowski

      Come on niko you are the best

    31. mohsin khan

      Fking genius hahahaha

    32. RadarFN

      This reminds me of the Romeo and Juliet trailer

    33. Jozzz

      u go down a legend u risked ur life NDL 4 life.

    34. Deimantè B

      niko u fat shit upload weekly we need more content, NDL LETS GOOO!!

    35. MoYusuf_ 101

      Who’s here since the Morgan Freeman song ages agooo 😂😂😂

    36. Suru

      This. Deserves a sub.

    37. ak2k5

      Why tf did you throw out the id doe?

    38. Veonix

      Niko is the only youtuber that can compete with the sidemen

    39. John Plumb

      When will you upload again on Niko plays

    40. Deli

      "No Human Is Limited."

    41. Owenb

      Next time you need to sneak in as a white guy or something

      1. dcoog anml

        Search "Saka with beard" from the last air bender.....u welcome

    42. NDG Vids

      now I'm actually waiting for jake paul vs ksi

    43. King Azeez

      13:18 Name "Ahmad mohammed abd allah" Nationality "UAE"

    44. King Azeez

      13:18 his name is different it says "Ahmad mohammed abd allah"

    45. ur moms new boyfriend

      Eat your cereal NDL

    46. Arman Kukreja

      mental props Niko

    47. Fisky

      The thing I like about Niko is that is ain't clickbait

    48. cnmmd qiuoo

      That security guard who took you phone is such a mama's boy lol he thinks hes tough lol

    49. zygardex gardex

      4:42 this man is insane

    50. DrBiscuit

      What’s the song at the start called?

    51. Sam Jones

      0:19 sad song name?

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        If the next fight is in China or something you should have the name of “Weng Sa Heed” 🙏

    52. jayrodathome

      If he would of just stayed away from the SEselsrs he probably would of been good. He celebrated too early. Great vid tho.

    53. Goku Black


    54. Smitty

      They can not take your phone it is the 89 amendment to have your own device

    55. Egg with 2000 Subscribers

      Better version of tgf

    56. Yosif Thamer

      Search "Saka with beard" from the last air bender.....u welcome

    57. Uncle Wavy

      I thought the guy behind Shannon Briggs was chunks

    58. Abhinav Kumar

      KSI was FUCKING RIGHT when he said this is one of the best channels on SEsels I don't think I've seen a big SEselsr put this much effort into a vid before not a single cap

    59. Anthony

      How does he only have 1.7 million followers

    60. Twinkel Star