Sloth Crossing A Road

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    Snow Dog: pBe_lyNElOU5/
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    Hamster: hamuta_ten
    Breeze by MBB
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    Midnight Stroll [Relaxing Study Music] by Ghostrifter Official
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    1. lIIlLumberJackIllI

      It all makes sense now. Them evolutionists were right. We did come from some sort of animal. 😂😂

    2. Saturn

      Bottle shooter gun

    3. dragon king leonides1527

      2:45 oh I know that place. That's where you fight demise from skyward sword

    4. Subhranil Hazra

      *company creates helmet to see backwards* Side mirror : Am I a joke to you?

    5. Bear_improving

      worst voice ever , pleeeeaaaaase stop talking yourvideos are so cool

    6. jenny nguyen

      I thought this Title says "Sloth Road Kill" Woops sorry. -_-

    7. Gummy

      2:41 They should be careful. Dark versions of themselves are gonna pop up.

    8. Artanis Fist

      Looks like home to funny

    9. Fozla Mohemmad Mahi Sarwar

      The fact is sloth cannot able to see. They had lost their ability to see about 2000 years ago. They only can walk by listening.

    10. Ginegiwe Mu

      2:57 It looks like that stage from tekken

    11. Papa Franku


    12. lol lol

      What if i don't have hair for the app?

    13. Katie UK

      2:01 i thought that is what mirrors are for 🤔

    14. Xtremepoophead

      2:02 reminds me of the old driving games I used to play, everyday life gets cooler and cooler

    15. surreal entertainment Happy New Year’s Eve also!

      The only video saying the disc or saying something at the first after this is your daily dose of internet

    16. Barbara b

      I would love to kiss, hug, squeeze, and just touch a sloth. ♥️👍

    17. Amdíredhel

      *Sith Crossing A Road*

    18. Seiko

      2:00 I was hoping to see a human next

    19. infinitytoinfinitysquaredbitch

      Sloths are sloooooooow because they survive on loooooow energy diet.

    20. Invincible Focus

      Never ever , ever again, ever ever clickbait. Thank you.

    21. Rithrius

      The helmet looks like it would be way too distracting to be safe.

    22. TheGamingPolitician

      3:17 Chloe Price

    23. Viktoria Chrobakova

      Who was filming the sloth before they came😂

    24. Sam Kilmer

      1:40 this made me uncomfortable for some reason.

      1. C.L. Visions

        Sam Kilmer it’s kinda cool tho

    25. Shanan Alexander

      I absolutely love Koala Bears, and Sloths. It breaks my heart that so many have perished in the Australian fires. I feel so sorry for everyone there 😢

    26. Hmangaih Tea

      That's actually Sid the Sloth...🤣

    27. Playz Najaht81

      these r things that make me say mashallah

    28. Pokémon Master

      It is mirror huh... Yay free mirror

    29. Debra Thomas

      If this was Georgia, they would of ran over it. Sad but true

    30. Cyrus Hoeschele

      2:25 probably has to do with their instinct to find small rodents in the snow.

    31. Still Chill

      The sloth smiled and its friendly

    32. SarcasmIsFun

      0:11 Please explain to me why the baby was in the front seat, while the mom was in the backseat????

    33. Clayton Edwards

      The dog at 2:25. “OMG ITS EASTER, IM THE EASTER DOG!”

    34. ArmYTB Chaine

      The mirror landscape is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life

    35. blue demonz

      My ASMR senses are tingling

    36. Oyuncu Creeper

      1:05 my mom coming in at night and trying to take away my Nintendo switch under my pillow

    37. Gaming with Rian

      20years later...............

    38. QJee

      Sloth was obviously inspired by the chicken.

    39. SuperLibbieZz

      2:42 why does this remind me of frozen 2 like- i see arendelle right ahead

    40. Ciel And Sebastian

      2:42 no, this is from the unravel opening theme song from Tokyo Ghoul.

    41. Hafsa I

      3:11 The app's called YouCam Makeup

    42. The Guy Who Cares

      anyone noticed how that slakoth starts smiling in the camera, i need to catch one myself

    43. The Rabbit Hole

      That smiling sloth is just so cute.... Awww

    44. Voreth

      the hair color app what is called pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    45. Light Conqueror

      Be careful, some sloths have poisonous claws pretty sure.

    46. MyEyesBled

      Sloths are actually stranded Alien pets

    47. UZIBOY

      Those sloths are just downright creepy lookin

    48. Max 27!

      0:12 did anyone notice there’s a toddler in the front seat

      1. Michael Del Castillo

        @lIIlLumberJackIllI that is not in US though

      2. lIIlLumberJackIllI

        Ticket. Plus jail time

      3. Roblox Gameplay and Max The Hybrid ._.

        he's with his mom can't you see?

      4. Aesthetic Bloo bloo

        of course

    49. Frost Womann

      what is the app called that you can see the hair color change?

    50. Hammy

      *Why did the sloth cross the road?*

    51. Lalrinmawii sailo Lalrinmawii sailo

      When you came down from your spot risking your life to take a gigantic dump but then a strange creature picked you up for a selfie.

    52. Astro1

      Great helmates for bikers

    53. Neil Jensen

      That Sloth is so happy

    54. Suryadeep Kumbhakar

      1:12 Wow. I wanna buy much it costs?

    55. MeganThe_ Cat

      1:20 thats what makes them balloons go ballistic.

    56. Mallory SF

      Cameras are invented. Me as a kid: it would be cool if they made a backview for all cars and bikes with these. Safety boost. 20 years passed. Scientists: we have invented a backview camera Me: you don't say?

    57. Elijah Carrera

      2:36 WhErEd My sHaDoW gO Like if you get it😉

    58. grndragon7777777

      The hair color changing app reminds me of Total Recall. I wonder if you can do the same thing with your nails as well