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    Publicerades den 2 månader sedan


    1. Amanda Chief

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> is my favorite part of the trailer

    2. NiconachoZ Studio

      *"Walt Disney presents the first ever computer motion picture"*

    3. Karf Lem

      90% of the trailer is episode 6

    4. Anna Hall

      There are no scenes from ep 10 bruh

      1. Varsha Shrivastava

        Some scenes from the intro sequence will be from episode 10

    5. JamesHN45

      Interesting that all of the clips shown are from the four episodes we've seen already, nothing from the finale...

    6. O.K _ 27

      Anyone else noticed that all the clips in the trailer have already been seen in the episodes, which means it didn't show any clips from the finale. This means that the finale must have some big secret hidden in it, can't wait for it!

    7. Sam j. Wednesday music

      We've been cucked my boi

    8. Rolph Adams

      big theory: a rick and morty voice actor teased "ambitious moments" in these five episodes which we still havenot seen so maybe they are in the season finale. its promo barely reveals anything and this trailer does not either. maybe evil morty returns?

    9. Zander Studios

      No footage of The FINAL Episode of this season...

    10. mjpm61

      Going in blind for the last episode since all scenes here were already shown

      1. Miss café 2

        Oh ok sorry 😅

      2. Demonvampire 5

        Miss café 2 that was episode 6

      3. Miss café 2

        Not all because theres a scene where morty runs away from ricks in the trailer

    11. ye jung

      We don't have any clue about ep10 so hyped

    12. Igor Igor

      Dlaczego tylko w Ameryce są teraz najnowsze odcinki

    13. Özgür Seyrek

      When Will It Exit?

    14. James Jones

      So outside of Jerry screaming through the tube, there's nothing from the last two episodes here. (Also did they plan for the first half of the season to be much crapper to better hit us with an awesome second half)

    15. Agent Other

      Stop stringing us along with evil Morty and just have the showdown already

    16. Aki Hosoda

      So I did some math and by calculating each moments in this trailer with the episodes we’ve seen (so far up to this day, 8th). In this trailer: %37 from Never Ricking Morty (Ep6) %37 from Promortyus (Ep7) %21 from The Vat of Acid Episode (Ep8) %1 from either Ep9 or Ep10 ... So there must be something really fucking big the creators are keeping from us for the final two episodes!!!

      1. Tarun Mongia

        @Tariq Garmony I think it can be related to the cat, remember how rick said " big season finale out there" when he went to pick up Jerry and the cat

      2. Tariq Garmony

        @Tarun Mongia It's from Childrick of Mort now. We're gonna have to see what going on in Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri.

      3. Tarun Mongia

        Exactly, only Jerry going through the tunnel is a part we have not seen

      4. Brian Sear


    17. Sxxmmy

      Hmmm interesting... Nothing shown of episode 10. They're hiding something. (you can tell the clips of Jerry in that tube are episode 9 just from the promo and everything else has been shown already)

    18. Elliott Waddick

      I’m really excited for the next two episodes, cause no footage of them was seen in this trailer. We saw that small snippet of episode 9 once episode 8 finished, but that doesn’t really give away anything.

    19. Agent Other

      When is there gonna be a showdown with evil Morty and Rick because we are not getting that this season

    20. Liam

      They literally only showed clips from the first 3 episodes of the rest of the season in this

    21. 🦋 Butterfly 🦋

      two more episodes and hardly anything that hasn't already aired in the trailer. i feel like they're gonna throw us a curveball

    22. Pavel Miguel

      The trailer only has bits from the episodes 6, 7 and 8, the one where Jerry is in a tube is from the nine, so they didn't release any from the episode 10, could that mean is going to be something big?

    23. SuperParty94

      Sooo, are we just gonna ignore the fact that the only scene that hasnt been used yet is jerry flying around the tube...

      1. Meerc

        @Mert Gülşen EP 6

      2. Penny Lee

        Mert Gülşen, Those were all episode 6 dude!

      3. Mert Gülşen

        No there is rick fighting with the wolf , summer fighting with tammy , morty running from federals and such

      4. Bring Me More Booze

        And... it was just used. Looks like we're going in completely blind for the finale.

      5. Abaan Nsaba

        Now it has

    24. Leo Napoleon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a>

    25. Guilherme Garcia

      I guess... the boys are back in town

    26. SlugyTinky21 LOL

      After seeing the promo for episode 9, I now realize they haven’t shown a single clip for episode 10, all clips from this teaser are already shown in episodes 6-8 with the one clip where Jerry travels through tubes being for episode 9 hence the backpack he wares in both the teaser and promo

      1. Truest Tea

        They could be hiding some big event in the finale

    27. Francisco Castro

      In this trailer we see scenes for the first 3 episodes and just 1 scene that we not see already, that is when Jerry is in that Futurama tubes, that means that there is 1 episode that they want that we don't see any of it.

    28. Hank Hall

      Oh Jerry.... no one cares about your dreams

    29. OJD Creative

      The only scene that hasnt been used yet is jerry flying around the tube

      1. ferny

        That clip would be from Sunday's episode as he has a backpack on from the promo

      2. Daniel Castillo Rios

        Wonder why

      3. Daniel Castillo Rios

        And there are 2 episodes left , that means 1 episode is going to be totally new

    30. ManMonkey600

      The only episode I haven't really liked from Season 4 is the dragon one. It just went to hard with the cringe sex jokes. The others have been pretty good.

    31. WalterDesigns

      Just noticed something in regards to the last recent episode (4x08) and the promo for the next one: They did not show anything for the last one, I guess to not reveal anything. Indicating that the season finale will be a big one. How do I know? Simple. The only other scene in this promo that can connect to the next one (4x09) is where Jerry is in that tube because he wears the same backpack that he wears in the promo. You don't think I go back and watch this to see what episodes have happened then you're wrong. Justin Roiland, I look forward to the season finale my good sir.

    32. william w

      there’s only one clip in here that hasn’t happened

    33. Ethan 🥵🐩👴🏿🧢🧂🦍🅱️👑

      So there is only one scene here that we haven’t seen yet, we know essentially nothing about the last two episodes.

      1. KiroStarr

        @Harry Ashdown There should be, there was a picture they showed of Rick and Morty be small and hiding away from Evil Morty and it was fully colored in and said it was going to be in the show.

      2. Ethan 🥵🐩👴🏿🧢🧂🦍🅱️👑

        Harry Ashdown most likely

      3. Harry Ashdown

        KiroStarr you think there will be an evil morty episode ?

      4. KiroStarr

        Jerry in the tube is for episode 9, we know nothing about episode at all, except we know there is a Beth centered episode which is episode 9, and an evil morty episode which should be 10.

      5. Hugo Valencia.

        Yes, I think that the last two episodes will be about Phoenix Person or about Evil Morty, and they are making the same they did with episode 7 of the last season.

    34. SgO

      Only 1 scene of the trailer left... what the fuck will happen in the final episode... omg

    35. DoodleDARKO

      there's only one scene here that hasn't happened now. that's the one with jerry flying through a tube.

      1. Sxxmmy

        @DoodleDARKO they've said that there's a cliffhanger or something leading up to season 5 so I'd say your bet isn't far off

      2. DoodleDARKO

        @Sxxmmy more than likely. im willing to bet that episode is gonna be one of the bests

      3. Sxxmmy

        Which means they've shown nothing of the season finale 👀

    36. Lorenred Nicolaus

      For all days in the calendar and you pick this day. Adult Swin this is gorgon sh*t,I repeat gorgon sh*t

    37. DudaH Pause


    38. Protocolo42

      Okay, almost all the scenes in the trailer have already been shown in the opening three episodes. I think something big is coming

    39. Ultimateeick

      Hold on a second. This promo showed a huge amount from E6 and E7, meaning that E8, 9, and 10 must have been split among the remaining clips, which doesn’t make sense. What if they didn’t want to show anything from one of the episodes because it’s plot heavy? Eh? Eh? Something to think about.

    40. Juan Medina

      Wats is episode in Netflix ???

    41. Gonzalo Munoz

      They put that really exciting scenes 'cause it was 1st april

    42. wait, what?

      Music pliz

    43. Johnny Skyfire

      This actually was an April Fool's joke, it just took a month for it to pay off

      1. Demonvampire 5

        I am actually convinced episode 6 was originally gonna air on April fools but they changed it to add the virus line lol.

    44. Chinaco E C

      Todavía no sale hijos de perra

    45. Chinaco E C

      Todavía no sale hijos de perra

    46. PringoZ

      Go to my channel to watch the episode 100% real I am not a bot Pls trust me

    47. TRONIX 51X

      Quienes son fan de rick y morti

    48. Fabbricato Personareale

      These 2 new episodes totally blow ass fuck you guys. Way to make us wait this long for total shit you sell outs

    49. מוחמד אגבריה

      Fuck i want to see all s4 but cann't becuse thay need american number to join cabel .... please but it in netflex 😭😢😪

    50. Wolverine Bear

      Vengeance is mine saith the LORD

    51. squirrel


    52. SuperAye 独立

      wait, is this out now

    53. BlackedOutKilla Gaming

      I use to like Rick and Morty... right until I found out the producers are paedophiles. Any1 that supports this program after knowing the truth is not a human being. Do your research NOW.

      1. Laff Twous

        ​@BlackedOutKilla Gaming Looool dude this isn't some hidden thing it's "The Adventures of Doc and Marty", a parody of Back to the Future that Justin Roiland did years ago. It's meant to be shocking that's the humor. That's not any evidence of pedophilia ya goofball.

      2. BlackedOutKilla Gaming

        @Penguin101 sesels.info/video/video/h56Kcayo16SQh8Q.html

      3. Penguin101

        what do you mean?

    54. JADOLIVE - Rick And Morty

      When it comes to Netflix? I cant wait it im on Turkey

    55. Ax Tube

      We have been bamboozled almost all of the scenes are in one episode

    56. PEEP sokah

      So when will this be on hulu

      1. Yes Yes

        Probably when all the season 4 episodes are finished premiering

    57. Trac Track

      12 out of 27 scenes were in the same episode... seriously?!

    58. Trac Track

      Everyone: EVIL MORTY! SNOWBALL! PHOENIX! Rick and morty making them all 15 second gags instead of making a serious episode: *mhmm keep watching*

    59. E

      Chapter 6 in Netflix ¿?¿?

    60. Chris Becker

      We really got Rick-rolled didn't we?

    61. Bryce Taylor

      This sounds like another 5 episodes

    62. Oswaldo de Oliveira

      Músic name

    63. Hùng Nguyễn Đức

      - Is all of this canon? - It could have been ...


      Coloca em português

    65. Random Shitposts And memes

      Let's go

    66. Carlos Daniel Andujar

      omg i fell like a stupid after the episode 6

    67. Zsands7 pinfish7

      Reminds me of leeches are they leeches?

    68. Zsands7 pinfish7

      Lol I was gonna make gar have that thing that died

    69. Vexr

      Put it on Netflix

    70. Jean Harold Magnait

      It would be really meta if they aired season 4 episode 6 on April 1st.

    71. Cassiel Amaral


    72. Swaazy

      Now coming back to this trailer *I feel like I got played*

      1. dr hypno

        @Isma 64 I mean there has been story arcs with Rick and Morty So to say otherwise is dumb, but this season I'm kind of disappointed, usually Rick and Morty has a good track record for episodes, but most the episodes on season 4 suck I would say there's like 2-3 episodes that I like and the rest is garbage so far. Even then those episodes we're not amazing there's at least one amazing episode In each season, but this season has not blown my mind.

      2. Isma 64

        @Jake The Barcode sorry but that's the show It shits on your expectations and does what it wants It doesn't give a shit about story arcs or whatever It just wants you to have fun with what it gives you

      3. Jake The Barcode

        Swaazy Yah I’m kinda disappointed, I wanted to see Snowball for more than that and something really amazing to happen when Tammy and Phoenix Person came back but we saw them for like 7 seconds. I really hope they still do something with them and if nothing else happens with Evil Morty I’m protesting.

    73. Thatboy Rock

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>

    74. Thomas Fay

      Who wants to hear a spoiler? Six of these clips are NOT canon!

      1. Trac Track

        Thomas Fay actually twelve

    75. Pixels and Colors

      Yessss! They are fucking baccck

    76. Light Yagami

      It's here

    77. World of Retro Gameplay

      Adult Swim pisses me off. Due to work, I ended up missing the first 5 episodes that aired back in 2019. No problem, right? You would think that by now, Adult Swim would have re-aired those episodes during their late-night line up. Hah! Not Adult Swim! They would rather fill the time slot with episodes from season 1 and season 2 of Rick and Morty instead! What a bunch of bullcrap!

      1. Billy Blade

        go to the adult swim website, they have all the released season 4 episodes on there.

      2. Light Yagami


      3. Young but Retro

        Never heard of on demand??

    78. That Guy Again

      Everyone: I wanna see evil Morty again. Me: THA BOIS ARE BACK IN TOWN

    79. streaming noob

      İS İT OUT?!

    80. Flaut Vali

      We want the other 10 season not the other five episod